Author's Note: This might be the first in series if it seems people like the format. Basically I fill in the details of a couple of characters' endings to bridge the gaps that appear in the game i.e. why do Arthur and Phee agree to go to Silesia after the war… even though that's impossible given the fact that Arthur automatically inherits Freege if his Father doesn't overwrite it. Works a little better if he's inheriting Velthomer… I mean with that baggage, anyone would seriously consider bailing on their duties.

Phee sighed mournfully for what felt like the hundredth time that day, her irritated pacing only enhancing the effect. It was only a scant week after they'd triumphed over Yurius and the Grandbellian Empire… and yet the delirious high that followed had already tapered off into a distant sense of satisfaction… a memory.

Reality had set back in and the Liberation Army had already begun preparations to dissolve and send its members back to their homesteads. The family was splintering and it was only just dawning on Phee what that really meant.

It was a mixed blessing to say the least.

The fighting and death that had followed them since Celice had first taken up arms in Issac was finally over. Phee no longer had to sleep with a lance under her bed, worrying an army would break into their occupied castle and try to murder them in their sleep. That was a plus.

She still had the lance under her bed, of course, but it was more a comfort now than a necessity. Kind of like Arthur during the rare nights he'd shared her bed in the past few months.

And now that was probably done as well, even after Arthur had promised to take her back to Silesia with him too!

She couldn't get mad at him either… not for lack of trying, mind you. No, it was his attitude when he'd confessed he was going to Velthomer that had taken that particular wind out of her wings.

He'd looked so pitiful, his normally proud demeanour cracking as his shoulders sagged and his eyes grew slightly glossy. Even her insults (playful at first, then more genuinely enraged) only drew a weak nod instead of his usual rebuttal.

She knew he had his duties as a noble (most princesses would) but he'd always spoken of going back to Silesia, even after they'd… been intimate, he said Silesia was his home.

Had he been lying to her? He wasn't proud of his heritage and maybe he'd assumed people would think less of him for caring about his ancestral homeland.

Phee shook her head at the notion, Arthur was many things but he was not a liar. He was blunt to a fault as everyone who'd spoken to him for more than ten minutes would agree. And he sure as hell didn't care what others thought of him (well, his sister but that was beside the point).

She trusted him enough to believe he wanted to go back to Silesia with her when he said so, and that faith hadn't been shaken by his depression.

Pulling at her emerald hair, Phee gave one last frustrated groan before collapsing into her bed.

Couldn't that stupid Wind Mage have at least hinted at this, that they were going to be a long distance relationship at best? The alternative didn't bear thinking about tonight; she was bothered enough as it was without throwing wood on the fire.

She absently wondered where her brother was for a moment before realising that Teeny would be in Freege after the war. Sety was smart enough to spend the last night with her rather than moping in his room… that didn't sound too bad right now actually.

Grinning slightly, Phee slipped into her boots and made for the door. Sety always was good for advice, whether he knew it was given or not.


She didn't have to look for very long; Arthur's hushed voice slipping through the slightly ajar door to the room he was sharing with Teeny (a luxury of Barhara's size).

Phee's ears twitched attentively as she tried to make out words but found the effort fruitless. All she could hear was a vague mumbling, even when she pressed her ear against the side of a door.

She normally wasn't one to eavesdrop but Arthur had spent the entire day in a daze and Phee could think of only one other person he might have decided to talk with. She was hoping Teeny was talking some sense into him… or at least getting Phee a starting point.

"… think about it?" the last few words finally came through and a set of footsteps approached the door, leaving Phee barely a second to stand back up and smooth out her skirts.

"Of course I will." Teeny said in her soft voice as she opened the door, jumping slightly at the sight of Phee "When did you get here?"

"Just a second ago, should I come back later?" the Pegasus Knight's tone was one of innocent curiosity.

"It can't be eavesdropping if I didn't actually hear anything." She thought to herself and suppressed a light snicker.

Teeny blinked confusedly before the light went off in her eyes, a strangely impish smile cutting across her face "Of course not. In fact I was just leaving, so nobody else is going to be around."

To anyone else, the innocent girl's expression would have been comical but all Phee felt was a sense of sisterly pride. Teeny had grown up so much under her tutelage, much to her brother's chagrin. Speaking of the devil… Phee returned the mischievous smirk before slipping past Teeny and gently shutting the door behind her, taking a moment to lock it before facing her crushed beau.

He stared up at her uncertainly, like he couldn't decide whether or not he wanted her there. Heim, he wasn't going to make this easy. Then again, he always made things harder than they had to be.

"I didn't expect to see you tonight." he began awkwardly, his arms stiffly at his side as his lavender irises purposefully avoided her emerald ones.

Placing her hands on her hips and resisting the dual temptations of slapping or hugging him, she responded curtly "Did you want to?"

"It's going to make tomorrow a lot harder." he half mumbled, turning his head to evade her gaze as she took a step towards him. "But… I suppose I did."

Catching the last few mumbled words softened her considerably, causing her to lay her smaller hand upon his and quirk her lips sweetly.

"Tomorrow's already going to be hard… let's just enjoy tonight?" Phee knew she was dancing around the topic but that was what worked best with Arthur; even in his current state his bowstring would be frustratingly taut "Please."

Sighing in defeat, Arthur fell back onto his bed, patting the mattress invitingly despite his sullen expression.

From her new perch she could see that the room was fairly well furnished… the sheets reminding her of the heavy blankets foreigners often needed during the Silesian winter.

Other than a few scattered magical tomes the room didn't really have any imprints of the Tordo siblings or anything that might have started a conversation. As a result the tension in the room was thickening like ice in a snowstorm.

"Teeny's thinking of abdicating Freege." Arthur blurted out, his free hand playing with her green locks as he lay backwards.

"Really? That's not what she told me... or Sety."

While she wasn't bitter at Teeny (and doubted she was physically capable of being so), Phee had no desire to see her brother led on and the veiled anger in her voice actually drew a groan from Arthur.

"She only found out today."

"Found out?" a thin eyebrow cocked quizzically at the bizarre statement, prompting Arthur to continue.

"Once Velthomer is settled with its new duke, Freege could be incorporated into my jurisdiction. It would remain its own state and it would be run by the oldest living descendent of Tordo's line." Arthur actually smiled lightly at the thought "Teeny would be free to go wherever she wanted before the year's end. No lingering sense of duty to a place with so many bad memories."

Phee almost kept quiet at the peaceful look on his face but eventually her curiosity won out "And what about you?"

His eyes hardened at the question, the hand tangled in her green locks falling lazily to his stomach as he shrugged "I'll be where I need to be."


"What?" Arthur questioned tiredly, exasperation tinting his voice.

"You keep surprising me is all."

"Is that good?" he asked hesitantly, his ego having severely deflated before he opened his mouth.

Phee put a finger to her chin, affecting a poise of mock thought until his irritated glare bore into the back of her head and she relented with a Cheshire-Cat like smile "Sometimes."

Leaning over him, she watched his grumpy disposition melt away to something decidedly more… adult.

Planting a soft kiss to his lips, she whispered in his ear "Maybe a bit more often than sometimes."

Her thoughts that had been swirling angrily earlier came to finally rest on a new idea of what tomorrow would hold. She smiled into their lip lock as one of his hands deftly began undoing one of her dresses' strings.


The next day, the day they finally left was the first time Phee had been in the throne room of Barhara since the army had first overrun it in victorious jubilation. It bore little resemblance to the room Yurius and Yuria had torn apart, the debris and dust that had been scattered liberally about the massive space was now completely cleared away.

Now it was as splendid as any royal dwelling Phee had had the privilege of experiencing, gold and red banners flowing from around Celice's regal throne and the various stain-glass windows that had miraculously survived the royal twins' spat.

Breathing in deeply, Phee tried to calm her nerves at the realisation of how important this event was… if she made a fool of herself here, there would probably be bards writing songs at her expense for years.

Sensing her distress, Sety placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, giving a gentle squeeze while smiling reassuringly. Giving her that unique smile that could cool even the hottest flushes of emotion she felt. She was suddenly grateful he'd approved of her plan in the morning… the last thing she wanted to do was make what should have been a happy day any harder than it already was for him.

Her fidgeting settled and she turned her attention towards the carpeted steps just before the Emperor's stylish throne.

Everyone was making their speech to the now Emperor Celice, speaking of lofty hopes and the duties of their bloodlines.

Arthur was noticeably twitchy, every few seconds he was pulling at his black top, adjusting it and readjusting it into a wrinkled mess. If his hair hadn't been silver to begin with… Phee was sure it would have been by the end of the ceremony, the man was a nervous wreck.

But that seemed to fade away as he stepped forward, his back straightening as he stared up at Celice with a vow to make Velthomer's Emblem of Flame a mark of justice once more.

The swell of pride she felt for him carried her from the throng of people as he stepped back from Sir Celice to make his lonely exit.

"Arthur, I'll be going to Velthomer too." she was sure to be quiet enough so that only he could hear her, suddenly feeling very conscious of the multitude of eyes trained on her curiously.

"Phee…?" he blinked rapidly to see if she'd disappear, a soft but honest smile appearing when it was clear she was really doing this.

That gave her confidence a much needed shot in the arm and her lips made an honest effort to tear through her cheeks in joy.

"Mmmm, I'm so not going to let you go alone! Everything will be a piece of cake as long as we're together!" Phee exclaimed exuberantly as her arm wrapped around his and the two made their way out of the beautiful court, together.

She caught Sety's eye (the green one in particular) as they left, his bright smile matching her own as he subtly nodded at the pair with a wink. Teeny poked her head from behind (or, more accurately, beside) the Silesian Prince's cloaks and gave a slight grin of her own, an unspoken gratitude in her cute lavender eyes.

Arthur's stunned silence lasted until a cold breeze caught them at the castle's threshold, the sudden jolt finally waking him enough for him to lean into her ear and whisper sincerely "Thank you."

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