Author's Notes: A short, insubstantial ending here because Skasaher, Delmud and Lester all have similar personalities unless you start going unusually deeper into their actions (to the point of exaggeration at times). As a result, I've decided to try and differentiate the three from one another based on what little I have to go on. I'll give my reasons why each character is the way they are at the end of the story and welcome any debate on the characters featured.

Skasaher sighed as a twinge of jealousy pulled at his lonely heart, his gaze settling on a familiar sight nearby.

A calmly smiling Delmud sitting on a nearby stool, a mug of liquor in his hand and a trio of young women surrounding him, cooing over the Agustrian Free Knight while he played cool.

The old bar had filled up with people anxious to celebrate the fall of the possessed Emperor Yurius and rub up against the newly anointed heroes of the Liberation Army. They were a curiosity for the moment and there was a genuine feeling of gratitude from the populace, so it was to be expected.

His axe swinging brother-in-law certainly loved the attention, standing atop a table and telling an embellished version of his (surprisingly real) slaying of three dragon knights simultaneously while swaying back and forth from the effects of the ale. Lakche occasionally pulled at the Great Knight's leggings to throw in her own violet prose, the red hue on her face probably having something to do with the worrying number of empty cups sitting on the table next to her.

Even Johan had managed to draw a decent crowd to himself and yet every woman who came anywhere near Skasaher was seemingly pulled by some invisible force towards Delmud. Closing his eyes and taking a long swig, Skasaher turned back to glare at Delmud and the four beauties surrounding him… wait, four?

Cursing, Skasaher quickly called for another drink and sighed, his hand subconsciously reaching to grip his sword hilt, only to find thin air. A pity, that usually helped Skasaher think.

"Asshole at it again?" Lester asked as he took a seat next to Skasaher, his ever-present grin flashing as wide as ever as he took in Delmud's appearance, "How does he do that?"

Skasaher snorted at the playful tone and shrugged, "Luck?"

Lester pretended to take his eyes off Skasaher and look around, a sinister grin crossing his features as Skasaher turned away from him. Seeing his chance, the taller boy pounced, wrapping an arm around Skasaher's neck and rubbing his knuckles rapidly through the Hero's black locks.

"Hey, what the-?" Skasaher tried to protest, struggling against Lester like they had when they were small children.

"Of course," Skasaher mused, "Lester never got too far past that point. He even tried picking on Lakche when he had a crush on her last year." That thought actually managed to lift his mood as he recalled the archer pinned to the floor with a sword to his throat while Lakche screamed bloody murder.

"Lightening up?" Lester asked after catching a glimpse of Skasaher's grin, unfortunately for Lester that caused him to loosen his grip enough for Skasaher to slip free and pin the blue haired boy's arm behind his back.

Skasaher soon had Lester helplessly stuck over the wooden bar counter, grinning in spite of himself and the strange looks he was getting from the woman serving the alcohol.


"You need some help?" Delmud shouted over at him, leaning past one of the women cuddling against his neck with a sadistic smirk that Lester knew all too well. He was pretty sure his life just flashed before his eyes at the ominous sight.

"Nah, I got him." Skasaher brushed the offer off.

Delmud shrugged before turning his attention back to the girls around him with a more pleasant smile.

"Phew." Lester sighed with relief, one blade-wielder was more than his heart could take (as an old flame had proven when she decided to let her Hero Sword turn him down rather than just say it); the thought of two of them teaming up was naturally one of his greatest fears.

"Can I let you up now or do you need more time to think about what you've done?" Skasaher said as if he were speaking to an unruly child, a fact not lost on Lester.

It didn't bother him but he noticed.

"No, I'll be a good boy if you give me my arm back. Promise." Lester widened the curve of his lips slightly in a feigned show of joy, all the while feigning a childish lisp.

"Eh, good enough." Skasaher said dismissively as he dropped back onto his splintering wooden stool and signalled for another pint of ale.

Rubbing his arm sulkily, Lester pouted for a moment before grinning at his long-time friend.

"Say, I know what will cheer you up."

"Don't." Skasaher said flatly, "I don't want to see her again tonight and I doubt she wants to see me right now either."

"Aw, come on… did you and Miss Yuria have a little tiff?" Lester teased, looking very much like his cousin as he did so with their eerily similar grins.

Skasaher simply buried his face in his arms and grumbled out an answer.

"Didn't catch that."

Another groan and muttered explanation.

"Still nothing." Lester responded, poking at Skasaher's head with his index finger, "You gotta speak up."

"I told her." Skasaher finally managed to say as he raised his head slightly to meet his friend's shocked expression.

"Whoa. I… take it things didn't go well." Lester said solemnly, patting the swordsman's back sympathetically.

"She was so sweet when she turned me down… I'm such an idiot."

"No," the bowman tried to assuage his pain but was quickly cut off.

"It's like I could never make any progress with her at all," Skasaher remarked while staring wistfully into his mug, "It always felt we were stuck in the same place, no matter how much better we became as friends. Like I never had a chance with her."

"Maybe you didn't." Lester answered without thinking, quickly scooting slightly away from Skasaher when a pair of dark blue eyes tried to burn a hole through his skull. "Sorry, you were always pretty smart, so I thought hopeless might make you feel a bit better about the whole thing. Worked with your sister."

"Not helping," the Dozellian Duke said mournfully as he remembered his place amongst Odo's descendants.

The uninteresting third wheel, neither as graceful as his sister nor as powerful as the Balmunc wielding Shanan. He'd been forced to spend years building muscle on top of muscle just to try and keep up. He'd even had to switch to heavier Blades just to give him enough of an edge to avoid being a burden to the Liberation Army.

That inferiority had made him cautious in life, teaching him there would always be someone better than him and that he needed to be smart if he wanted to survive. To never take unnecessary risks, to calculate everything possible down to the finest detail… so why the hell had he confessed to Yuria without any idea of how she felt about him. No, he had had a fairly good idea of how she felt about him, he just didn't want to accept it.

"Hey, come back to us." Lester said, shaking Skasaher with a noticeably strained grin, "You're scaring me here."

"Sorry." Skasaher cracked his usual sardonic smile and added "I really have a bad sense of timing, huh?"

"Eh, she doesn't know what she's missing." Lester assured with a serious expression he thought he'd be able to retire after the war, "Now shut up and drink, you're ruining my night."

"Always so comforting." Skasaher muttered.

Nonetheless, he found himself quirking a slight smile and doing as he was told, catching Lester's eye as they both gripped the worn handles of their tankards.

The two knocked their old metal mugs off each other and slung back the brown liquid with aplomb, both gasping contentedly after dropping their mugs back to the counter.

A comfortable silence settled between the two as they sat back to watch their more inebriated colleagues fall over themselves.

This continued until Delmud took a place next to them, his light armour scratching softly against itself whenever he moved.

He stretched himself out, lounging in the corner of Skasaher's vision before grabbing a tankard of ale from a passing wench. The young woman turned to scold him but he just raised the container in a salute and a wolfish grin before she took off with a blush on her face.

"Works every time." Delmud said smoothly as his face relaxed, breaking the veil of silence.

"Yeah." Skasaher muttered, as he attempted to down the remainder of his drink in one gulp.

"This could be the last week we drink together." Lester said out of the blue after another lapse of silence, "Strange, isn't it?"

Contemplation overtook the three as they considered what would happen next.

"The Duke of Dozel."

"An Agustrian Knight."

"Leader of Jungby's Beige Ritter."

The three were absentminded as they named off their new positions, the three blinking a few times before shrugging in unison and abandoning the concept.

"You know, I heard some Heroes can use axes." Delmud said, looking pointedly at Skasaher whose brow furrowed in confusion.

"Where did you hear that? Isaacian Heroes are pretty common and none of them uses axes."

"Thracia apparently has a few as well." Lester piped in, "You were talking to Leaf weren't you?"

Delmud nodded and the three chattered and drank into the night, eventually being thrown out for distracting service wenches and waking up the next morning on the side of a street with splitting headaches.

They spent most nights that week in a similar state, as did most of the less busy members of their army. Skasaher supposed that it was an uninteresting but fun way to say goodbye for the three friends. Not like they had much better to do.

Author's Notes: Well, that meandered. I honestly didn't know what to do once I was about halfway through and the characters seemed happy to just sit around drinking and talking about nothing.

The Yuria thing is literally just expansion, plus I like to manipulate the game mechanics in. Call it a nod to fanon where Skasaher seems to be Yuria's number two choice in a man (after her brother).

As for the Tirnanogue Trio themselves, I went through every line of dialogue for these guys (which really didn't add up to much) and decided to pull out every little trait I could spot to make the three distinctive. Note that all three are protective and caring of those they love, so that can be thrown out of this discussion right off the bat.

Delmud had the least to say and nothing particularly distinctive, so I made him a ladies man. I'm working on the assumption that Beowulf (who Delmud resembles somewhat even if his father were, say, Fin) was kind of roguish and handsome and just transferring that trait onto his spiritual successor. Since he refused to display anything interesting, I decided to let someone else do it for him.

Lester actually gets conversations with Patty (if they're lovers) which reveals that he teases the girls he likes. So he gets to be the playful one of the trio, knowing how to be serious but choosing not to unless it was necessary. I thought it sounded like a believable way to deal with the stress of spending the first umpteen years of your life with the most powerful empire in the world wanting you dead, just trying your best to take it easy.

Skasaher's personality was derived from his lines in Chapter 6 where he is more cautious than Celice and the others (especially Lakche) and the fact that his stats are inferior to his relatives if Shanan has the Balmunc. So, if Lakche's eagerness to go to battle is probably tied to the fact that the woman is a veritable whirlwind of death, Skasaher's hesitance could be tied to his (relatively) weaker stats. He's physically stronger and bulkier but not nearly as skilful (which is fatal when dealing with Odo's Shooting Star Sword). In my mind, that would make him more of a strategist by sheer necessity, considering how competitive everyone in his immediate family seems to be (father here= Lex). The axe thing is just a nod to FE5 where Heroes first got access to axes, which would be a huge buff to Skasaher, who gets a weapon triangle advantage over lance wielders to compensate for being weaker than Lakche.

Feel free to debate my interpretations; I doubt it will be hard considering how vague these three are.