Okami: Rise of Darkness

Chapter 3: "I am Kuni, Son of Susano!"

Comet, Ammy, and Chibi ran down the hill and got back to town. They ran until they got to the bottom. "Phew, that was close," said Comet as he fell onto the ground panting. Chibi walked up to him and licked his face. Comet started laughing and said, "H-hey. Stop that." Chibi finally stopped licking Comet when he sat up. "Hey Mutt, is that really you," yelled a voice from somewhere. "Huh," said Comet as he, Issun, Ammy, and Chibi. A boy with a purple shirt and purple pants and black hair ran up to Chibi. "It has been a while Mutt," he said, "How have you been?" Chibi barked a couple of times as if he were saying that he has been great. "That's great," the boy said until he noticed Comet, "oh, hey; I've never seen you around here before." "I'm new," said Comet, "the name's Comet Horegami, The Tie Between Light and Dark" "Well," the boy replied, "I am Kuni, son of Susano, the greatest warrior ever." Kuni pulled out his sword and held to the sky. However, he picked it up too quickly and lost balance until he fell backward. "Doh, I missed," said an unheard voice in the air. Ammy, Chibi, Issun, and Comet sweat dropped before Kuni got back up. He dusted himself off. "Hey Kuni," Issun said as he hopped off of Ammy, "where is your old man anyways?" Kuni saw Issun. "Oh, hey Issun. I didn't know you were in Kamiki Village today," he said, "Dad's doing his daily training at the cave." "The cave," asked Comet. "The Cave of Nagi is a cave that represents the great warrior, Nagi," Issun said, "Let's go see Susano, he could give you some tips of being a warrior and maybe you can regain one of your Celestial Brush techniques." Comet was uneasy about hearing Issun telling him that he needed to learn, but he went with it anyways. "Then let's go," said Kuni leading the way.

Sorry for the wait. Anyways, a little spoiler, Comet doesn't get Rejuvenation first.