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Issun: We getting a Celestial Brush Technique?

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This means a Celestial Brush God is talking.

Chapter 4: Rejuvenate the Cave of Nagi

Comet, Issun, Ammy, Chibi, and Kuni went to the place where Mr. Orange did the Konohana Shuffle. Issun got a memory of Mr. Orange dancing and laughed. "This place brings back old memories, eh Ammy," he said. Ammy barked as a portal opened up in front of the group. "Well," said Kuni, "this is the entrance to the Cave of Nagi." Comet walked up to the portal. "Well then," he said, "let's get going." The entire group stepped into the portal and entered the Cave of Nagi. Inside the cave, there were destroyed paths that looked like they could be repaired. However, they were covered in darkness. "Whoa," said Kuni in shock, "dad really sized-up the place. Hey Mutt. Want to fill in these holes?" Chibi barked and tried to use Rejuvenation. It succeeded, but the piece that appeared was immediately swallowed by the darkness under it. "Darn," said Kuni snapping his fingers, "Why didn't it work?" Everyone started to think. "Maybe I can fix it," said Comet walking up to the darkness. He stretched out his hand. "I can get rid of this darkness and use my own Rejuvenation." His eyes started to glow. "Light Burst," he yelled. A blast of light hit the darkness and dispersed it. Comet then pulled out his Celestial Brush and tried to use Rejuvenation. However, instead of him rejuvenating the ground he saw light come down from the ceiling and he saw stars. Literally stars. "Whoa," he said in surprise, "Is it me, or am I seeing stars and a dragon in them?" "Hey, it might be a Celestial Brush God," said Issun, "try tracing the dragon with your Celestial Brush." Comet did as told.

After he finished tracing, a bright light shrouded him. When it dispersed, Comet saw that he was no longer in the Cave of Nagi. Instead, he saw that he was in a luscious green field surrounded with Cherry Blossoms. "Whoa," awed Comet. The dragon Comet trace had turned into a dragon with a scroll on its tail and landed gently in front of him. "Oh human of the great sun," it said, I am Yomigami. I have sensed your presence and the presence of the dark being who stole your Celestial Brush Techniques. I shall help you in your journey by giving you a new Rejuvenation. Use it to fill holes in your path." Yomigami turned into a small orb and entered Comet's body.

The light returned and shrouded Comet again. When it dispersed, Comet was back in the Cave of Nagi. "I … I saw Yomigami," said Comet. "Great," said Issun, "then you got Rejuvenation. Come on, try it out." Comet nodded and pulled his Celestial Brush back out. He filled in the spot that was missing from the path and the path was fixed. Everyone continued, filling I holes. Comet filled in the ones with darkness because his Light Burst drained him of his ink. Ammy and Chibi filled in the one that were already filled with darkness. Eventually, they reached the end of the cave where the statue of Nagi stood. What they saw shocked them.

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