Chapter 1

What My Parent Don't Know Won't Hurt

[Stallone's POV]

Yeah, hey. My name is Stallone Joyce West, not the best name in the book, but I've learned to live with it; not like I have a choice. So I come from a family, not a perfect family, but it's a family. I mean being the daughter of two lesbian lovers isn't the perfect cup of tea; way too much sugar for my cup anyway, but that's just me. They love me and that's all that matters right?

Actually what sickens me the most isn't my parents being females; it's that I'm not an only child. Why my parents couldn't just stop with me I don't know. They just had to have another "precious little angel" which I see as an annoying little brat. My little sister's name is Shiloh which is another disgusting thing I that I hate. Both of our names start with "s". My parents thought it was "oh so cute". I tried to convince them before she was born to name her Scissors since they liked "s" names so much. It was more to Jade's liking than Tori's, but unfortunately me and Jade lost that battle.

So I guess you're wondering why I call my parents by their names instead of calling them "mom". Well when you're a child of two females it's kind of awkward to go around saying mom to both of your parents. I feel like Tori's more of a mother and Jade as more of a dad, but I wasn't going to call Jade "dad" because that just makes things even more awkward, and it wouldn't have been fair to Jade if only Tori could be called "mom" so I just stuck with calling them my their names in which Shiloh does the same; and everybody's fine with that; not that they had a choice to be fine or not anyways.

Tori always tells me how I remind her of Jade when they were younger. She said my personality is almost identical to Jade's while Jade claims I have Tori's heart. It's all bullshit if you ask me. I have my own personality, it may not be the nicest, but it's one. And anyone who doesn't like my personality can stay walk because unfortunately for them, I don't really give two shits about what they think of me and my personality.

"Stallone!" I hear a voice yell that makes me jump up so hard in my desk I knock my book and pencil on the floor.

"Sleep in my class again, and you're getting a write up!" My teacher yells at me during my math class. My sleeping and my mouth are always the main things that get me in trouble at school. I mean I'm not just going to let teachers yell at me. Who are they to yell at me, so me being me, yes I'm going to talk back.

"Well if your teaching lectures weren't so damn boring, I wouldn't be asleep now would I?" I said sitting back in my chair and crossing my arms. I glance over at my best friend Roxy who is silently shaking her head in disapproval of my actions; if her being someone else, she would've got cussed out along side the teacher.

Roxy and I have been friends since birth. My parents knew her parents and they always tell these stories about how they went to Hollywood arts together. Ironically Jade dated Roxy's dad Beck, back then. From what I was informed, Jade and Tori hated each other during the time Beck and Jade were together. Beck end up leaving Jade for whatever reason and Jade end up falling in love with Tori, and Beck falling in love with a caramel skin, hazel eyed girl named Yolanda, which kind of makes things a little awkward if you think about it too long, so I never think about it.

Roxy looks a lot like her dad in the face besides the hazel eyes she gained from her mother. Her hair is very long, a jet black, and wavy. Being of Canadian, Caucasian and African American decent gives Roxy a very beautiful look. She always tells me how she wants to become a model/ actress someday and I have no doubt in my mind that she is going make it there. I stare at Roxy sometimes, not in that way, and she doesn't mind, but I really admire her and how beautiful of a best friend I have.

"Excuse me Ms. West, but excuse yourself from my class room." My teacher said in a voice that I guess was supposed to intimidate me, but it just made me chuckle.

"And where am I going?" I ask with a smile not even getting up. I just leaning forward in my seat now with my arm rested on my desk and my hand rested in my palm.

"You're asking every day to be kicked out of this school." Roxy said in a low voice, but I'm pretty sure everyone could hear her so I don't know why she's whispering.

"Yeah, yeah Roxy don't give me that It's A Privilege to Be at Hollywood Arts speech." I said to her, now staring at my teaching again waiting for an answer to my question like I didn't already know the answer.

"Stallone, out, now!"

I growled as I grabbed my bag and book off the floor leaving the pencil behind hoping someone will slip on it on their way out. I started out the door making sure to give my teacher "the look" I've learned from Jade which seems to work on people including my teacher because she took a step back as I left the class.

I of course didn't go to the principal's office, but instead to the bathroom. I dropped my bag on the floor and looked in the mirror.

I resemble Tori a lot. People always tell me I look just like her, but really the only thing I seemed to gain from her is her cheekbones; which make face shape exactly like hers, I'm assuming the rest of my features came from my sperm donor because my hair is midnight black and my eyes are a dark shade of gray which neither came from her. My skin tone is a little shade darker than hers and I stand about 5'6 and slim. People always ask me if I'm half Hispanic or mixed with something, but I tell them no, that it's clear that I'm a full pale white Caucasian. Idiots. On the other hand my little sister is Jade's daughter. Tori carried her though because Jade claimed she wasn't the type to get pregnant. They took Jade's egg, fertilized it and put it in Tori. Why I know that, please don't wonder. It was a conversation that I'm still yet trying to forget.

Shiloh took a lot after Jade. Jade couldn't deny her if she wanted too. She has those same blue-green eyes that seem to change color depending on what she's wearing, or what the weather is like. She also was originally born a brunette like Jade, but since Jade keeps dying her hair black, Shiloh thought black hair would look nice on her as well, so she also keeps her hair dyed black. Loser. She also has that mean look she definitely gets from Jade. Jade's mean look would scare anybody that looks her way; vice versa, but unfortunately for Shiloh, she doesn't scare anyone. The only different thing about Shiloh is you can tell she's mixed with something. No telling what. Her skin is very fair, almost white but she doesn't look completely Caucasian. If that makes any since; if it doesn't oh well, because talking about Shiloh is starting to make me sick. I hate that brat. She's almost as annoying as my aunt Trina. (She's a different story).

Good thing it was the end of class because right after I got done fixing my hair the bell rang.

I grabbed my bag off the floor and was headed outside to my car when suddenly someone grabbed my arm.

I yank away roughly and turned around with a fist.

"Hey, calm down, I didn't mean to offend you." A boy with brown hair and brown eyes said with a smile.

"Never touch me." I spat at him.

"Do you always have to be so mean." Roxy said as she came walking up beside me. "This is the guy I've been telling you about." Roxy said stepping to his side and touching his arm with a smile.

"Really, Roxy? Him? You couldn't find me anyone better?" I said looking the boy up and down with disgust. The boy wasn't half bad looking; I just wanted to see if I could bring his ego down, which seemed to work because of the way he looked down at his feet. I smiled with accomplishment.

Roxy sighed, "Lone, you said you wanted-"

"I know what I said." I cut her off quickly before she blew my secret. Roxy had a really big mouth that she seemed like she couldn't control. I'm surprise she still hasn't accidently blurted out to my parents yet.

"Oh, sorry." Roxy said biting her bottom lip. "Well this is Kendall. He's really nice." She said with a jumpy smile.

I look the boy up and down and got his number from him. Not that I was actually going to date him or anything. I just needed him for a front; to come over to my house a few times so my parents would think I'm dating him.

After I talked to the guy for a few brief minutes I turn my conversation back over to Roxy.

"Where did you even find him? I've never even seen him before." I said, crossing my arms.

Roxy tilted her head to the side, "How long are you going to keep this up?"

I rolled my eyes and sighed, "As long as I can." I said to her now searching my bag for some gum.

"I don't know why you're afraid to tell your parents. I mean if anybody understands they would."

"I know, I just, I just can't right now." I said popping the gum in my mouth.

"You think they are going to judge you? They're not Stallone! Not that they even have room to judge you. Judge them back!"

I was about to say something back, only to be cut off.

"Hey baby!" at once a feel tight arms hug me from behind. A smile spreads across my face as I turn around and to see Essence looking up at me with her big lime green eyes.

"Hey ladybug," I say as I hold her face in my hands and give her quick kiss. She smiles and turns around to face Roxy.

"Roxy," Essence says as she puts her hand around my waist.

"Essence," Roxy clears her throat. "Well I'll see you tomorrow." She said to me. With that Roxy walks to her car and speeds away.

Roxy and Essence never could get along. They hate each other with a passion and I have no idea why. Roxy always tells me there's something sneaky and secretive about Essence, while Essence says Roxy is just a hoe with a bad attitude about the world. Roxy is my best friend and Essence is my girlfriend which means they are going to keep running into each other, so I made them try to make it work because I don't want to hear them arguing all the damn time. It's not going to happen.

I grabbed Essence's hand was we walked over to my car. I opened the passenger door for her and closed it then continued to my side of the car. As I started the car and pulled off it was unusually silent. I looked at Essence a few times still trying to keep my eyes on the road. She had her hands crossed in her lap and was looking down at them not moving, not saying a word.

I grab her hand, "What's wrong?" I say as I rub the back of her hand with my thumb, keeping my other hand firmly on the steering wheel.

She shrugs, "I heard you and Roxy talking." She says keeping her head down.

My mind really went stupid because I really couldn't remember what me and Roxy were even talking about even though the conversation occurred just a few minutes ago.

"And…" I said because my minds blank.

Even though my eyes stay on the road I can feel her looking at me with sad puppy dog eyes. "When are you going to tell your parents about you, about us? I mean my parents know; yours should too."

Never. Is what I wanted to say, but telling my parents means so much to her for whatever reason? I mean I knew my parents would understand; it's just that it's none of their business who I'm dating.

I give her hand a squeeze, "Soon." I lied; knowing good and well she's going to ask about it again in a couple of days. I'll just deal with it then.

I gave her a kiss and dropped her off at her house giving her mom a wave who was sitting on her porch.

My parents will know soon enough. Why rush and tell them?

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