Hi I'm a Pony and I'm a Transformer!

This is based on the Hi I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC YouTube video series by ItsJustSomeRandomGuy!

"Hi, I'm a Pony" said Twilight Sparkle facing the camera, noticing she's alone she looks around to see no one there.

"Don't I have a partner for this?" Twilight thought, just as she was thinking that driving to her left was a red semi truck. It then transformed into Optimus Prime.

"And I'm a Transformer" said Optimus now facing the camera (although he had to crouch for it).

"Okay I am Twilight Sparkle, the personal faithful student of Princess Celestia, Wielder of the Element of Magic and main character of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" Twilight said, relieved they could finally start this.

"And I am Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots, wielder of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership and main character of just about every incarnation of Transformers" Optimus replied.

Optimus then looked down and said "I must say congratulations Twilight Sparkle!"

"On what?" asked Twilight confused.

"On the success and popularity you and your comrades have achieved since your franchise got to G4" said Optimus.

Twilight then looked down.

"Something the matter?" asked Optimus looking concerned.

"Just that it took us four generations to get to the point where we were popular with the masses" Twilight said "and it's thanks to Lauren Faust, before our franchise was nothing more than something for little girls! I mean when people think of your name they think of the brave heroic leader of the Autobots but when they hear my name...they think of a tween book series about so called vampires!"

"Don't be like that" said Optimus "your popularity may help your franchise gets its own movie released in theatres!"

"And that worries me more!" said Twilight "judging by how Michael Bay has been handling the Transformers movies and that Battleship movie which seems to share nothing with the game it's based on, I get nightmares just how bad a film released in theatres will turn out to be like...probably end up adapting Cupcakes or Conversion Bureau..."

"Hold on!" Optimus said interrupting her "okay Hasbro has made some bad decisions with its movies but I think the crew behind your show would make sure a movie would be done well, as they wouldn't want to be lynched by the Brony masses if it was done badly!"

"Yeah I guess your right" Twilight said "still I envy you Optimus! You're such a big icon that boys cried everywhere when you died in the animated movie, you made that big an impact!"

"Hey I think you made a big impact as well" said Optimus "there are bronies on the internet that see you as their favourite!"

"Yeah but you have your own song which they identify as your theme song!" said Twilight "just listen to this:"

(the Touch by Stan Bush starts playing)

"Now what do I have?" asked Twilight, Optimus thinks for a second.

Optimus after a few minutes, gave his response "well you have this:"

(Twilight's Theme from Fighting is Magic plays)

"Yeah I guess that's a catchy song as well" Twilight admitted "but you have Peter Cullen, a voice actor who gave you your most recognisable voice!"

"Yeah but you have Tara Strong, to voice you" said Optimus "a very talented voice actress who has enjoyed many success in popular children's cartoon like Teen Titans, Fairly Odd Parents, Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls and Fillmore!"

"yeah and ignoring the fact she was in your previous show Transformers Animated, it feels weird sharing the same voice as a blonde cheerleader zombie slayer who keeps the head of her boyfriend, a crazed psycho in love with an even crazier clown and a racist princess" Twilight stated shaking her head at the thought.

"At least you have managed to permanently defeat foes such as Nightmare Moon and Discord" Optimus said "in every generation I am fighting Megatron and only in a few of them do I actually managed to defeat him once and for all!"

"Yeah but I needed my friends and the Elements of Harmony to defeat them" Twilight said "you can pretty much hold your own against Megatron without any help!"

"I am only as good as my team" said Optimus "and in that regard we are alike, in the most important circumstances we are able to lead our teams!"

"I guess we are alike in that aspect" Twilight said thinking about it "in fact we do have some in common as we are both natural leaders who are willing to stand up to evil!"

"Here, here!" said Optimus "so it's agreed that both our franchises when given the proper opportunities are good in our own way!"

"You said it Optimus" Twilight said smiling holding up her left hoof "to Transformers!"

"To My Little Pony!" said Optimus holding up his hand, himself now smiling he managed to cheer up the unicorn.

"To the Autobots!" Twilight then said.

"To the Mane Six!" said Optimus.

"To parties!" said Twilight's pink earth pony friend Pinkie Pie who had suddenly appeared, as if from nowhere.

"Pinkie Pie what are you doing here?" asked Twilight confused and taken back by her friend's sudden appearance.

"Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are having a party at Sugarcube Corner!" said Pinkie ""and I thought you and your new friend would want to come!"

"What do you say Optimus?" asked Twilight facing her new robot friend.

"I would love to!" Optimus said and he then transformed into his truck mode.

"Okay let's roll out!" Twilight said as she and Pinkie pie went onto where Optimus's trailer would be, as Optimus then drove away as the screen goes blank.

Next chapter: Rainbow Dash and Starscream

"Uh Optimus?" Twilight's voice was heard saying.

"Yes Twilight?" Optimus's voice was heard responding.

"Can you please slow down I'm getting a little road sick!" Twilight responded.

"My apologises Twilight!"

"Hey Optimus?" asked Pinkie's voice "what's this symbol on your hood? It looks like a cutie Mark!"

"That's my Autobots symbol!" Optimus replied.

"Hey what's that wheel on the inside doing?" asked Pinkie's voice.

"No don't touch that..."

A crash was heard as well as some other crashes and finally some police and ambulance sirens.

"Sorry!" Pinkie's voice was heard sheepishly.