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Chapter 1. Accident

The noon traffic was excellent considering it was Comic-con week. But when Penny drove to the turn that would take her to the interstate, there was a line of cars in one lane.

"Why are these people being stupidly slow, Penny?" Sheldon asked.

"I don't know, Sheldon."

"Hey, instead of waiting, you should turn into that empty lane, and wait- Isn't that the turn lane for the interstate?" Leonard inquired.

"Yes, but I have a bad feeling..."

"Screw the bad feeling. I want to get to Comic-con." Sheldon said.

"Ok, fine."

Penny POV

Why did I even say yes to driving? Oh, wait, that's 'cause I'm an idiot. An idiot for taking orders from Sheldon, since he criticized my driving skills the second we hit the road. At least I can 'lose' Sheldon in the middle of the Comic-con masses.

That's weird, no one is waiting to turn onto the interstate. And why did all the kids in other cars depict their cars smashing into each other?

I wait calmly for the other cars on the interstate to pass. And when there's an opening I turn onto the interstate.

Cars pass me even though I'm going eighty miles per hour. It's almost like I'm sitting still. One of the cars the passes me is a truck carrying a bunch of logs that look like they could fall off at any time. Even though they are restrained by two straps across the middle.

I see Howard's car pass ours, and I am distracted for a moment so I can wave at him. When I look back the logs have gotten loose, and are rolling very fast towards our car and countless others. I step on the gas, and get around the logs. Only to find other cars running into each other, blinded by a thick black smoke.

"Penny, pull over! If we continue to drive, we will be killed! Howard pulled over and they are safe!" Sheldon cried.

He said that right around the time a tire bounced towards Bernadette and Stuart pushed her away. Stuart had just enough time to turn around and look, before the tire hit him in the face and knocked off his head. His head rolled to a stop by Bernadette, and she screamed.

Meanwhile my car stalled in the middle of the road. And a car hit the passenger's side, killing Leonard. Me and the others got out of the car quickly, and ran to Howard, Bernadette, and Raj. However, a car got to Howard before we could. As his blood splattered the person's vehicle, Bernadette screamed, "Nooo!"

I see Raj pull Bernadette to her feet, and begin to come towards us, when a rolling car begins to come towards them.

"Look out!"

Raj has the sense to start running, but Bernadette just falls to her knees and lets the car roll over her.

"Coopaw! Leslie! Amy! Wun!" And that's all Kripke gets out before the semi runs over him and Leslie Winkle. Meanwhile Amy fell to the ground in pain.

"Amy, what are you doing? Run!"

"I can't. My ankle's sprained. Go, Sheldon!"

Sheldon then leaned down and gave Amy a farewell kiss before running to where Raj was. He didn't want to see Amy get run over by the same semi that got Leslie, and Kripke.

The semi then crashed into another semi, and a door flew off and cut Raj in half. Then it hit the pavement behind him causing sparks that ignited a propane/gas tank. That explosion was the last thing Penny saw before nothingness.

"Penny, what are you doing? Turn already, so we can get there on time!" Sheldon said, seemingly alive.

"Wait, that crash didn't happen?"

"What crash?" Leonard said worriedly.

"I had a vision that all of us would be killed in a crash, if I made that turn!"

Two cars had come up behind Penny's, and started honking.

"I am not making that turn. I don't want to be killed, and I sure as heck don't want to see all of you get killed!"

With that statement, Penny shut off the engine, and got out of the car. The others followed suit.

"What's going on? Why are we just standing here?" Howard asked.

"Penny watches 'Final Destination' too much. She thought she had a 'vision' of an 'accident'" Sheldon said mockingly.

"Um, guys…" Amy started.

"Not now Amy" Sheldon said.

"I thought you guys might want to know that Penny was right."

The group then turned around and saw a horrifying sight. Tons of cars were on fire and many more were crushed. Police sirens began to wail in the distance…