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~Previously on ILC~

"Love you too, Edward." We all eat lunch together around the coffee table, then Katie lays down for a nap and Em goes back to his office. We work for the rest of the day as Katie plays on her computer and spends time with us while we work. I grin on the way home as I realize I love working for and with Edward. It's just a very relaxed environment and we got a lot done in a short amount of time. I go home and make dinner, put Katie to bed, and have amazing sex with my husband before passing out for the night with his arms around me.

~Ch 23~


Bella and my first week working together is amazing, with the exception of all the office gossip about us. You know the usual, how did he get someone so young, pretty, and such? How did she land the job she did? Did she marry him for his money? Then to have to witness not only Tyler hit on her, but a few of the others that didn't know she was my wife. I was ready to kill the next man who hits on her. I know she's beautiful and stuff, but she has a ring, take the hint she's taken.

It's now Friday, and we are getting ready for Katie's birthday party tomorrow at my parents house. I'm still ecstatic that they have accepted Bella and Katie as quickly as they have. I can't wait for tomorrow, I got some big name photographer that Ali asked for to do the birthday party/photo shoot. I know Bella said she wanted to wait to find a house for us, and be in the penthouse for while, but I really want Katie to have somewhere to be able to run around and just be a kid, so I am looking, discreetly, to see if I can find something for us.

The morning of Katie's birthday shines bright. Bella and I are woken up by little hands pounding on our door at o dark thirty. I look over to see Bella smiling at the sounds coming from the hall. I get up and throw on some sweats, since we spent half of the night making each other speak in tongues, and head for the door. I pull it open to see Katie lookup at me and smile.

"Moanin, Ewar." I lean down and pick her up and she snuggles into my arms.

"Good morning, birthday girl."

"Whea Mama?"

"She's sleeping. Do you want to go watch a movie with me in the living room, then we can make breakfast together?"

"Otay." I close the bedroom door quietly and we head down the hall into the living area. I grab a movie and put it into the DVD player and sit us on the couch to snuggle while we watch the movie. My head snaps up when I hear giggle come from the hallway. I cock my head to the side in question?

"What's so funny, Mrs. Cullen?"



"Do you realize that you were humming along with the song in the movie?"

"No, was I?"

"You were. What's funny was it was Princess Jasmine singing," she teases.

"Eh, it's a cute movie with catchy songs. I can't help it. So, sue me," I reply.

"Hungee, Ewar," Katie says to me.

"Oh yes, I promised the princess pancakes, so I will go make those and mommy will come take my place snuggling with you and finish the movie." I place her down on the couch as Bella walks over to take my place. I lean down and kiss her as she sits. "I love you, baby."

"I love you too, now go make us our food," she demands playfully.

"Ma'am, yes ma'am." I salute her as I turn on my heels and head for the kitchen to make my girls food. I make a pile of pancakes and bacon, grab out the juice and make a pot of coffee for Bella and I, then call them into the kitchen to eat. "Bella, Katie! Breakfast is ready!" I see them walk into the kitchen and climb into their chairs. I plate them both up some food, then hand it to both of them as I take my plate and head for my seat.

All I could hear around the room is moans and groans of approval from my girls. Soon enough the food is gone, and Katie is a happy, sticky mess.

"A dun," she proclaims. I look over and see her empty plate in front of her.

"Good job, princess. Why don't we go get you cleaned up and ready for your party?" I ask.

"Wes. Ee go tee Gamma Es a Gampa Car."

"Not just them. Everyone will be there for your party. Papa Charlie, Uncle's Em and Jas, and Aunt's Ali and Rose too."

"Wayyyyyyy!" she shouts out as she gets up and makes a run for the bathroom to go get ready to see them. Bella and I can only laugh as we watch her giggle down the hallway to her room to get ready.

"Go ahead and help her, I will take care of the dishes." I lean over and kiss her.

"OK, see you when I'm done with her." I walk down the hall after Katie as I hear dishes clanking from the kitchen. I walk into Katie's room to see her trying to take her PJ's off herself.

"Hep, Ewar?" she asks as I walk into the room.

"I'm coming, princess." I walk over to her and help her out of her PJ's, then take her hand and walk her into her bathroom and then start the water. I place her into the now bubbling water and wash her. We play for a few minutes then I help her out, dry her off and take her back into her room to get her dressed. I put her into a cute dress that is laid out on the bed, and put her Chucks on with it. She looks so cute all dressed up. I take her back into the bathroom and brush and dry her hair, placing a ribbon into it to hold the curls off of her face.

I take her back into the living room to find Bella sitting on the couch in a flowy top and jeans. I hand her Katie and smile.

"What do you think?"

"I think you are a natural. She looks awesome. Thanks for the time to take a shower." I lean over and kiss her.

"You're welcome. Now it's my turn. I will be back in a few, then we can head out."

"Hurry back, baby."

"I will, my love." I walk into our room and head into the bathroom. I take a quick shower, get dressed and head back into the living room to find my girls. I find them snuggling on the couch watching the rest of Aladdin. I sit next to them and pull them into my arms as we finish the rest of the movie. What seems like only minutes later, the movie is over and we are headed out the door to my parents' house. The drive to Mercer Island is quiet since Katie has fallen asleep in the back seat, and Bella is looking out the window in quiet contemplation. I leave her alone with her thoughts for now since she doesn't seem mad or sad. I will make sure to ask her about them later. We pull onto my parents street to be met with balloons and streamers on the light poles and trees surrounding my parents driveway. I can only laugh at the sight. Bella is looking around with wide eyes and a scared look on her face.

"What is all this?"

"Just the beginning, I'm sure, baby. I thought I told you before, my family doesn't do anything halfway."

"This is too much."

"No it's not. Not to my mom and sisters. This is their first grandchild, they will be doing much more than this if they have their say."

"Oh God," she mumbles as we pull to a stop in the driveway with the other cars.

"Deep breaths, baby. Let's get Katie and go inside. I'm sure they are all chomping at the bit to get their hands on our girl."

"OK," she squeaks out as I get out of the car and grab Katie in my arms and head for the door. It is thrown open as everyone makes a run for us.

"Hand over my grandbaby," Mom demands, holding out her arms for Katie.

"Gamma Es!" Katie shouts as she holds out her hands for Mom. Mom grabs her and heads for the house leaving Bella and I standing in the driveway. I look over at Bella and shrug.

"I guess Esme was a little excited to get her hands on my daughter," she laughs out.

"I'm now chopped liver," I pout. She leans over and kisses me.

"Not to me, baby." She takes my hand. "Come on, let's go find the rest of the group." We walk hand in hand into the house and follow the sounds out to the back yard. I turn to see two large tables filled with presents, and everyone lounging around the patio table.

"Damn, did you all buy out stores?" I tease.

"Nope, just got her what we thought she would like," Rose answers as Bella and I sit down next to her.

"She's three, what won't she like?" Bella asks.

"No idea, so we just had some fun with it."

"The photographer is here, Edward. They said they will just take a bunch of candids and see what can be used," Ali explains.

"Perfect. You can change her clothes if you want to have different choices, Ali."

"Already thought of that. I am going to since I know she is going to want to play with some of her presents."

"Good." I sit back and watch Em and Jas chase Katie all over the grass, with her laughing her little head off in glee. I relax in my chair and watch around me as Dad and Charlie grill, the guys play with Katie in the grass, and the girls sit around the table talking. Soon enough the food is ready and we all sit and eat while we chat with everyone. The food is gone quickly, then we move onto presents.

Katie sits and opens each one with glee, loving everything she opens. Ali gives her a new wardrobe, Rose supplies her princess obsession with a bunch of princess dress up clothes, Jas gives her a little police uniform with all the handcuffs and baton in plastic she could possibly use, Em gives her a Power Wheels Jeep for her to drive, while my parents seem to have found every toy known to man in her age range for her to play with. Charlie gives her a bunch of fishing equipment, including hat and vest.

"Why the plastic cuffs, Whitlock?" Charlie asks.

"Ummmm, well..." Jas replies as everyone starts to laugh.

"Could it be so you and your brothers don't get cuffed to a toddler bed again?" he inquires with a cocked eyebrow.

"How did you find out, Chief?" Jas asks.

"Bells sent me the pics when she took them. All I have to say is, that's my girl. She showed you three how it's done. Then she dressed you up all pretty for jail." At hearing that, everyone started to laugh so hard no one was able to breathe.

"Oh God, Charlie. Don't remind me," Em laughs out.

"The makeup was all you, Em," Rose says. "You were the one who wanted to buy it for her."

"I won't make that same mistake twice," he grumbles.

"Ee dwi tuck, peaz?" Katie asks as she points to her new Jeep.

"Sure, baby girl. Do you wanna drive in your dress, or change into jeans?" Bella inquires.

"Deens, peaz."

"I think we can do that, since Aunt Ali got you a whole new wardrobe." Katie holds out her hands for Bella to take her to change.

"Hurry back, Bella. Esme and I still have one more gift for Katie," Dad tells her as she stands.

"What is it?" she asks. Dad takes out an envelope and hands it to me. I open it to find an account with money in it.

"Esme and I opened a college account for her. Her college, should she choose to go, is paid in full."

"What?" she asks in shock.

"Esme and I put two hundred and fifty thousand into a high interest savings account for her. We want her to have enough money to go to an ivy league school if she so wishes."

"Holy shit," Bella whispers. "Are you serious?" she asks. I hold out the paperwork to show her. "Wow."

"We plan to do it for all of our grandkids. We want them to have the best education money can buy if the want one," Mom adds.

"Thanks, Mom and Dad. This is awesome. I was going to do it myself this week for her."

"It's too much, but thank you," Bella says with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Tank oo, Gamma Es a Papa Car," Katie tells them.

"You're welcome, Katie. Now go change so you can drive your Jeep," Mom tells her.

"Otay, Gamma Es." Bella walks into the house with her as the rest of us sit back and relax in the sun. Katie comes back out in jeans, a tee and her Chucks and makes a beeline for her new truck. She climbs in and takes off down the hill with Em and Jas chasing her. Mom brings out a huge cake with all the Disney princesses on it for Katie. She blows out her three candles and we all dig into our pieces of cake.

"Do you mind if we dress Katie in her fishing vest and hat and take her to the dock for some more pictures?" the photographer asks.

"Sure," Bella says as she grabs the vest, hat and pole and places it on Katie. Charlie takes her into his arms and walks down with the photographer to the dock and takes a few pictures. My cell rings and I take it out of my pocket. "Who's calling, Edward?" she asks.

"It's Jenks, my lawyer," I say as I answer. "Hello?"

"Edward. I need you to come to my office right now. It's urgent."

"What's wrong, Jenks?"

"I will explain when you get here."

"You can't tell me over the phone?"

"No. Now when can you be here?" he asks urgently.

"I'm on Mercer Island. So an hour?"

"I will be waiting." I hang up and look to see everyone looking at me.

"We have to go. Jenks needs to see me now, and won't tell me why."

"Go, Edward. Em and I will keep Katie. Take Bella and go," Rose offers.

"I don't need to go," Bella replies.

"You are his wife, and we don't know what he wants. Go with Edward. We will take Katie home with us."

"OK, Rose. Thanks," I say as I take Bella's hand and lead her through the house, out the door and to the car. We head off of the island and towards the city not knowing what will happen when we get there.

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