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~Previously on ILC~

The DMV and the bank don't take very long, Bella happens to use the same bank so we just transfer her money into our now joint accounts, and head for the truck dealer. We don't find one on the lot we like so it gets located at a dealer in Idaho and we are told it will be here in a week. We pay and fill out the shipping information then head for Bass Pro Shops, where we pick out a nice fishing boat, order it and head back to the office and our waiting family. This weekend I plan on taking the kids out to find Bella the perfect Mother's Day present.

~Ch 29~


I wake up on Saturday morning to someone bouncing on the bed. I look over to find Alice and Rose covering their mouths, trying to hold in their giggles as they try to wake me up.

"What the hell?" I ask groggily.

"Get a move on, chicky. We have plans today," Alice squeals.

"No we don't."

"Yes, we do. Now get up and throw on something comfy. Esme is waiting for us in the living room."

"What about the kids?" I inquire.

"They guys are watching them," Rose states.

"Uh, I don't think so. Not after the last time."

"Relax. Carlisle will be with them. They have it under control."

"But do you not remember the last time?"

"Yes. But Carlisle is responsible. He won't let that happen. Plus, they have EJ now too. How much trouble can they get in?" Rose asks.

"I'm not so sure about this," I state as I get up and head for the bathroom.

"You can talk to the men before we go if you aren't sure, Bella," Rose reminds me.

"I will do just that. Thanks, Rose."

I watch Ali and Rose walk out of my bedroom as I close the bathroom door. I turn on the shower and brush my teeth while I wait for it to heat up. I wonder why I didn't hear the kids wake up this morning as I climb into the shower, wash quickly and get back out. I dry off and head for the closet, toss on some yoga capris and a tank and head for the living room. I enter it to find practically the whole family in it.

"Where's Edward?" I inquire.

"Kitchen," Esme answers.

"I'm gonna go check on him before I leave. Be right back," I say as I head for the kitchen. "Hey, baby."

"Hey, sweetheart. I see Ali and Rose came and got you up."

"They did. May I ask why I have plans I don't know about?"

"I made reservations for the four of you to go to the spa to get ready for Mother's Day tomorrow."

"And what will you guys and the kids be doing?"

"We have plans to go shop for you moms."

"Which spa might we be going to?" I ask as I cock my eyebrow at him and place my hand on my hip.

"Mia Bella," he whispers.

"And how long have you had Mia Bella?"

"A year."

"Who named it?"

"I did."

"How did you come up with the name?" I tease as he turns beet red.

"I might have named it after you," he says shyly. "I wanted you to be mine so badly. I couldn't help it. I thought if I couldn't have you in real life, then I could at least have your name to remind me of you. Please say you aren't mad at me for doing it?" he begs.

I walk over to him and kiss him with as much passion as I can muster.

"I'm not mad, baby. It's kinda sweet. What are your plans with the kids?"

"It's none ya."

"Huh?" I ask.

"None ya business."

"You do remember what we talked about on Monday, right?"

"Yes, sweetheart. Nothing more than a car price, and you like simple."

"Is everything ready for my dad, tomorrow?"

"Yes, it's all been delivered to my parent's house. Are you sure you want to give it to him on Mother's Day?"

"Yes, he was both mother and father to me, so it's fitting."

"If you say so."

"We can give it to him separately."

"OK, now go grab my sisters and mom and head out. Your appointment is in twenty minutes."

"Fine." I pretend to huff and cross my arms.

"Don't you fine me, Isabella. Unless you want me to take you into our bedroom and put you across my knee," he replies mock sternly.

"Promises, promises," I reply as I run my hand from his neck down his chest, and all the way to the bulge in his jeans. I squeeze his rock hard cock then turn and walk out of the kitchen as he growls at me for leaving him high and dry. I giggle as I walk back into the living room.

"You ready to go, Bella?" Esme asks.

"I will be in one sec." I turn to the guys. "Jasper?"

"Yes, Bella?"

"Where are your handcuffs?"

"In my truck."

"And where is your truck?"

"Home, why?"

"Ok, good, just checking. I don't wanna come home to a repeat performance of the last time you all babysat."

The girls all start to laugh as the words come out of my mouth. The guys just sit there looking sheepish.

"Don't worry, Bella. I will make sure that doesn't happen," Carlisle states.

"You better not, Carlisle. Otherwise, I won't let you all watch my children again. If Katie does that to all of you, then who will be able to watch EJ?"

"Point well made. You are a good mom," Carlisle says. "I will make sure that the men take good care of those kids."

"And don't let my husband go overboard on the spending for tomorrow."

"I can't make any promises on that one. We all have presents to buy for tomorrow, and you both deserve the best."

"Just remember," I warn. "The best things in life are homemade."

"We will take that under advisement."

"Oh, Bella. I like the idea of homemade too," Esme praises. "It's been years since anyone has made me something for any holiday."

"We'll see what we can do about that, Mom," Em says as Esme, Rose and Ali get up off of the couch. I kiss Katie and EJ's head while they sit on Em and Jas, grab my purse and head out the door with the ladies.

We all climb into Esme's SUV and head out to the spa. We are soon pulling into Mia Bella's parking lot and heading inside.

"Welcome to Mia Bella, Mrs. Cullen, Mrs. Cullen, Mrs. Cullen, and Mrs. Whitlock. The boss has you all set up for the works, so come on back and let's get you started."



"It's nice to know my husband has good people working for him. You are very polite and helpful."

"Well thank you very much, Mrs. Cullen. It's nice of you to say that."

"You're welcome, Lola. And please call me Bella."

Lola leads us into the changing room, we change into fluffy robes and head to the lounge to wait to be called for whatever Edward has set up.

After my massage, I go into the garden to wait for my nails to be done. I find Rose sitting at the table staring into nothing.

"Rose?" I whisper to not startle her thoughts.

"Oh, hi, Bella. What's up?" she asks as I sit down next to her.

"What has you so deep in thought?"

"I'm slowly freaking myself out."


"Em and I are trying something, and I am freaking out about it."

"Don't be mad, but if you are talking about getting pregnant, he let it slip to me a while ago."

I hear her let out a deep sigh and give me a small smile.

"I'm not mad at him. He's so excited about the possibility since Katie and EJ have joined us, I am kinda losing it."

"What are you so worried about? You know I've done this before."

"What happened when you found out? How did you feel? What did you go through? How was labor?"

"Woah, Rose. Slow down. One question at a time. What do you wanna know first?"

"How did you find out?"

"I thought I had the flu. I was so sick all the time."

"So you got sick a lot?"

"I did. It wasn't morning sickness, it was all day sickness. It's a wonder I passed all my classes while I was pregnant. But you need to know that every pregnancy is different. I might have gotten sick last time, but maybe not the next."

"I can put up with it if I have to. I just want a baby so badly."

"Next question?"

"Labor, does it hurt?"

"As with the morning sickness, it depends on each person. I was in labor with Katie for fourteen hours. The next, who knows. People vary with each baby; it could be two hours or twenty hours."

"Oh God, twenty hours?"

"Deep breaths, Rose. It will be fine. Whatever you have to go through, you always have to look at the end picture. At the end, you will have a prefect little mix of you and Em. How could you not want to go through that?"

"Do you want that with Edward?"

"Honestly, yes. When it happens, it happens."

"So are you trying?"

"Nope, I'm on the shot."

"When were you thinking of doing it?"

"Maybe after EJ is eighteen months. Then they will be two years apart, like Katie and EJ are."

"So we could be pregnant at the same time?"

"Maybe. Would that be OK with you?"

"I'd love for my baby to have a cousin close in age." She looks at me anxiously. "Bella, can you keep this to yourself? I don't want to get Ali or Esme's hopes up. I don't know when it will happen."

"My lips are sealed. Do you mind if I tell Edward?"

"It doesn't bother me. Just tell him to keep it to himself," she whispers as Esme and Alice walk into the garden.

"Mrs. Cullen?" someone calls. We all turn our head in the direction of the voice.

"Which one?" Alice asks.

"Edward's wife?"

"Call me Bella," I say as I get up and turn to see her eyes widen at my name. I guess people don't realize this place is named after me. I turn back to my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law and look at them in question. "Did you know that Edward named this place after me?" They all smile, and nod in agreement. I turn and follow the person to get my nails done.

After I am polished, waxed, and my hair is done we finally head home for lunch. We all unload back at the apartment and head upstairs to see what damage the kids and men have done in our absence.

I am in utter shock to find the kids playing with toys on the living room floor, and the men all sitting on the couch playing video games. I roll my eyes at the sight. Men!

"So how did it go?" I ask out loud, making them jump in surprise.

"Fine," Edward answers.

"Did you get everything done you wanted?"

"Yep," he replies.

"Did you go overboard?"


"Am I only gonna get one word answers?"

"Maybe," he teases.

"Whatever. Do you guys all want lunch?"

"Sure, Bells. You know I'm always up for food," Em answers.

"I should be surprised, Em. But I'm not. I know you are always up for food since I seem to feed you daily," I snark back.

"Can you blame me? Your food kicks ass."

"Assssssss, asssssssss," EJ parrots.

I watch Rose storm across the room and smack him upside his head after hearing EJ repeat him. "Emmett! You have to learn to watch your mouth!" she yells as I run over and scoop EJ up and take him with me into the kitchen.

"Don't listen to your Uncle Em, baby boy. He has a potty mouth and doesn't know any better."

"Ma ma ma," he says as he pats his little hands on my cheeks.

I lean over and kiss his little chubby cheeks and coo, "That's right, baby boy, I'm your Mama."

I place him in his high chair, grab him some Cheerios and start to make lunch for everyone. I grab out a couple of Fuji apples and four cans of chicken breast to make chicken salad sandwiches. After the mix is done, I make an assembly line of plates with bread and mayo, placing a spoonful of chicken in the middle and spreading it around the bread, then putting the top on and put a handful of chips on each plate. I make Katie a PBJ and heat up a jar of noodle dinner for EJ.

I walk over to the doorway and yell for the group. "Lunch is ready!"

I open the fridge so everyone can grab a drink and head over to hand out the plates as people file in to get their food.

"Tank oo, Mama," Katie says as I hand her sandwich over, and she follows everyone into the dining room to eat.

"You grab our food; I will take the high chair into the dining room," Edward says as he leans over and kisses me.

"Thank you, baby."

I take our plates and drinks into the dining room as he follows with EJ. We all sit down and dig into our food. I give EJ a bite of his food in between mine so we both can eat.

After lunch we all just hang out for the rest of the day. Carlisle orders in dinner so I don't have to cook again for everyone, and we watch The Game Plan while we eat our pizza.

I fall into bed exhausted after the kids are bathed and put into bed. Not even awake enough to take advantage of my very sexy husband when he climbs into bed naked.

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