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~Previously on ILC~

The tears keep streaming down my face as he lightly kisses and caresses my stomach with the love he has for us shining through his bright blue eyes.

We fall asleep wrapped in each others arms, awaiting the time for brunch so we can tell everyone our joyous news.

~Ch 33~


The last week has flown by. Although, I don't know what's up with Bella and Rose. They have both been acting weird since last week. On Monday, I got the best early birthday present ever; Katie and EJ legally became mine. I have been grinning ever since. The term Daddy now has more meaning than ever.

I wake up the morning of my birthday to Katie and EJ climbing all over me giggling at me moaning and groaning at their weight all over me. I snatch EJ off of my side and do a double take at the front of his shirt.

I have a Secret!

I look over to see Katie wearing one that says the same thing. I look over to the doorway to find my wife with her hand over her mouth, trying to hide her laughter about something.

"Um, baby. What secret do the kids know?" I ask.

"They know about your birthday and Father's Day presents," she replies.

"Well, where are they?" I ask excitedly.

"Katie, turn around and show Daddy the back of your shirt."

I watch as Katie turns around so I can see the back.

I'm Going to be a Big Sister

Huh? "She already is a big sister, baby."

"I know. Turn EJ around now." She giggles.

I'm Going to be a Big Brother

Wait. What? I look over at Bella in shock.

"Does this mean what I think it means?" I watch her untie her robe to reveal she is wearing a shirt too.

Is it a girl...or a boy


Or Both?

"Please say you are being serious? I thought you were on the shot. How did this happen? What does X2 mean?" I ramble.

"I was on the shot, I don't know how this happened. Are you mad about it?" she asks meekly.

"What does X2 mean?"

"Open this and find out."

She hands me a box which I open to find a black and white picture in a frame.

"Why does this say, Baby A and Baby B?"

"Because we are having twins, Edward."

I gasp and cover my mouth in shock.


"Hence the X2 and both on my shirt. There are two sacs, so that can mean two of the same, or one of each. We can find out in a few months if you want to know. Please say you aren't mad about this?" she begs at the end.

"Mad? Why would I be mad you are having my babies?"

"Because we didn't plan this. Because we aren't ready for this. Because we are newlyweds. Because we already have two kids, and now to add two more. How are we going to have four kids, plus us in this apartment?" She starts to cry as the question comes out of her mouth.

I place the kids up on my pillow, climb out of bed and walk slowly over to her. I take her hand and pull her into my arms.

"Why would I be mad, baby? I am so happy right now. There is no better birthday and Father's Day present than knowing I am now the father of four."

"Where are we gonna live?" she wails. "This place is too small."

"Don't be mad, baby, but I have been researching houses. Do you wanna see the ones I think you will like?"

"I do, but it's EJ's birthday, your birthday, and Father's Day so we will have to do it later. Would you like some breakfast?"

I lead her to the bed and help her sit down.

"You aren't cooking."

"What? Why?"

"You are pregnant and need to rest. Now lay back and I will cook, or we can get dressed and go out. I don't want you on your feet too much, we will cut your hours down at work, I will hire a maid, and a nanny for the kids," I list off.

"Woah, woah, woah. Back it up, mister. I will not be cutting back on work, and I am very capable of working, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids myself. I do not, nor have I ever needed to be coddled while I was pregnant. I took a full course load at WSU and got straight A's. Don't you dare tell me I am not capable to do it this time too. You got it?" she says with a growl.

"I never said you weren't capable, Bella, I know how hard you work, for me, for us, for our family. I just don't want you to stress, stress can cause you to lose the babies. I want you to relax and not stress so you can cook our babies so they are healthy. You, these babies, and our other two are my life. Nothing, not even business, is more important that your health."

"I promise, I will ask for help if and when I need it. In the meantime, you need to back off and let me do as much as I can, while I can. I am not, nor have I ever been, an invalid. I can cook our babies, work, and still take care of my family. Do you got it?"

"Whatever you say, Bella. But one sign of stress, and I will put a stop to it. If the doctor says you need a break or to slow down, you will listen. Do you got it?" I repeat her words back to her.

"Fine," she huffs out. "Now what would you like to eat?"

"Would you mind if we go to IHOP?"

"Nope." She looks up at me with an evil looking smile on her beautiful face.

"What's that look for, baby?"

"Oh nothing. The kids and I have one more present for you, then you need to get dressed since we are all ready." She hands me one last box.

I open it to find a couple of tee shirts for me. I am Dad. How appropriate. I pull out the next and smile. Daddy to Bee X2. I place the I am Dad one back into the box and take the Daddy to Bee X2 one, grab some boxers and shorts and head for the bathroom to take a quick shower.

I dress quickly in the bathroom and head for the living room and my family. I stop and look at myself in the hallway mirror as I catch the reflection of my new tee. I'm gonna be a dad, again. Can my life get any better than this? I walk into the living room to find Bella with the kids by the door, with everything in her hands ready to go.

"What's in the bags, baby?"

"The dads' presents."

"What did we get them?"

"Shirts similar to yours, just grandpa instead of dad."

"Did we get something for EJ's birthday?"

"Uh oh. I was preoccupied and forgot," she says sheepishly.

"We can take him to pick something out himself then. No biggie." I shrug my shoulders as she opens the door.

I watch as Bella tries to stoop to pick up EJ to carry him to the car.

"Put him down and lead him by the hand. I don't want you to carry him, he's too heavy," I beg.

She huffs at me in anger, so I take Katie's hand and take the bags from her so she can lead EJ to the elevator easier. He has become better at walking when someone is holding one of his hands to keep his balance.

We load up the presents and kids and head for the restaurant. We arrive shortly after, park and head for food. Poor Katie is practically dragging me to the door to get food.

I groan as we enter and see the same damn hostess as last time is here. I hear my wife giggle behind me at my reaction to the whore.

"Welcome to IHOP, how many?" she asks, batting her eyelashes at me.

"Two adults, and two kids," I answer curtly.

"Wait, you didn't have that baby the last time you were here."

"How observant of you. These are my wife and my kids."

"But I thought you were singleeee," she whines.

"He mi Dadee. Ee hungy. Eet peaz," Katie adds from next to me.

"Whatever you want, princess. Let's get Mommy and EJ food too."


"As you can see, I am a happily married man and father. Now can you please take us to a table?"

"Whatever," she huffs.

We follow her to a booth and sit as she grabs a booster seat for Katie, and a high chair for EJ out of the corner.

She drops the menus on the table and says, "Your server will be right with you." Then turns and walks away with a huff.

Bella is still snickering under her breath as the hostess leaves. I turn toward her and give her a playful glare.

"Don't make me take you over my knee and spank you, wife." I growl at the look of lust that shows on her face.

"Oh look, the nothing's back. How in the hell did she trap him when she has two kids? It's beyond me," I hear whispered from next to me.

I look up to find the same waitress as last time as well. Can't we catch a fucking break?

"Don't you dare call my wife a nothing," I hiss at her. "She didn't trap me either. These are our kids, as in hers and mine. Now please go get me your manager. I am sick and tired of all the shit that the employees that work here put me and my family through. Now move!" I yell the last part to her.

Her eyes widen in shock as she scurries over to do my bidding. I look over to see my wife laughing at me.

"Did you want to come here to see me get all riled up?"

"Who me?" she asks, looking all sweet and innocent.

"Yes, you!"

"Nah, I wanted to come to see how stressed you could get from eating out, and me not cooking like I wanted."

"It's my birthday, Bella. I just wanted to take care of you and the kids. Especially now that you are pregnant."

"I'm a big girl, Edward. I can ask for help if I need it; I don't need you taking over when I am perfectly fine to do things right now."

"Point taken, and well made, my love."

"What can I do for you?" a man says from next to us.

I look over to see he's addressing Bella, as he looks her up and down.

"I swear to God, the next person who hits on me or my wife will get fired. I will call corporate if I have to do it too," I growl out.

"Oh please." He rolls his eyes at me. "We are a franchise, corporate can't do shit to me," he says smugly.

"Then I guess I will have to find out who owns it and buy it so I can fire your ass."

"Like you have that much money," he retorts.

I hold out my hand for him to shake. "Edward Cullen, CEO and owner of Cullen Advertising, and multi-millionaire. I sure as hell can buy this place if I wanted to."

I watch his face pale at my words. I hold on as long as I can to let my laughter go.

"Okay, maybe you can. Now why did you want to speak to me?"

"My wife and I were in here last month with our daughter, and were accosted by your hostess and that waitress. They did the same this time too. I don't appreciate being hit on especially when I am with my family out to have a nice day. Today's my and my son's birthday, and our first Father's Day together, and I didn't want my wife to have to cook. I want to have a nice breakfast and not have to worry about pathetic women throwing themselves at me and menial men hitting on my wife. Now can you do that, or do we need to leave and find somewhere we will be treated better?"

"How about I will take your order, and I won't hit on your wife again?"

"Ee ant pantakes, Dadee."

"You heard the princess, she wants pancakes," I order for her.

"And for the rest of you?" he asks.

"A scrambled egg and pancake for the birthday boy." I point to EJ. "My wife and I will have OJ and milk to drink, milk for the kids as well, then to eat; eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, and pancakes."

"You got it, anything else?"

I look over to Bella. She just shakes her head 'no'.

"We are good, just bring the drinks and food and we will be fine. Thanks."

We watch him walk away, and I sit back and take a deep breath.

"I guess I am not the only one who gets hit on here now, huh?" I tease her.

"Guess not, not like he's hot or anything," she blows me off.

"So you'd give him the time of day if he was?" I growl out.

She erupts into laughter at me.

"Jealous much, Edward?"

"Another point well made, baby. Now let's sit back and enjoy our breakfast before we head into the lion's den at my parents."

"The lion's den, huh? Should I be worried?"

"Nah, I think you will be attacked with hugs and kisses. By the way, do you know what's up with Rose? She's been acting weird too."

"You will have to ask her yourself. Now let's relax before I stress about telling the family. All right?"

The guy brings our drinks, and the food not much after the drinks. We all dig into our food, eating everything on our plates. I pay the bill and we head off to my parents with thoughts of what could possibly happen next.

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