There was a nice breeze blowing through the window of the skool classroom. It was very peaceful, despite the teacher up at the desk in front of the room ranting on and on about doom and how it eventually effect them someday whether it was through jobs or families. The classmates were conversing secretly through notes, or through texting, bored.

The only one that wasn't doing anything of the sort, slumped in his chair. He ran a gloved hand over his green face, a sharp contrast to rest of the class, staring at the clock. When would the day END! Ugh, 1 more hour...He mused to himself, stealing a look over to an empty desk at the farthest end of the front row. Heh...''..The Dib-human hasn't been here for an entire week...'' He muttered outloud to himself.

The green student, Zim, couldn't help but to wonder why his rival wasn't here for that duration. Usually the scythe-haired kid would running after him or stopping him, or even studying him. Anything to halt his conquer attempt over Earth. Hmm.. speaking of his plans, he had only done a couple this week, but they seemed a bit unsatisfying without Dib around, to stop him. ...He would never admit that though.

With another look at the clock, he groaned.

Dib groaned as the escape pod he had been using to get away from his captors had crashed to the ground. A few days ago he had been abducted by another alien race and while they were distracted he had gotten a chance to finally escape. He pushed the door open and got out of the escape pod. He looked around and made his way back to his house to get some things to go after Zim later.

Zim narrowed his eyes, wishing for the time go faster, but the hands on the clock wouldn't budge. ''..OH FOR THE LOVE OF IRK, TURN ALREADY!'' He yelled out, clearly getting everyone's attention at this point, as they turned their head easily towards them. Even the teacher stopped mid-lesson. He blinked, turning his head to look at everyone, and he chuckled a little nervously.

''..I AM NORMAL, so no need to stare~'' He said, getting odd looks from the teacher, who went on, assuming Zim would be quiet now. Without Dib, the outbursts throughout class were less frequent afterall. So within a couple of minutes, or even a few seconds, everything will quiet once more. The students nodded slowly, as if disbelieving that but not in the alien sense.

A few minutes later the bell rang and a few of the students got out of the class and went to their lockers to get their things and head home. It was nice and sunny out but not very hot, just warm. A few clouds were out but there was no sign of a rain cloud so far.

Zim waited, watching all the student going out of the room before he did. While they were, he cast another glance towards Dib's desk, narrowing his eyes. Eh, another day goes by... He forced his mind off Dib. It wasn't worth worrying over. With those thoughts, he hoped out of his seat, joining the mass of students out in the hallway. He kept to himself as he made his way out of the skool.

He paid no attention to the weather, it didn't matter to him on this planet. However.. he did find himself reminiscing about Irk's atmosphere though, as he studied the vibrant sky with its clouds. ''...Peh. Inferior Earthling sky..'' He told himself.

Keef ran up to him and smiled. "Hey Zim, weird how Dib hasn't been to school and yelling at you like he usually does." He said as he walked with the Irken. He put his hands in his pockets as he walked and looked around. He sighed, knowing Zim would yell at him in a few seconds, he was just trying to be friends with Zim but the Irken just turns him down every time.

Zim's eye twitched, as he was interrupted from his thoughts about his homeworld, as his mind acknowledged that voice. Not just any other voice, THAT voice. He clenched his teeth, glancing downward, meeting his lavander eyes with those annoying blue eyes. ...Keef. Again.

''..Yes.'' A quick answer.

Zim impatiently waved his hand at Keef in a slightly superior manner as well a shoo-ing way. ''...Go away Keef. Right noooooow!'' He yelled the last word at least, pointing off into a random direction, which happened to be the skool.

Keef rolled his eyes and sighed. "I was just trying to start a conversation with you." He sighed as he walked away, his smile left his face as he turned from Zim. He started to head home, leaving Zim alone.

Zim tch'ed as the orange-haired child walked away from him, going into the distance. ''...Zim needs no conversatiions time with you, FILTHY hummaaaan!'' Once again, the stares occurred. ''...Ehh... Though conversations are useful with my pig smelly earth teacher!'' He yelled out to the remaining students standing around, waiting for their parents. Acceptance once more.

Either I'm brilliant, or the students are too STOOPID. ...of course the former. He arrogantly thought.

The Irken Invader left his place on the skool steps, starting to go back to his house. He reached the suburbs without incident, and he passed right by the Membrane residence. A thought occurred to him. Hehe... he'd demand it out of the Dib-human's sister.. on the whereabouts of Dib. Flawless. Hey, all he could have known, the paranormal lover was designing a huge plan against him... like exposing him to the world. That exact thought from earlier made him stop in front of the door. A doorbell ring vibrated throughout the house.

Gaz groaned as her game was once again interrupted and sighed. She paused her game and got up from the couch and went to the door to open it, glaring at the Irken angrily. "What the hell do you want Zim?" She asked, crossing her arms and tapping her foot, she didn't have an ounce of fear in her stance, no...she was in fact fear. She could scare someone with just a glance and dig into their souls like it was nothing."I'm very busy and I really am not in the mood for anymore interruptions so get out what you want to say and then leave."

Zim didn't seem all that phased by her threatening presence, either that, or he was completely oblivious to it. He narrowed his eyes, pushing her out ofthe way, as he invited himself. His eyes studied the room carefully. No hidden Dib, ready to take his picture or holding up any autopsy equipment. Hmh...

''..Be quiet, Gaz-human, this is between me and Dib...'' He muttered, then turned to gaze at her. ''...Where is he anyways? PLANNING FOR ZIM'S DEMISE?'' He yelled nearly into her face but back off slightly, glancing back around the room now. ''...As if he could get me... A SUPERIOR being... An Irken Invader... An Irken ELITE...''

''..S..So where is he?'' He asked her darkly, nervous of the very possible outcome. Paranoia.

Gaz rolled her eyes. "I thought you had him, I haven't seen him all week and then he comes home talking about being abducted by aliens and about your stupid alien race." She told him and pointed to his room. "He's up there." She told him and went back to playing her game, small beeps could be heard coming from the device. Her eyes widened as she found the battery was getting low and went upstairs to her room to go charge it so she could continue playing. "Dib! Visitor!" She yelled before closing the door to her room.

Zim watched her leave, and he crossed his arms as he stood there. ...Out in the open. A brief worried expression crossed his face, as he hopped behind the couch, peeking out from behind it. He glanced towards the direction Gaz had went into, the stairs plain in his sight. He looked back and forth and made a dash to them, now jumping up every other step. Once he made the landing, he studied his surroundings. 4 doors... One had to have the Dib-human in them...

An Irken Invader waits for nothing, especially in a situation like this. He opened up each door, slamming them open. Nothing in the first, as he looked over every cervice and corner. He willed for some X-rays device to come over his eyes; it came out of his PAK in mere seconds. ...Nothing. It went back in, and he didn't bother shutting the door as he went to the next.


Dib rolled his eyes as he started to search through his closet for something, what the hell was Zim here for anyway? He sighed and pulled out a laser he had stolen from Zim's base on one of his break ins. "Stupid Irken..." he opened the door. "What the hell Zim?" He looked at the Irken with an angry expression.

Zim narrowed his eyes.

Dib.. He swiftly thought, his head around towards his rival.

''..SO! You finally com-'' Waitasecond... That was one of his own weapons, wasn't it!? The Dib had stollen it somehow? But how? He lunged forward slightly, letting his spider legs come out, making him appearing far taller than Dib. He leaned down, whacking Dib's hand, hoping it would be enough to get his filthy hands off Irken technology of all things... Eh, he'd worry about it later though...

''..I should be asking the same thing, you filthy being! Why haven't you been in class? Trying to find a WEAKNESS of the GREAT Irken Empire or something?! ...I know,, I KNOW, OH I KNOW.. Dib, you've revealed at the hands of Zim.''

"I was abducted by some aliens the other day and finally found my way home. Don't accuse me of shit Zim." Dib glared. "I've been trying to think of a way to escape that ship and finally get home." He said.

Zim blinked at the human, currently processing that statement within his mind. Pfft, that was complete Sloorg...

''..YOU LIEEEEEEE! You're clearly lying!'' He yelled.

He pushed Dib immediately out of the way, starting to throw things aside along with any books or technological stuff once he reached the boy's room. He heard a few cracks or something, but that did not matter to him. He needed to know what Dib was planning against him.. He didn't believe one word of that statement, so this was the alternative. Slightly wary around any clear bottles, he reached his hand over a group of the evil things into the boy's closet now.

"You want proof! Just down the road is the escape pod I crashed to Earth in! I don't have any plans to go against you at the moment so stop breaking things in my room!" Dib yelled. "God, your so annoying, get out of my house right now!" He grabbed the back of Zim's shirt and threw him out of the closet and out of his room. Closing the door behind him.

Zim oof'ed as he landed on the floor outside of Dib's room. ..Why that little...!He growled under his breath, standing up, fixing his hair feeling it a bit askew. He immediately brought his fists to the door, banging on it. ''..YOU DON'T DARE DO THAT TO AN IRKEN INVADER!'' YOOOOU FILTH! ..Why would I trust your words!? Huh!?''

He questioned, hearing a loud growl from down the hall. He didn't notice, but an angry Gaz stormed out of her room, approaching the alien.

"Shut up! I don't want to hear anything about your stupid race!" He yelled, staying in his room as Gaz came up behind Zim with an angry expression. "Your making it difficult for me to play my game Zim." She growled as she stood behind him. "Do you really want to die that badly?" She glared.

Zim cursed under his breath in Irken as he stared at Gaz for a few moments. With a simple look into her squinted eyes, he took a step back. Ngh... He turned his attention back to Dib's door. ''...Mark my words..Dib-human... if you decide to disturb my life.. I'll make sure you will live through a life without a head...'' He threatened, before turning on his heel and starting to walk downstairs.

Gaz glared at him wand watched as he went downstairs, not keeping her eyes off him till he went to the door and making sure he left. She looked back at Dib's door and grumbled angrily as she went back to her room to continue her game. "Stupid brother...stupid alien..."

Zim zoomed outside, now walking back to his own home. ''..Stupid Dib.. Stupid humanity!'' He yelled out to himself, which seemed to be frequent... He crossed his arms as he walked down the street, his house starting to come into view. Perhaps he should come up with some kind of plan for tomorrow...

Yeeees. Something to combat against the Dib. ..Though the human was more than likely telling the truth, due to his voice and due to the search Zim had done. He'd have to make a trip back to the skool over the night to pull stage 1 off though. With that thought, he grinned and slipped past the Gnomes into his home.