Chapter 5.

It may seem that the Shadow was currently in trouble, and at some point, she really was. She wasn't really that good in combat, she was good in quite good in shooting people, but she usually avoided a physical contact like this. There were only five henchment around her, and from the start, it looked quite positive, but she was already tired and it wasn't easy for her to watch them all. One of them, she managed to shoot with her toxin, but then the others reached her and she had to take out her daggers. She didn't want to do this, she didn't want to fight. So she was very grateful, when she heard Harley's voice again, just as one of the men wanted to strike.

"Are you guys crazy?" she screamed. "Did I tell you to attack her? No, I didn't! I actually told very specifically to help her out and leave! You better pray that I don't tell mr. J!" she said and they all started to back away.



I was safe and sound in my security room, my puddin' was gone doing his work here and I actually had a free time, all for myself, which I was quite enjoying, before I suddenly heard a sudden screames through on of the cameras. I looked over at the monitor and I saw the same group of men, that I sent to help Katie from her little problem, running towards her with clenched fists. She was standing there, with daggers prepared, but I knew she was no fighter. How could I be so stupid? I should have expected these stupid morons to do something like this. We invited her here, I invited her here among brutes and murderers, and I have to protect her. So I scremed on them, before anything could happen, and they stopped, backing from her in fear now. That was it. They fear me and mr. J, so now they will leave her alone. Perhaps I should make a little statement. Yes, definetely.



They were backing off now from me. "Sorry... we're sorry... miss." they said in a terrified voices. "Just go." I told them and they all ran away. "Thank you, Harley." I said when they were gone. "You saved me."

"It was, nothing, Katie, they will leave you alone now. Certainly they will after this." She were silent for a while and I heard some sounds there, before she spoke again and this time, I knew the whole asylum heard it. "Attention please, everyone! We have a special guest here, a little girl in black, she likes to call herself the Shadow. And she's the Joker's friend as well as mine, so you better treat her with respect, or else... remember that!" I smiled when I heard that. "You didn't have to do this, Harley. I don't think the Joker would like that you do things like this without him."

"Nonsence, Katie! My puddin' likes you, he told me. You don't have to worry about anything here. I just wish I could protect you against Batman as well.

"Don't worry." I smiled. "I am not scared of the Batman. Anyway, when I found the Scarecrow, he will have to worry about me. Still don't know where he is?" I asked her.

"Actually." she said cheerily. "Someone spotted the Scarecrow in the Medical Facility. You should go there. There are plenty of henchmen right now, if you would need any help." I smiled and then I remembered something. "Harley. Tell, me, what is going on here. I found some monster along the way. I don't like this, what is Joker's plan?" I asked and there was a silence on the other side, before she replied. "Sorry, Katie, I gotta go. Later."

I shook my head in disbelieve. What is she hiding? I got a feeling that I should find out, but right now I wanted to find a way out and then Jonathan. I went though a huge door and a wide corridor behind them, and I came to a huge hall. There, on the other side, I climbed on a balcony of some sort. There was a locked door and in front of them, I saw a wheeling chair with a dead body of Frank Boles. His mouth was painted green and his unscarred eye was rolled upwards, it was quite a creepy sight. It was sure Joker killed him, but I really wasn't going to mourn.

Suddenly, there was a static in my ear and I heard a familiar voice. "Oh, who do we have here? So, you made it to the island?"

"So, you know who I am, Edward?" I asked after a while. "There was never any shadow of doubt, Katherine." he said and smiled at that little word game. "Anyway, my little friend, I hope you weren't bothered by the Batman. For you're information, you are standing right on the same spot where my victory over him began just minutes ago. My little game with the Batman. Perhaps we should test your little shadowed mind as well."


"Could you find this secret, Katherine? Look aroud you, but be careful, don't cut cut yourself on this sharply observed portait." he said and I understood he just told me a riddle. I turned around to face the hall and went forward to the edge of the balcony. Portrait. Just then I looked left and on the wall I saw a huge portrait of Quincy Sharp. Sharply. I laughed. "Well, this portrait is certainly sharp enough, Edward." I said and I heard him laugh. "Well done, Katherine. You're as smart as the great detective. That really doesn't mean much, but I am sure you can do a lot more. Well, bye for now. Take care." he said and ended the transmision.

I jumped down and then I noticed an open door to the left. I went there, and I found another door that led me to a cave of some sort. After a while of crawling and climbing, I ended up outside, on a cliff high above the grounds, with a nice view on the Mansion. I suddenly remembered my old office. Maybe I should look in there, I told myself, but first, I had to get down. Unlike the Batman, I didn't have wings, so I had to jump down. Fortunately, my cloak acted similar to Batman's wings, of course I couldn't use it to fly, but it was enough to help me to slow the fall.

I breathed cold, fresh night air happily, and I almost screamed in excitement. I looked on the Mansion, but then I decided I have waited for too long already. I wanted to find the Scarecrow, so I set out to the left to the West, where I knew was the Medical Facility. But as I started to walk, I heard voices, and one of them called to me. One that I recognised. "Victor." I said and I smiled on him. He was standing in the front of a huge group of Joker's henchmen. They were looking at him with fear, never turning his back on him. It was amusing to watch. Zsasz smiled, it was the kind of smile you would propably not want to see, but I was already used to it. It was the smile he made he was happy. I suddenly looked at him more carefully and I saw a fresh marks on his forearm and his leg and I saw the bloody blade in his hand, the very blade I gave him earlier.

"So you already had your fun, hadn't you? That's fine. Where are you going, anyway?" I asked and looked at the clowns behind him.

"That's none of your business." one of them growled, but the other pushed him hard in the ribs. "Idiot, don't you see it? This is the Shadow Harley was talking about. She's gonna kill us if she heard ya." the man said and turned to me. "Sorry, lady, he's a stupid one. We're going to the Penitentiary, Joker wants us to clean it there."

I nodded. "Ok, have fun then. I was just heading to the Medical Facility, so I'll come with you for a while." I said and I walked away with them, standing right next to Zsasz. I have to say, that standing beside this fascinating killer was exciting for itself, but as I was thinking about right now, I realised that with the protection Harley gave me, I will have a chance to finally get in the famous Rogue Gallery, that I now have a chance to become a star like the others. For the man around me, it certainly was impressive enough that I could stand next to Zsasz without any fear.

I walked with them before we arrived to the Penitentiary. Then, as the men started to enter the door, I turned to Zsasz and smiled at him, before a leaned forward slightly and whispered: "Make some nice kill for me, friend." and I grinned on him, before I turned and went my way.



I stared behind her as she left. She was such a strange girl. Not only she acted without any fear when she was aroud me, she never seemed to mind what I did, what I needed to do, my mission on this world. The talk we had the other day, when she was still working here at the asylum. Maybe she really did understand, maybe she didn't have to be liberated. No, she was too diferent then the others to be a zombie. I was thinking about it every time I saw her, if I should kill her, but even if I actually decided to kill her, she somehow suprised me again. Perhaps it wasn't my destiny to kill her after all.