Author's Note: This is just my belief! This does not mean it's really real! This is what I think what happen…..

Drip drip, was the sound of the rain outside. It has been raining for quite a while. The whole day was such a rainy day. The streets where dark and cold, not only that it was raining really hard. Dave, Mike's friend was dancing to 'Moulin Rouge'. He claim that he only listens to hard rock music, however though he was hearing that. Mike and Dave where getting drunk and dancing and partying. Scott on the other hand, was watching them. Scott was supposed to watch Mike and Dave from their childish acts, not only that they were just stupid kids.

"Can I butter your muffin?" Mike rubbed some girl's butt. The girl slapped him. The place that Scott took them was a restaurant. They were not even listening to Scott, he however, did not seem to care much what they were doing. Scott had lots on his mind, and not about them two. "WOULD YOU TWO SHUT UP?!" Scott yelled at those two. "I can't think." The two seemed to not care and went back to what they were doing.

Just then Dave's mom came over. "I have come to pick up these two. Mike's going to stay a night at our house, so see you Scotti." Dave's mom said and rubbed the top of Scott's head. Scott then got up and left. He went outside and into his car. "Why did I have to babysit those idiots? They act like their 5 or something, or even younger."

Scott started to drive in his car. As he was driving going to the store he stopped at a store. He went inside. "And why does my own mom make me go get food for her, she could do it herself!" Scott went and got the food and went to go pay for it. On his way he saw a little girl and a mom. "Mom I don't want that ugly pink and white dress. Give me something black." The little girl said. "No, I don't like you wearing all black, it's ugly. So is dark purple. I want you to wear pink and white like most little girls should." The lady said. "I don't wanna look like a baby in school and get more made fun of." Then the lady and little girl walked off. Scott laughed a little. "Cute little girl." He said then he paid for his stuff.

He went out of the store and out in his car again. He then drove off. In his car he was hearing the song 'Rich Girl'. Then Scott saw an old man out of the road in front of his car. He quickly stopped the car. The old man fell to the ground and played dead. "Are you alright sir?" Scott asked. Then the old man opened his eyes. He smiled evilly. Then he pulled a gun out and shot him. The old man made sure he was dead, after that he put Scott back in his car and ran off.