Chapter 1 Chuckie Floop

Hi, my name is Chuckie Floop! I am 19 years old that still goes to school! Doesn't mean I'm an old man, and today I am going to win the contest because…. I Chuckie am the man of this town!

Hi I'm Chuckie Floop. Last week I was supposed to go to school, but I ditched it. Do to the fact I decided to play in the city why mom is at work. When I arrive in the city by getting there riding a taxi. I notice that same radio company was having a contest. I decided to do the contest. It was a joke at first Intel I won it somehow! I won a ticked to go to another contest called "Twisted Metal". I'm supposed to kill and destroy cars to win. If you win you get any wish you desire. When I win I want MONEY!

I was combing my hair back the way I like it. To the left side of my head. Today I felt like I was on top of the world! Lucky it was a Saturday for me! It's going to be the greatest thing in the history, of history. I'm going to win the contest of Twisted Metal.

I grabbed my white jacket and put it around me. Just the way I like it! I then put my shoes on and I was finally done. I went down my stairs and was running the fast as I can. I almost was at the bottom of my stairs Intel my mom stopped at the end of the stairs and was glaring at me. I stopped before I could trample her. She had her yellow sun flower dress on today with pink poke a dots. Her brown hair was pulled in a bun like a ballerina was. She even was holding her pad in her hands.

"Chuckie, what on Earth do you think you're going young man?" Asked my mother.

I froze. I didn't know what to tell her. It's like saying "Hey mom can I go out and kill people just to get one wish from a magic man?" But I couldn't! My mother won't let me off things easy. Last time I told her if I can pee on someone. She told me no. I was grounded for a month! My mom doesn't care if I'm in my last year in high school, and I'm 19! Do to the fact her Feld me.

"C…can I go to my friend's house to study?" I lied.

She razed one eye brow at me and stopped glaring. I just kept looking at her hoping she well let me out side.

"If I let you leave, you got to promise me you to eat my breakfast?" She said.

"Awwww, but mom. I got to be there at 9. It's 8:45." I said complaining.

"No but's young man. Go to the kitchen, and besides. It's your favorite this time. I cooked cinnamon rolls."

I ran into the kitchen with my mouth full of water. I loved cinnamon rolls! There my favorite thing in the whole wide world! My mom gave me plate full of them (Chuckie loves nothing but junk food). I quickly devoured them as fast as I can. Like they were going to leave me forever. My mom was smiling with a happy smile. I guessed that she liked me eating her cooking. I didn't care. I love my mommy!

I got done eating my delicious cinnamon rolls. My dad came in the kitchen with massy hair. I laughed because he looked like someone just pulled him out of hell. My dad looked at me strange.

"You can leave now, Chuckie darling." Said my mom as she kissed my check.

I begin to smile with a big smile on my face. My father was some reason smiling at me. As soon as I got my act together. I quickly left my house. I realized I had no car. You can't do the Twisted Metal test if you have no car. My dad came out of the house and stares at me. I looked at him back. Then I had an idea! How about if I asked my dad if I can borrow his corvette!

"Daddy, can I borrow your corvette? I want to make it to my friend's house. Last time I went there I almost lost a friend." I lied.

My daddy stares at me with a weird look on his face. I know he wasn't going to let me. I tore his other car last time. I was 13 at the time. I still remember that I almost ran over my mom with the sucker. The car was a piece of crap after I ran to a Belding with it.

"Why sure son. Don't forget to bring it back after you come back, and have fun." He said.

I couldn't believe those words. I was going too finally get another chance to ride one of daddy's other cars. After all. I was only 13 at the time. I didn't know better.

I hopped inside my father's corvette. I sit there like I was the man. My dad came over to me and hands me keys to his car. I put them in the key hole and the engine begins. My daddy moves back 3 feet. I drove off. I was getting there as fast as I can, the CHUCKIE WAY! I only had 3 minutes. I'm always late for everything.

I got there less than 2 minutes and I stopped my dad's car in front of these pretty girl's. One of them had black hair. Her hair looked long. The other one had blond hair. As long as the other one's hair. Another one had brownish orange hair in braids. The other one had these daisy dukes on and was looking right. Man I could see her legs! Her thighs where looking right to. Her hair was orange but people call it red.

The girls were laughing at me as I got out of the car. I walked over to them. They were staring at me. I was only looking at one of them.

"Hello. I'm Chuckie, girls." I said in love.

"Hi." They all said at the same time.

"So…. What's your name." Meaning only one girl.

"I'm Jamie; this one right here is Angel. The other girl's name is Miranda. The youngest her name is Krista." She said.

My eyes dropped to hear the last one's name. She was even looking at me to! Her adorable face was so cute! I wanted to rub on her but I didn't say anything at loud nor did anything.

I stared at her for about one more minute Intel some man on a big screen started to speak.

"Hello I'm Calypso, and this is my Twisted Metal contest. You all have to destroy each other's cars Intel there isn't anymore. I wish you all good luck. Now get into your cars." Calypso suggested.

Everyone got into their cars. I did to. I couldn't get that pretty girl out of my head. I just wanted for some reason is to get to know her. I wanted her to like me the way I liked her that way. I wanted her to kiss upon me or something.

As the other cars were driving around shooting each other. I was gawking that girl as she kept jumping on people's cars. She was turning me on so fast I didn't even think straight.

Some man with fire on his head stopped by my car.

"Hey dude. The contest started or did you forgot it did?" He laughed at me.

I looked at him. He just kept laughing at me. I looked back at Krista. I didn't feel like fighting with him. I just didn't really care.

"So did you forget your mind?" He said laughing again.

"Poopsie." I said still stalking.

The man didn't say anything else. He begins shooting my car. I looked back at him. He was giving me a dirty look. I drove off and hide into the Belding. I sat there looking down at myself getting hard.

A car came in and jumped on top of my car. It was KRISTA! She jumped down beside me. I looked at her with my face all red. She was smiling staring at me with those big beautiful eyes. She got out of her little car and gets into my car. I blushed even redder.

"Hi, I'm Krista Sparks." The young girl said.

"H-h..hi! I'm…..Chuckie…" I said in a nerves tone of voice.

She giggled at me with her eyes were closed.

"You funny. I like you." She said smiling even bigger.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"Heee he. I'm 15 years old. Why?" She asked.

I got harder then I turn my head looking the other way. What was I thinking? Getting hard from a 15? I for some reason I found her very attracted. But I wasn't going to tell her that.

"Ummm….. I ummmm….. " I couldn't finish what I was going to say.

Someone came in the Belding with us. Krista jumped back in her car and drove off. A man that looked like he was old came over by me.