A/N: Ok, new fic. This one is dedicated to the wonderful Bad Wolf Fiction, who said that if I wrote this fic, she'd write a sequel to Blast from the Past (check it out, it's awesome!). The title is taken from the Chameleon Circuit song 'The Sound of Drums' and this is set sometime in series 2.

"You don't have to come," Rose told the Doctor, watching him wander around the TARDIS console.

The Doctor looked up at his young companion, only just managing to hide his relief.

"No?" he asked, frowning.

"No," Rose confirmed, smiling slightly "I know how mad you'll get stayin' in my Mum's flat for the night! You stay here. Actually, why not go off for a while? As long as you're back here for lunchtime tomorrow,"

The Doctor stared at Rose as she swung her rucksack onto her back, not believing his luck.

"I'll see you tomorrow then, yeah?" Rose asked, opening the TARDIS doors.

"Yeah," the Doctor replied quickly, startled out of his staring "yeah, I'll see you tomorrow. Call if you need me back sooner,"

And with that, the TARDIS door swung shut and the Doctor was left alone.


A tall, brown-haired man dressed in jeans and a hoodie weaved his way through the London shoppers. The golden fob watch slipped in his sweaty palm, and yet again his thumb toyed with the little catch, wondering whether to open it. Although, it had never worked anyway, and he had no idea why he carried it. He hated London, had never enjoyed being there. But now, homeless, he'd figured that it was the best place for him- there must be hundreds of homeless people in London, and that in itself might offer him some protection. He had nothing of value to sell, except for the mysterious fob watch, but for some reason he could never bring himself to sell it. The man hurried across the road and, as he hurriedly dodged an oncoming taxi, his thumb pressed down on the fob watch. It flipped open and a golden light erupted from it, heading straight into the man's mouth. As he inhaled the golden gas, his eyes widened and swirled with red and clue, the screams of the deceased echoing in his ears…


"Watch where you're goin', mate!"

The man stumbled slightly as the angry Londoner yelled at him for bumping into him.

"Oh, shut it," the man sneered, stumbling off down the busy London street again.

Everything was clearer now, who he was, how he'd gotten here, the war, the Doctor, everything. The pounding in his head was still there, at the edge of his mind, but he didn't care. He had compiled his evidence, stolen some old technology (UNIT really did need to get better security than those stupid humans, he thought snidely) and all he had to do now was put his plan into action. All he cared about now was finding the Doctor. He could feel him, he was close. He could feel the TARDIS, and he knew that that meant he was close to finding the person he seeked. As he hurried through the London streets, the feeling of another Time Lord got stronger and stronger, almost overpowering his still-weak body. Eventually, he stumbled into a council estate- the Powell Estate, if the sign was anything to go by- and grinned. Oh, this was where he needed to be, where she was. If only he could find the apartment…And then he spotted it. Standing tall and blue in the middle of the courtyard. The Doctor's TARDIS. Ducking behind some bins, he hid and watched as a young blonde woman stepped out of the box and headed up to one of the nearby flats. As the TARDIS faded away, the man hurried across the courtyard, watching the woman knock on the door to one of the flats. A woman opened it and embraced her in a hug, the woman's mother he supposed, before ushering her inside. Flat number 48, Bucknall House.

"Got you," the man whispered, smirking.


It was several hours before the woman reappeared. She hurried through the courtyard, heading towards the cluster of shops on the edge of the estate. Stepping out of the shadows, he followed her. It was very nearly dark now, the orange glow of the streetlamps reflecting off his face and casting shadows across the concrete. The woman stopped suddenly, and looked round, staring right at him.

"Umm, can I help you, mate?" she asked uncertainly, keeping her distance.

"Oh, you certainly can!" he sneered, smirking.

The woman audibly gulped.

"Look, mate, you don't look like you're from around here so I suggest you go home, yeah? The guys on this estate, well, they're predatory, won't like you hangin' out on 'their estate'." The woman told him.

"Predatory, eh?" he asked, grinning and stepping closer to the woman "Like a wolf?"

The woman's eyes went wide at that and took several moments before answering.

"Yeah, I suppose," she admitted, fear creeping into her voice.

He looked her up and down a few times before speaking again.
"Oh, I can see why the Doctor picked you," he murmured, noticing the woman stiffening.

"Who are you?" she demanded "How do you know about the Doctor?"

"He and I are…acquaintances," he admitted, choosing his words carefully.

"He's not here," the woman told him quickly, beginning to back away again.

"Oh, I know. I watched him leave. It's not the Doctor I want. It's you, Rose Tyler," he announced, stepping closer and closer until Rose was backed against the wall, with no chance of escape.

Rose gasped at the mention of her name.

"How…How do you know me?" she asked.

"I'm a Time Lord, you stupid girl! It wasn't hard for me to track you down! You know, the Doctor's gotten lazy since he killed our people; didn't even bother erecting shields to stop me getting into his mind," he announced almost lazily.

"You…you can't be a Time Lord! The Doctor, he told me about the war, he said he was the last one, that he'd feel any other Time Lord…" Rose stuttered, not quite getting the words out properly.

He threw his head back, laughing loudly, although Rose struggled to see what was apparently so funny.

"Oh, you stupid, stupid ape! Like I said, the Doctor's gotten lazy. I put up mental shields in my mind, stopped him from detecting me. He wasn't looking for any other Time Lords and so he didn't feel me as I trampled through his precious mind! And I must say, Miss Tyler, some of the things you've done shocked even me; I never realised that humans were so stupid as to save your own father and believe it wouldn't alter time lines!"

Rose flinched at the mention of her father and the reapers. It wasn't an adventure she was particularly proud of.

"But Rose Tyler, you burned! Oh, how you burned! You burned with the whole of time and space inside of you, such raw, unharnessed power! You succeeded in doing something that even the Time Lords failed to do; when we looked into the time vortex, it was to be inspired, or run. But you, Rose Tyler, you became a goddess, a legend across the cosmos. There's something different about you, something special and unique. And you will be the one to help me bring the Doctor down," he said everything as if it was so obvious, that it was something everyone knew.

"Who are you? Why do you need me?" Rose asked quietly, pushing ineffectually at the man's chest, trying to push him away.

He ignored her first question, but seemed only too eager to answer her second.

"Because he loves you, Rose Tyler. That stupid, arrogant Doctor has gone and fallen in love with a human," he spat the last word out as if it were something found on the bottom of his shoe.

"He doesn't love me," Rose gasped out, her body still trapped between the brick wall and the man's body "we're just friends!"

Again, the man laughed, and Rose was beginning to question his sanity.

"Oh, but he does love you, Rose Tyler. He loves you so much that he'll do anything for you and he will always trust you. You are the Doctor's kryptonite."

"What the hell does that mean? What are you planning to do with me?" Rose asked, struggling against the man as he began to haul her away.

"You, Miss Tyler, are going to become my ultimate weapon. You shall help me destroy the Doctor!" he cackled.

"No, I won't!" Rose yelled suddenly, finally managing to wrench herself from this madman's grip "You can't turn me against the Doctor!"

The man turned on her with such fury, such fire in his eyes that Rose found herself frozen to the spot. He dug in his pocket and extracted something from his pocket, and Rose recognised it as a vortex manipulator. The man punched some co-ordinates in before gripping Rose's wrist so tight that she swore his fingernails were drawing blood.

"You will do as I say!" the man spat "I am your Master!"

And before Rose could reply, there was a flash of light and the Powell estate was quiet once more…

A/N 2: So, if you hadn't already guessed, any plotline to do with the Master in series 3 is ignored here. I was requested by Bad Wolf Fiction to write a fanfiction where the Master returns and intends to use Rose as a weapon against the Doctor :)