A/N: Last chapter of this story! So proud to have finished this, I've loved writing it. I may consider a sequel to this, with them working through the aftermath of Rose's captivity, but it will depend on demand.

Jackie sat by the side of her daughter's bed, watching her for any signs that she'd wake soon. It had been hours since they'd rescued her from that awful Master, and after allowing UNIT to deal with the body, the Doctor had helped them get an extremely disorientated Rose back to the TARDIS. Jackie remembered how her daughter had sobbed upon being led back into the strange ship, and the Doctor had explained that it was because Rose had been separated from it and had been unable to feel it in her mind during her time away. Of course, they were now back in Jackie's flat, but they had spent an hour or three in the TARDIS infirmary, where they realised the amount of abuse Rose had had to deal with in her time away. The Doctor had fixed up the injuries to her ribcage and dosed her up on pain relief before nudging them out of the TARDIS and leaving, insisting that he needed to give the Master a proper Time Lord funeral.

"I brought you some tea," Jack offered quietly, causing Jackie to look up.

The ex-Time Agent was standing near the door, evidently unsure whether he should leave Jackie alone or not.

"Thanks," Jackie replied tiredly, smiling weakly.

Jack smiled back, crossing the room to hand Jackie the mug of tea.

"Any change?" he asked softly, looking down at Rose.

"Nah," Jackie answered, sipping her tea "she's still not woken up. I'm glad, in a way, 'cause the Doctor's not back yet and I don't know what state she'll be in, but another part of me jus' wants her to wake up."

Jack squeezed the woman's shoulder gently.

"She will be ok, you know," Jack told her "Rose will make it through."

"I hope so," Jackie replied quietly.


The Doctor watched as the funeral pyre went up in flames. The smoke was thick, and almost obscured the Master's body from view. He knew he should be wearing his ceremonial robes, but the Doctor was very much aware of what the Master had done to Rose. His Rose. He decided that the Master didn't deserve a full Time Lord funeral, and that the funeral pyre would be sufficient. The Doctor sighed heavily as he wondered how Rose was doing. He hoped she hadn't woken up yet, he wanted to be there to reassure her, but at the same time he was terrified of what the experience would have done to her. He should probably be heading back soon, and the fire had nearly completely destroyed the Master's body now. Casting the funeral pyre one last baleful look, the Doctor turned and headed back to the TARDIS.


The Doctor barrelled into Jackie Tyler's flat, wide eyed.

"How is she? Has she woken up yet?" he asked as he burst into Rose's bedroom.

Jackie looked up and shook her head, while Jack watched the Time Lord over the top of a gossip magazine he was flicking through. The Doctor crossed to Rose's bedside, sitting on the side of the bed and grasping her hand. The three of them remained there like that for another three hours before Rose stirred. As she woke, she looked around her room in confusion, forgetting where she was for a few moments. But as it flooded back, she let out a sob of relief, and the Doctor wasted no time in pulling her in for a hug.

"I forgot you!" she exclaimed tearfully as she pulled away "I can't believe I just forgot you!"

"Well, you didn't forget me, exactly, the Master just replaced my face with his in your memories…" the Doctor trailed off as he realised that Rose had meant that she'd forgotten him, as in his looks, his smile, his personality.

Jackie simply shook her head at him and drew her daughter in for a hug while Jack squeezed her shoulder reassuringly.

"I'm so sorry, you guys!" Rose sobbed, smiling weakly.

"You, Rose Tyler, have nothing to be sorry for," the Doctor replied, grinning.

However, his smile slipped as Rose stiffened at his words.

"Don't call me tha'," Rose muttered, burying her face in her Mum's shoulder.

"Rose?" Jackie prompted, urging her daughter to sit up rather than bury her face in her shoulder.

"Rose, what's the matter?" Jack asked as the Doctor voiced a similar question.

Rose, however, wouldn't answer, staring resolutely at the ceiling instead. Tears were welling in her eyes.

"Rose, sweetheart, you need to tell us what's wrong so we can help you," Jackie prompted again gently.

"I don't want you callin' me tha'," Rose mumbled, meeting the Doctor's eyes.

The Doctor frowned, and thought back to what he'd said. And then it hit him. He'd said Rose Tyler.

"What did he do to you, Rose?" he asked quietly, gently "What did he do to make you scared of your own name?"

Rose swallowed nervously.

"It's more what he did after callin' me tha'." Rose admitted softly. Her hands were shaking. "He'd call me it, an' he'd sound so much like you. An' then he started with tha' mind altering thing, an' as he was talking about my travels with you, he kept callin' me it. Over, and over again."

By this point, Rose was sobbing.

"It hurt so much! Oh god, it hurt so much!" she whispered, sobbing.

"What is it?" Jackie demanded "What did 'e do to 'er?"

"Jack," the Doctor asked quietly "do you understand?"

"Yeah," Jack murmured, watching Rose carefully. She was like his little sister. Just thinking about what the Master had done to her made her feel sick.

"Ok, good. Jackie, can we talk outside for a minute?" the Doctor asked softly.

Jackie nodded and warily followed him to the hallway.

"It seems that the Master kept calling her 'Rose Tyler', in the same way I do, to hurt her. And now it seems that the way I say it, the way I use it, is associated with pain in Rose's mind. I have no doubt that the Master had that in mind when he began doing it. And now it seems that Rose immediately links it to the physical feeling of intense pain,"

"What do we do to stop it?" Jackie asked, already fearing the answer.

"We…We help her through it. There's nothing else we can do." The Doctor admitted softly, tears welling in his eyes.


Later that night, Jackie was asleep- finally reassured that her daughter was safe- and Jack had relocated his old bedroom on the TARDIS to spend the night in. Only the Doctor and Rose were awake, and were sat in Rose's room on the bed, talking.

"So what happens to us now?" Rose asked quietly, shyly.

"We stay here until you feel you've recovered enough to continue travelling," the Doctor replied "if you want to carry on travelling, of course,"

"And what about you?" Rose asked.

"I'll be here with you. I'll wait as long as you want me to," he answered sincerely.

"Are…Are you sure you're ok with that?" she asked nervously.

"Of course I'm sure! I've never been surer of anything in my life, Rose!" the Doctor told her, eyes wide and hands gesturing wildly.

Rose smiled slightly and stifled a giggle. The Doctor watched her carefully for a few moments.

"You know how I feel about you, right?" he asked her quietly.

Rose blushed and nodded.

"I guess you know how I felt too, seein' as you know what I allowed the Master to do when I thought he was you," Rose mumbled.

The Doctor nodded and kissed her on the forehead. He then eased her under the covers as he noticed her eyes beginning to droop.

"I do. Now sleep," the Doctor instructed softly.

"Don't wanna," Rose protested "I'll have nightmares,"

"No you won't. I'll be here to stop them," the Doctor assured her gently.

Then, against his better judgement, he spoke again.

"Rose, I l-"

Soft fingers pressed against his lips, silencing him.

"Not yet. Please, not yet," Rose begged sleepily, although fear was evident in her half-closed eyes "not with the memory of him sayin' it still in my mind."

"Yeah, sorry," the Doctor mumbled, holding back his tears "it can wait."

The Master had ruined everything. The Doctor couldn't even tell Rose how he felt about her without it bringing up memories.

"Soon though, yeah?" Rose continued tiredly "You can tell me soon. I'll be better then,"

He could tell she was almost asleep now, but she continued talking.

"What happens now, Doctor?"

"We work on getting you better," he told her softly "and when you're well enough, we'll make our own memories. Together."

Once he was sure that Rose was asleep, the Doctor finally allowed the tears to fall. They had a long road to recovery ahead of them.