Brisco leaned against the bar and watched the activity. He missed his woman and his friend. Dixie was back home in San Francisco and Bowler was working on something in Arizona. Now in the Texas town of Harmony Ridge, Brisco was surrounded by people and he still felt so alone. He wished he had indeed waited for Bowler to get back from his errand to go after this bounty.

"Hey, County," a man barked as he came from behind. "You turned in my brother last year. He was hanged a week later. You and I got some business to deal with."

"I don't know who you are," Brisco said. "But what he did, he did."

"Outside," the man said. "I am calling you out, pal. Either here or outside. Makes no difference to me."

Across town, Luke and Helen Larkin set their items onto the counter at the general store. Luke once again did not have enough money for what he needed.

"I got a watch," Luke said. "Take this."

"Sorry, Luke," the owner said. "I have more watches than I could ever sell right now." He noticed the gold locket on Helen. "That locket might sell well."

Luke looked at Helen. "Give it to me, honey," he said.

Helen grabbed it. "I can't do that," she said. "This was my mother's locket."

"We have to eat," Luke said.

"I can't do it," Helen argued. "I won't do it. It's all I have left of her."

Realizing what he had caused, the owner stammered. "Maybe I could sell one more watch," he said. "I'll take the watch, Luke."

Luke glared at him. "I ain't looking for charity!," he snapped. He turned back to Helen. "Gimme the locket," Luke demanded. When she again refused, he slapped her and snatched the locket from her neck and handed it to the owner. Upset, Helen ran out of the store.

In the street, Brisco and the man were facing off. Behind Brisco, a friend of the man had a rifle ready to shoot Brisco if needed.

The man drew, but Brisco was faster. He dropped the man easily. He then heard the click as the rifle jammed. Brisco turned around to shoot the rifle man. As he pulled the trigger, Helen ran across the road. Brisco's bullet struck her.

"No!," Brisco yelled as she dropped. He then proceeded to shoot the rifle man several times.

Brisco didn't know what to do. He had never killed an innocent person before and he felt awful. A crowd of people gathered as Luke cradled his wife's body and cried.

"What are you looking at?," Luke screamed at the people. "Go on!"

The sheriff shooed the people away. He then took Brisco's arm and pulled him aside.

"She ran out of nowhere," Brisco said, his voice still shaking.

"I've been told what happened by the witnesses," the sheriff said. "Just go get your horse and go on home."

Brisco looked back at Luke.

"Go on, mister," the sheriff said. "Go home. I'll deal with this. I know it ain't your fault. Go."

Brisco walked to Comet, mounted, and left town.