Sekaiichi Hastukoi X Katekyo Hitman Reborn

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[Note: When on phone the other person speaking would look like this "Sekaiichihastukoi"

(Takano Pov.)

It was already four in the morning when Takano woke up by a phone ringing; it was Ristu's phone. "Who would be calling Ristu at four in the morning? Takano look at the phone it said Froggy-Chan, who was this Froggy-chan? And why was he calling HIS Ristu in the morning." Thought Takano with a bit of annoyance but was soon interrupted when he felt Ristu waking up beside him.

"Huh?" Said Ristu with a bit of confusing until he realized he was naked, Takano braced himself to get yelled out when Ristu's phone rang again.

(Ristu Pov)

I had just woken up was about to yell at Takano when my phone rang, I stretch over to reach it, and realized it was Fran who was calling me, I haven't heard from Fran in a long time so I was a bit excited and nervous. I answered my phone while glaring at Takano and looking for my pants.

"Hello? Fran what wrong?" I asked since he usually doesn't call me unless something went wrong. "Hello Ristu, don't worry nothing is wrong, I actually have very good news. Murkuro-Sama is finally out of his imprisonment." Said Fran. I looked at my phone in shock, "Really! Froogggy~ this is the best news ever, So what's the plan then?" I asked Fran. "Well, currently Murkuo-Sama and I are going to fly to Japan so we might need a place to stay is your place fine?" Asked Fran with his monotone voice. I really must look weird to Takano since I was practically jumping up in down, Thanks god that I was wearing pants. "Don't worry Franny~ tell Murkuro-Sama that my home will be ready for you guys. "Thank you Ristu, I will tell Shissou that, Oh and your working Makurwa Publishing right? In the Shoujo Area?

"Yes, if you guys want to met me at my work then I will give you the keys to my apartment." I send with glee to Fran. "Mhm, that will great Ristu, I will see you soon then. Bye" said Fran and we both hanged up.

"So, who is Fran and Murkuro-Sama?" Said a voice behind me, I had forgotten that I was still with Takano and I am in his room half-naked but now I don't care. "Hmm, Fran and Murkuro-Sama are friends of mine. "So they will be staying with you?" asked Takano, I could tell he was upset by this but now I don't care.

"Yes, and I would appreciate it if you didn't come and attack me while they are here." I told Takano while I was putting on my shirt and getting ready to leave. "So if you excuse me I have to prepare my house for them" I told Takano when I felt him grab me and start kissing me again, I blushed and pushed him away and made a run for it while telling him I will see him at work.

End of Chapter 1~

I really don't know how good this is, since I haven't wrote a fanfiction in a long time..well I hope you liked It. See you next time, and guess what! Murkuro and Fran show up! :D and they totally beat up Yokazawa~ Well, in one of the later chapters :D

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