Yes, I'm redoing this ...again. There are a lot of improvements to be made to it and, honestly it would be cheating to try and make this my entry into nanowrimo. Besides, I'm on a strict work week so I probably wouldn't have had time for it anyway. So the premise is the same: Amy is the main character for this again (I know I set out to improve myself but this is my baby and Amy will be the main damn you!). The other characters are going to differ a bit from version 2.0, so hopefully this poor chimera won't be begging for death any time soon.

So with no further ado, this is Rose Moon version 2.5!


She was afraid.

That was all she understood at the time was that she was deeply afraid and there was nothing she or her parents were able to do to stop it. In fact looking at both of her parents she could see that they were just as deeply afraid as she was.

The young pink hedgehog dared herself to open her emerald green eyes. She was in a small room, about a ten by ten with a short ceiling. It was just enough where her father, all of four feet tall, could touch the ceiling with his hand stretched out halfway. The walls and ceiling were dirt with wood to hold everything upright. Behind her sat a queen sized bed: large enough for her and her parents sitting on either side of her. A large shelf stood to the left of her that held so many different jars and cans of food, in case they were stuck there for too long.

She prayed that wouldn't happen.

Suddenly an explosion rattled the poor little bunker. Dust swirled into the air, the jars rattle and the young hedgehog shut her eyes quickly again. She gave a small whimper, the strength of her iron will keeping her from sobbing all out. Relief only filled her when a warm set of arms wrapped themselves around the girl and pulled her into a gentle embrace. Her will slowly faded as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"How long do we have to be here mommy?" the girl asked.

The female hedgehog: a magenta beauty with sparkling hazel eyes looked to her husband: a slightly taller ivory hedgehog with deep green eyes and a tan muzzle.

"Once it's safe, Amy dear," the woman answered, "They'll tell us through our cellphones once it's safe to leave..."

Another explosion rattled the bunker again and the girl dove deeper into her mothers arms with a small shriek.

"How long?" Amy asked desperately, "When will it stop? I want to go home! I'm tired and scared."

Both hedgehogs looked helplessly down at their daughter. They were at a loss to explain the war going on around them. They had tried earlier that year when the Council of Acorn made the move to declare war on the Overlander, or human, nation. They had tried to explain to their daughter that the Overlanders just wanted more land and were willing to invade the Acorn Kingdom to do it. They tried to explain why they donated so much time and money to the war effort and why they had a bunker in their backyard. They tried to explain the bombs going off over their heads and why they were stuck in the bunker. Amy didn't understand, or want to understand. All she knew was that it was all unfair and she just wanted it to stop.

She felt her father's hand petting her head, "I'm not sure, Amy. But if you'd like, I can tell you a story to pass the time..."

Amy's ears perked up, "What...what kind of *sniff* story?"

Her mother gave a small smile, picking up on her husbands idea, "Would you like to hear the story of the Harvest Goddess?"

Amy slowly looked up, interested in spite of herself. It was her favorite story. But the way Amy always had it told was as though she was hearing it for the first time, "Who is she? What's her name?"

"No one knows," her father answered, "She keeps it to herself. As does her brother, the Harvest King."

Amy began removing herself from her mother's chest and settled herself to face her father on her mom's lap.

Her father scooted forward, getting into story telling mode, "Once upon a time, before there was our world there was a Harvest King and his sister the Harvest Goddess."

"Where did they come from?"

"No one really knows. All they know is that they came to this world and saw that it was dark and without nature."

"It was empty?"

"Very empty," her father answered, "The Harvest Goddess was concerned for this place and begged her brother's help to give it life. Her brother agreed, looking for entertainment and color. So they set out to give the world color and nature."

"What'd they do?" Amy asked excitedly, the rumbles above her suddenly much farther away.

"They grew the world together," her mother picked up from her father, "The King drew up the mountains and dug out the valleys and rivers. The Goddess grew the trees, the flowers, fruits and vegetables that we enjoy to this day."

"Were there animals?"

"Tons!" her father answered, "The Goddess made them for the King to enjoy and watch over."

"Of course they couldn't watch over it all by themselves," said her father, "So as a gift to his sister the King made the chao."

Amy's eyes grew, "Chao?"

"They're tiny fairies," her mother described, "They're invisible only to the purest hearts though. But for the people that can see them, they will grant a single wish in return for a favor."

Amy's eyes grew wide, "I wanna see one!"

Her father looked down lovingly at her, "Maybe someday. For now they are invisible and they work together with us and the overlanders to keep the world green and healthy."

Amy froze, "Even the overlanders?"

Their parents paused, realizing their mistake. It was hard enough explaining the war to Amy. They knew it would be near impossible to explain that the people destroying their homes were there on the orders of their new President, Dr. Julian Robotnik.

"The overlanders and mobians used to be friends," her father tried anyway, "But our ways and their ways grew very different. So we grew apart."

"So now they're just bullies." Amy said curtly with a pout on her face.

"That's what a lot of people think," her mother explained, "And there are a lot of overlanders that are, I'm sure. But they're not all bad. Most of them don't have much of a choice Amy."

"Why can't they just leave?" Amy demanded.

"Would you want to leave home?" her father chided, "Even if we made you do something that you didn't want to do? Where would you go? What would you do? It's not impossible to leave Amy, but sometimes the greatest evil is making someone believe that they have no choice."

Amy mulled this over, her pout remaining firmly on her face, "It's not fair."

"I know Amy dear," her mother sighed, "But life...can be hard. And we need to be able to roll with all the punches that it throws at us. That's why the Harvest Goddess and The King gave us all life: so we could live in the world they created."

Amy couldn't quite grasp what they were saying. After all she was only five. Still, she could feel the weight of what they were saying and knew that someday she would be able to make sense of it.

She gave a great yawn, "I'm sleepy."

Her parents gave each other a knowing smile. Her mother pulled her up, slowly allowing the feeling to flow back into her sleepy legs. Before Amy knew it she was tucked into bed and asleep...


The bombs exploded around him, yet he never flinched. He never turned to look away from the small bunker in the backyard of the hoglet. Not even as a bomb came hurtling at him. It exploded mere inches from his body, but the shock wave didn't move him even an inch. The flames simply curled around his form and he continued to wait for news.

He was tall for a mobian, almost five feet tall. He was a tan monkey with pale skin on his face, torso and hands. His eyes were a steely blue that seemed to gaze miles away, not just 20 yards below him. He stood on a cloud clutching a golden staff that was a foot taller than he was with a crystalline tip that made it seem more like a spear. He wore a golden band around his forehead for a crown with a small red gem on his forehead. The shoulder pads on his cape gleamed with gold as well, but the cape was a sky blue with a red vest underneath. He stood on his cloud waiting for what seemed like hours until finally a small ball of golden light came to him. The ball never uncurled, it never gained a corporeal form, it just floated there, as though waiting for permission.

"Well?" he asked.

"She is progressing, just as we had hoped," the ball of light answered, "She should be perfectly suited for the task once the time has come."

The monkey gave a short nod, "Excellent."

He turned to leave, but not before waving his hand over the home, "My sister may not see it yet, but she is starting to weaken. Once she is ready, the girl will be vital for saving her. I can only hope her progress continues as planned."

Station Square: 15 years later

Amy looked at her phone a second time...a third not two seconds later...

8:30 the phone blazed in front her deep green eyes.

A sigh escaped her pearl pink lips and she ran her hand through her pink shoulder-length hair. She was a pink hedgehog standing at just under 3 feet tall. Drained and stressed were only a few of the words she had to say about herself at the moment. Far more colorful ones came to mind as she then turned her gaze out the window. She lived in Station Square, a massive metropolis with a thousand things to do and a thousand people to cater to.

Not that she cared all that terribly about it.

"I've been at this for two hours and I still only have one paragraph," she thought to herself, "My professor's going to kill me..."

She looked at her phone that now blazed 8:32. She shook her head and pushed the paper away, "Forget it, he wanted it in old fashioned ink and paper he should have known it wouldn't get done on time."

"Liar..." a side of her argued, "You're just mad about Dexter..."

Amy's eyes instantly filled with tears. She looked down at her red dress with white lining, her go go boots of the same color scheme, anything else if only to keep her from thinking about her now ex-boyfried.

"It's been three months, I should be over this by now..." she thought to herself, "I mean, ya he was a great guy...a really great guy, but he..."

Suddenly there was a knock, "Amy? May I come in?" a male, lilting voice asked.

Amy instantly recognized it was her cousin. She wiped the tears from her eyes and sat up straight, "Come on in, Rob."

The door gently opened to reveal a teal hedgehog with the same bright green eyes as her. His boots, while made of heavy leather, made surprisingly light steps; a testament to his time in the war with the overlanders that had ended just a year ago. He wore a brown leather jacket although not much else. While it was the tail end of winter but it was beginning to feel warmer. He looked down at the lone paragraph on Amy's paper and gave a small wry smile.

"Still no visit from Lady Luck?" he asked.

Amy gave a matching grin, "Nothing. I'm just not going to bother. I don't think my grade should suffer too much from one paper."

Rob picked up the paper reading it over, "I'd believe you if you hadn't said that about the last three..."

Amy winced and looked back out the window, "It can't have been that many..."

Rob sighed, "Wasn't the point of taking winter classes to help you graduate faster?"

Amy shook her head, "Ya...I guess I'm just a little burnt out is all."

Rob frowned. She was right, but she was burnt out, but it wasn't fatigue. Rather it was a sense of "who-gives-a-fuck".

"Although to be fair her grades were never anything special," he thought, "And the only reason she went to that particular college was to be with Dexter..."

Ah Dexter. He'd met him many times before. He was a nice enough young man, a simple hedgehog with bright blue eyes, brown fur and a blond tuft of hair on top. He was quick witted and quite the gentleman. Amy was completely infatuated with him. Still he left. And once he left she became miserable. He would have been more than happy to pull a good old fashioned hunt on the bastard but Amy refused to tell him what had happened between the two of them. Without proper knowledge there is no proper judgement.

"Sure would make me feel better, however..." he thought to himself, "Especially considering this setting."

He put down the paper and looked around the room. He'd promised himself that he would do something to the room but since Mari-an had gotten pregnant there hadn't been much in the way of time to do anything about the pitiful thing. The walls were still a stark white and the bed was a simple twin sized spring mattress bed. Just off to the side of the bed was the small desk with a small pink laptop on it. There was one, small window in the room over both bed and desk. She was only supposed to be here until she could afford her own place. Still, she was going to school and he thought she was happy. He looked over at Amy and found she was still looking out the window, the most forlorn look on her face.

"Amy..." he asked suddenly, "Are you happy here?"

Amy winced and turned to Rob, "What do you mean?"

Rob pulled a flyer out of his jacket pocket and sat on the bed, "Are you happy with what you're doing here with your life? You don't have to be here, Amy. You are young and there are so many other opportunities for your life."

Amy's eyes widened, "No, Rob, I'm...I'm fine! I'm ok with school. English may not be my best work, but once spring semester starts I get to start my fashion courses."

" you really want to be in fashion?" Rob pressed, still holding the small flyer in his hands.

Amy paused for a moment before she sighed, "I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet, but maybe once I graduate..."

"In two years."

"...Yes in two years...then maybe I'll have a better idea of what I want to do with it."

Rob sighed again, "But are you happy Amy? If your burnt out you really think you'll be any better in the next two years?"

Amy thought for a moment before she shook her head, "No, not an option. I'm halfway there and it's way too late for me to just stop now."

"On top of that it means Dexter wins..." she thought bitterly to herself, "I will not let that happen...never!"

Rob gave one last heaving sigh, "Well, I know it's a bit early but maybe you should get some rest. But before you do..."

He finally handed the flyer to Amy. It was a colorful flyer featuring a sprawling town by the sea.

"Would you like to be a part of this community? Would you like to enjoy a peaceful and refreshing farm life? Really Rob, a farm?"

"Amy please consider it," Rob countered, "I know it seems like out of left field but trust me when I say that it would be a great place to start over. You know you're more than welcome to stay here if it makes you happy but Amy...I don't think you're very happy here. Mari-an's uncle, Wynmacher brought this over, they're looking for someone to look after this farm that's been abandoned."

Amy couldn't look at him anymore.

"I can't give up..." she thought, "I'm not going to give up. No way."

Rob simply stood and left the room, "Like I said Amy...please consider it?"

"I'll...look into it."

Rob nodded. He did the best he could. So he closed the door and went downstairs to be with his wife.

Meanwhile, Amy looked back at the flyer, "Knothole Village?"

She briefly considered looking up the town online but when a splitting yawn hit she decided against it. She quickly changed and readied herself for bed, all the while thinking about what Rob had said.

"Well, I know I'm not happy," she considered as she brushed her teeth, "But it's not like it's because I'm not happy with my life choice...right? It's just because of Dexter. After what happened between us I... I can't just stop now and give him the satisfaction!"

She gritted her teeth, "No. I just need to stick to it for another two years and I'll be done."

She turned off the lights and went to bed. Still, she considered the idea that maybe she wasn't really happy. Maybe she was really just...

She snuggled deeper into her covers, "Just suck it up and go to sleep. You have a long day tomorrow..."

Sleep came at an alarming pace. A flood of fatigue washed over her and she was swept into her dreams.

Amy looked around her campus, she was near the quad area, just outside the student affairs building.

"Amy, please, are you listening?"

She looked forward. It was this moment again. The moment Dexter dumped her.

"God, do I really have to keep reliving this moment?" she thought, "Do I really deserve this? I have to live through it during the day, can't I have some peace when I sleep!"

"...Look, Amy. I just wanted to let you know, ok?"

"Oh goody, so we're not past the whole, 'it's not me it's you' thing..." she thought.

"I understand," she responded.

Dexter sighed, "I'm not sure you do, Amy. I mean, I know you just followed me here, and..."

"I didn't follow you here," Amy responded, "I came here to study. You being here was a happy coincidence. Used to be a happy coincidence."

"Amy, I'm just..."

"Just nothing Dexter. I'm capable of being happy without you in my life. And I sure as hell don't need to you be happy here!"

"That's what I'm worried about Amy," he countered, "Will you be happy here?"

Amy could feel the same rage she felt before pour into her being. She was about to act on it, just as she had before, when something caught her eye.

It was a little chao. A small smile lit up her face despite the towering rage she was in. It seemed so random that an older object of her obsession would try to comfort her now. Still, she was grateful for it. When she was younger she delved deeply into the old fairy tales and myths to glean more information on the chao. She knew each type and alignment. Still she had never seen one in person and she remembered how devastated she had been when she discovered they weren't real. Even now, she hadn't completely given up on the idea that she could meet one.

"I can dream, right?" Amy thought to herself with a smirk, enjoying her own little pun.

Even as Dexter was lecturing at her from the background she closely examined the chao without moving. It was a brown normal type chao with big cute green eyes. It's rounded arms had black spots on the ends, where the hands and feet would be. It's wings were a matching black. Its floating dot sat just above its head.

And it was waving at her.

When the background noise was suddenly quiet she quickly remembered she was supposed to be listening to Dexter. She grudgingly turned and found he was gone already. In fact everyone around her was gone. It was just the chao waving at her.

"What the hell," Amy figured, "Let's follow the magical chao."

She followed it up the steps of the quad, around the building and towards the food court. They passed through the sitting area, the tables colored the blue and gold for the city college. The made a left towards the school garden, where the farming club had just started puting in the more hardy spring seeds. It was barren for now, a few sprigs of life popped up here and there, but nothing especially prominent yet. It was here that the chao stopped and plopped itself in the arms of a beautiful echidna who faced Amy.

She was a peach colored echidna, standing at 3 feet 2 inches. She had large, deep, loving blue eyes that seemed tired. Her dreadlocks fell halfway down her back behind her that held multicolored beads in them. At the moment the beads were in dulls shades of grey, blue and white. She wore a blue tank top that fell just above her stomach. On her forehead she wore a gold band that wrapped around her head and was inset with a blue jewel. She wore a matching gold necklace that hemmed the neckline of her tanktop with a similar blue jewel on it. Her skirt had a green X on a white background with orange mosaics around the X. Her sandles were white wrap style.

"I am...the Harvest Goddess," she spoke in a deep, soothing motherly voice, "I have come to ask for your...assistance."

She spoke as though she were tired. Immediately Amy looked around for someplace the woman could sit.

"Please, do not worry about me now," she smiled, "You have a good heart, although I feel your heart is not happy."

"Why does everyone keep saying that?" Amy asked, "I've been dumped. I'll live."

The Harvest Goddess stood back, "Forgive me, I did not mean to pry."

Amy instantly felt horrible, "Please, don't worry about it. I'm just...a little stress is all."

The Harvest Goddess nodded, "I understand... But I came here to ask you for help."

Amy raised an eyebrow, "Ok...what do you need me to do?"

"Take your cousins offer. Go to Knothole Village...I..."

The Harvest Goddess collapsed and Amy and the chao moved to comfort her.

"Are you ok?" Amy cried, "What happened?"

"Please, I'm loosing strength. Nicole will show you the way. I cannot save my land on my own..."

"I'll get you some help," Amy moved but the chao had grabbed her. Its surprising strength pulled her back to look down at the Goddess' pleading eyes.

"You are my help Amy Rose," she said, "Please're the only one...I can..."

The goddess, and the world around her suddenly faded around Amy and she was alone, in the darkness...

Amy's eyes fluttered open. There was light coming down from the window and it was hitting Amy square in the face.

So naturally it took her a few minutes to realize that the brown chao from her dream was sitting on her lap, staring at her blankly.

"Oh good, you're awake!" she exclaimed, "I'm Nicole."

Amy stared for a good half a minute before she let out a terrified screech and smacked the chao halfway across the room.

Suddenly thundering footsteps pounded closer to her room before Rob burst into the room.

"Amy! What's happened?" he exclaimed.

Amy looked around, trying to find the chao she had just hit. She looked this way and that but couldn't see anything. After another second of searching she gave a small shuddering sigh of relief.

"I think the sun was playing tricks on me," she smiled, "I thought I just saw a chao..."

Rob stared at her for a moment before he sighed, "Alright Amy, I'm going to be honest, you sound far more stressed out today than you were yesterday. If you won't consider the farm, then will you at least consider taking today off?"

Amy was about to protest but ran the thought through her head again. As much as she liked seeing the chao in her dream it wasn't natural for her to be seeing them at all. They only existed in the old stories about the Harvest Goddess. If she was having hallucinations, brief as they may have been it would be a good reason for why her paper was late. She could stay home, have a relaxing day then get back to dealing with English tomorrow.

"I think I'll do that," she answered.

Rob sighed in relief, "Good. Mari-an's making breakfast so it should be ready in about another half an going to be ok?"

"Ya, Rob, I'm fine I just need a little time to pull myself together..." she laughed nervously.

Rob shrugged and closed the door behind him.

Amy mirrored Rob's sigh and gently pulled the covers off of her, "What a crazy dream. Even that chao made it out."

"I didn't travel through your dreams you know."

She heard that same squeaking voice that had tried to introduce itself not moments before and she turned to face the desk, where the chao now stood, dusting itself off.

"Please don't scream," Nicole held out her hands as though begging, "I think that sent me flying more than your hit did. I've had such a long journey and I would be grateful if you didn't do it again before I had a chance to explain."

Amy shook her head, unconsciously taking Nicole's advice, "'re not real!"

Nicole sighed, "I am real. Not everyone can see me as you can though."

"Then how can I see you?" Amy asked, "Oh who am I kidding? You're a hallucination! I shouldn't be talking to you. I need to set up an appointment to the doctor. Did I hit my head last night? I had to have..."

"But the Harvest Goddess needs your help!" Nicole interrupted, "We all need your help! We can't get a hold of any of the other chao and the Harvest God refuses to answer! Please we need you to go to Knothole Village and..."

"I'm not taking advice from a hallucination or a dream or whatever you are."

"I'm a chao, now please you must..."

Amy refused to answer. Instead she got up out of bed and walked to her desk where her cell phone sat from last night. She dialed the doctor and began to make an appointment with the doctor to get her head examined. Nicole on the other hand, hung her head in defeat. Suddenly she spotted the bright pink laptop beside her. With no little effort on her part she lifted the laptop screen and waited for the laptop to power on. Once the screen was loaded up and Amy had gotten off of hold from the receptionist, she began typing out random letters and phrases. Mostly she was just stamping on the keyboard but words still appeared on the screen.

"Amy, I've brought your breakfast up.."

The door opened to reveal a beautiful red echidna, with long dreadlocks and beautiful purple eyes. She wore a simple green long-sleeved dress with a blue sweater on with matching blue socks. Suddenly she was staring at the computer screen. From her perspective, it sounded like Amy was making a doctors appointment while using some form of telepathy to type one thing over and over.

"Save the Harvest Goddess!"


After having a very long talk with both Mari-an and Rob, assuring them it was just a weird glitch on the computer and that everything was fine, Amy was left with her own sense of panic and relief all in one go.

"So you are real..." Amy murmured to Nicole, "I'm not going crazy then."

"Yes," Nicole sighed with relief, "But I guess it doesn't help that adults can't see me. It's not your fault."

"So how am I able to see you?" Amy asked, keeping her murmur low so Rob and Mari-an couldn't hear her.

"I'm not entirely sure," she answered honestly, "I think it may have something to do with your mission to help her."

Amy inwardly gasped as the gravity of the situation finally hit her, "So she's really do I help her?"

Nicole sighed, "I don't know. She just sent me with the dream. We have to go see her. As soon as possible."

Amy looked back at the flyer her cousin had given her. The Goddess had said something about taking the ranch. Suspicion suddenly washed over her as she showed it to Nicole, "Did she do this?"

Nicole shook her head, "No, I think that was the Mayor. Things have been really bad with the land there and the Goddess can't do anything about it. I believe the Mayor was hoping new blood could help. He was almost right anyway."

Amy's suspicious feelings doubled over, "And how long will it take to save the Harvest Goddess so she can save the land?"

Nicole fiddled with the pads of her hands, no longer looking Amy in the eye, "I'm not sure but she mentioned it would be a long time..."

Amy's eyes narrowed, "How long Nicole?"

"...Two seasons at least? Mostly likely a whole year..."


And so the adventure finally begins! I didn't change all that much from the first time, added a bit more about why Amy can see the chao, changed Finn out for Nicole and Nicole was replaced by Tikal as the Harvest Goddess. Seemed fitting anyway. One way or another, I hope this turns out better than the last time. I'll try to get more chapters on this out as soon as possible. Again, I'm on a 70 hour week, so more likely than not I won't be able to work on this as much as I should. Anyway, next chapter will come up soon, until then read and I review! I hope this turns out better!