All In The (Furuba) Family


* * * * *


All eyes in the room focussed on Shigure. He smirked and played with his fan. He had just suggested going on a 'family retreat' (though of course Tohru was invited) to one of the Sohma family's chalets for a week of the summer holidays. He had not expected their reaction to be quite so. extreme.

"Again?" Yuki asked doubtfully. Truth to tell, he was not looking forward to the upcoming 'family retreat' after what had happened during the last one. That they would go, was a certainty, but only after much protest on his part and Kyou's. Kyou's especially. He looked over to see how the Cat was taking it.

"No way! I'm not going on another holiday with you two perverts!" Kyou jumped up shouting and pointing. A vein popped in his forehead.

The two 'perverts', namely Shigure and Ayame merely smirked. Hatori sighed and sweatdropped.

"I've already settled it with Akito!" Shigure announced cheerfully. "He wanted to come along too-"

Yuki paled.

"But something else came up so he's staying here," Shigure finished.

Everyone else breathed sighs of relief, although Tohru looked decidedly guilty for harbouring such feelings.

Kyou took the opportunity of the brief moment of silence to storm out of the room. The door slammed shut behind him. Tohru looked after him worriedly and would have gone after him had Yuki, sitting beside her, placed a hand on her shoulder. She had to content herself with looking concerned.

Hatori frowned, "Is this another of your schemes to torment your publisher?"

Shigure faked a hurt look. "Ha-san, how can you say that? I just wanted to spend time with you and A-ya!" the look vanished to be replaced with laughter. "And of course Tohru-san and Kyou and Yuki!"

Hatori shook his head.

"Aww. 'Gure, I'm so touched." Ayame batted his eyelashes at Shigure.

The remaining two teenagers looked as though they did not know which way to look. Yuki had a 'see no evil, hear no evil' look on his face, and Tohru was looking. embarrassed and confused. Her face was red and she was blinking rapidly.

"Ne, Tohru-san, you will come, won't you?" Ayame smiled charismatically at her. Yuki was sorely tempted to bash him, older brother or not.

Tohru's face became even redder, if that was possible. "Demo. but we just went on holiday. I shouldn't." she stuttered.

Ayame's expression changed. He looked down at her with large shimmery eyes and mourned, "But the last time Tori-san wouldn't let me go."

"Don't manipulate her!" Yuki glared at his brother and the smiling Shigure. He suspected that the real reason they had invited her along too was so that there was someone to cook and clean.

Ayame ignored his brother and continued sadly, "And I really wanted to come with you people."

Completely falling for the act, Tohru hastily agreed to go. Ayame grinned happily and proceeded to try and glomp the girl. Try being the operative word, as no sooner had he taken a step forward than Yuki had thrown him out of the room. The shoji screen now had an Ayame sized hole in the middle of it.

Shigure stared mournfully at his screen. "I'm taking that out of your account."

Hatori only sighed and massaged his temples. His headache had just gotten worse.

Shigure turned towards Yuki, "But you're going right, Yuki?"

"Umm." Yuki tried in vain to think up of a plausible excuse. He knew that he would end up going, and so would Kyou. If only to keep Tohru safe from the two perverts otherwise known as his brother and the Dog. Knowing that protest would only lengthen the time he had to spend in their presence, he smartly chose to agree immediately, although very reluctantly. "Hai."

His reward was a huge smile from Tohru.

Ayame had by this time crawled back to the room and on hearing the news enthusiastically glomped his younger brother. He was promptly booted out again.

Shigure winced.

Hatori pretended not to notice anything amiss.

Tohru looked rather shocked.

Yuki walked out of the room.

* * * * *

Outside the house, Yuki felt like banging his head against the wall.

Another 'family retreat'. and after what happened during the last one, and the one before that. and in fact all the ones ever since Tohru had started living with them. In fact, he could not remember having such family events before she had come.

But the point was, that they had all been disastrous. Especially when his brother appeared. Nobody invited him, he just turned up. Even though Yuki (and Kyou) had taken great pains to not alert him to the fact. Yuki suspected that Shigure had something to do with that.

But for the sake of Tohru, he had to go. He just did not trust the Mabudachi trio with her. Or more accurately, Shigure and Ayame.

Rounding the corner, he heard a dull thudding sound. As if something was repeatedly hitting the wall.

It was Kyou. Banging his head against the wall.

The Cat glared at him. "Why did you let her agree to go?!"

Yuki took that to mean that Kyou had agreed as well. Which meant that either they had cornered him outside or he had gone back in. He shrugged, "I couldn't do anything. She agreed herself. Why are you blaming me?"

Kyou glared back at him, snorted and walked off.

Yuki noticed that the wall had a slight dent.

* * * * *

Hatori tried to ward off his splitting headache as Shigure and Ayame flirted outrageously with each other. As far as he could tell, Ayame had just decided to stay the night at Shigure's place and promised. not to let the Dog sleep the whole night.

"Don't you two get sick of this?"

They ignored his question. Or rather, their next actions were answer enough.

Hatori was glad that Kyou, Yuki and Tohru were no where in sight.

"Ne, Ha-san. why don't you stay too?" Shigure asked, leaning over.

Hatori stood up abruptly, knocking the Dog's hand away, "I have to go now."

With that, the doctor walked out of the house without so much as a backward glance. The Dog and the Snake watched him go silently.


* * * * *

Author's notes: The idea just planted itself into my head and refused to get lost. I actually have other stuff to write! *wails* Oh well. I'm trying to make it humorous, but. As for in character, this is ning you're talking about. I try, but I think the characters are all OOC. Anyway, please tell me what you think about it! If you like it I'll continue.