All In The (Furuba) Family

Chapter Three

* * * * *

"Wait a moment."

All the people in the cramped into the hallway of Shigure's
house stopped and turned to look at the owner of the voice.
Five pairs of eyes turned to look at Kyou questioningly and with
more than a hint of impatience. Shigure's hallway was small
especially with the bags and assorted luggage cluttering it.
Most of which belonged to either Ayame or Shigure. Both seemed
to have brought their entire house along.

"What, baka neko?" Yuki sighed as he threw Kyou an annoyed
glared. He was naturally (and quite justifiably in his own
opinion) in a bad mood. It was only eight thirty in the morning
but he had already "saved" Tohru from Ayame's evil clutches
twice, fought with Kyou once (over breakfast) and been subjected
to yet another of his brother's crazy demands. This time Ayame
wanted his younger brother to carry his luggage for him.

Yuki snorted privately at that thought. If his brother wanted a
servant so much he could just go and hire one himself. Goodness
knew the Souma clan were far from unable to afford it.

In short it was a very bad start to his day. And considering he
lived with a hot-tempered cat and a perverted dog, Yuki had seen
a great many of those. But today was beginning to far exceed
all of them. except perhaps that time with Kagura.

Yuki was beginning to understand why Hatori always carried a
bottle of aspirin with him.

Meanwhile whilst Yuki had been absorbed in his self-
contemplation, four pairs of eyes were still staring at Kyou
with a little bit more impatience and a lot more annoyance.

Kyou bristled at his "nickname" but let it pass. He had more
important things to worry about. "There are too many of us to
fit into Hatori's car."

Five pairs of eyes blinked back at him. Kyou watched as five
pairs of eyes filled with growing horror as their owners
realised the implication of that bland statement.


". that means that we'll have to."

"Go in two cars," Momiji finished seriously. An unusually grim
expression replaced his usual cheerful genki-ness. Like
everyone else present his thoughts were running along one
particular direction.

Who was going to drive the other car?

Before anyone could actually voice an answer to the question in
everyone else's minds, the (repaired) shoji door was flung open
with enough force to rattle the frame and a very happy Shigure
practically bounced into the room followed by an equally happy
Ayame. All eyes turned to look at them.

Tohru beamed at both of them, "Good morning Shigure-san! Ayame-

The other four teenagers were staring at the object dangling
from Shigure's hand with a mounting sense of dread.

Please. please. no. Yuki thought fervently. Hatsuharu glanced
at him in concern. This holiday was turning into a really bad
idea. and they weren't even there yet.

Shigure was holding a set of car keys. Perhaps sensing
everyone's intent gaze focussed on the object in his hand, the
Dog smirked evilly before beaming at everyone and announcing
happily, "I'm driving today! The car's waiting outside already
so hurry up!"

Tohru looked at him questioningly, "I didn't know Shigure-san
had a driver's license."

"Of course I do!" the man in question replied breezily, ignoring
the many disbelieving snorts and other noises (like gagging)
coming from various corners of the room.

"LIKE HELL YOU DO!!!" Kyou yelled loudly, his face a lurid shade
of red that clashed (or matched depending on how you looked at
it) his bright orange hair.

"Ohohoho. Kyou-kun, go wash your mouth with soap!" a scandalised
expression appeared on Shigure's face as he tapped Kyou on the
head rather painfully with the end of his fan.

Before Kyou could take offence at the Dog's words (and another
hole appear in the shoji screen), Hatori stepped through the
open doorway casting an inscrutable look at everyone. His eyes
took in Kyou standing a few inches from Shigure clearly fuming
and all but ready to throw the Dog out of the house, most likely
through the shortest route possible, i.e. through the paper
walls, and sighed. His headache was returning with a vengeance.

But all Hatori said was "Is everyone ready? Ritsu and Kagura
are already waiting in the car."

". Ritsu-san?" Tohru's eyes widened slightly. She promptly
turned red and chastised herself for her uncharitable thoughts
of not wanting Ritsu along. The Monkey was, after all a Souma.
He was just a bit. overexcited.

". and Kagura?" an uncertain expression almost akin to fear
crossed Kyou's face. Almost unconsciously he started casting
furtive glances around him as if the girl would just pop up out
of thin air. Or perhaps he was looking for a suitable escape

Yuki sighed. This was certainly going to be an interesting
vacation if nothing else.

"Well! Are we going to stand here all day or can we get
moving?" Shigure grinned at everyone, seemingly unconcerned with
the fact that no one (but Ayame) shared his enthusiasm. The
opposite was much truer. "They're going to get sick of waiting
in the car."

As if on cue, a loud wailing could be heard from outside.
Though distinctly muffled, all the people in the house could
make out the words "gomen nasai" repeated over and over again.

They winced.

Wordlessly everyone picked up their respective belongings and
made their way out of the house. Due to the sheer amount of
Shigure's baggage he had to make several trips and was the last
person to leave the house. Glancing around to make sure no one
was paying any attention to him, Shigure drew a piece of paper
from the folds of his kimono and stuck it onto the door before
locking it.

The words "On Holiday!" were cheerfully printed across the sheet
followed by a large smiley face. Shigure grinned.

He turned back and rejoined the others where they were gathered
around two identical cars.

* * * * *

"Okay, who is sitting where?" Hatori asked as he surveyed the
group. He noted that all of them with the exception of Ayame
were huddled in a small group next to his car. He had just
known it would come to this. Letting Shigure drive was already
proving to be a bad solution.

"Uhh. I'm sure we can all fit in here, Hatori-san!" poor Tohru
tried to sound as cheerful as possible. She wasn't sure why no
one wanted to sit in the other car, but was sure Souma-kun and
Kyou-kun not to mention Momiji and the others had a very good
reason. So she followed them.

Next to her, Momiji nodded vigorously at her words. "We can use
Shigure's car for the luggage."

Hatori shook his head and made a mental note to charter a bus
the next time. If there was a next time. "All right. Let's
draw straws to decide."

Hatori noticed Yuki looking at him rather strangely but ignored
it. He personally didn't care what way they used as long as
they could actually get going. Then he wouldn't have to deal
with Shigure and Ayame for a few blessed hours. Maybe letting
Shigure drive wasn't such a bad thing. After the initial
hurdles of course.

* * * * *

Author's notes: After abandoning this to the fic dump for months
I've unearthed it and added another chapter. Somehow feel this
chapter isn't as hyper but it was written in about half an hour
literally in the middle of the night. And the style is probably
very different too due to the long time lapse.

Are these people ever going to go on vacation? *snickers*
Eventually. Their dysfunctionality is just slowing them down at
the moment. But they're about to set off. ^______^ I'm beginning
to feel sorry for the long-suffering ones like Hatori and Yuki.
And Kyou seems rather OOC and Shigure too hyper. @_@ Ororo. in
character-ness is just not my strong point.