Set after the season finale of S2. The 'Megan' i'm describing here is a lot different than the 'Megan' that we know. So if you're thinking along the way,"Megan wouldn't do that" or something, I had a different 'Megan' in mind when I wrote this. But don't you worry, she'll be back. Oh, please catch my mistakes so I can correct them. :)

"Mom?" Lacey called. "It's really late. Maybe you should wake up and eat a bit?"

Megan peeked under the pillow covering her face and saw her daughter flash her a concerned smile. Megan threw the pillow to the side and propped her self up with her elbows. She forced a smile back at Lacey.

"I'll be there sweetie."

Megan looked at the ceiling and shook her head slightly. Ever since Peter's death, she has been inconsolable. If it weren't for me, she thought, Peter would be alive still. Now, that's two deaths on her hands. Peter's last words only made it harder to live through this.

"I love you, Megan. I love y-"

He didn't get to finish that sentence. He was already dead. She hugged Peter closed to her when she felt his pulse went out. The paramedics, police and her coworkers came and she just held Peter in her arms. If it weren't for Kate, she wouldn't have let go. She didn't want to let go. She didn't get to tell Peter that she loved him back, it was too late.

Megan couldn't remember much of what happened after. She was in a daze of shock, anger and just seemed to fast track to Peter's funeral. She stood far behind the mourners, trying hard not to cry. She didn't want to come closer although Kate asked her to. Her boss suggested that she should say goodbye to Peter for the last time but she couldn't. She couldn't see Peter lying down on that coffin. She has seen tons of people dead,
lying on a slab but this was Peter.

She loved Peter.

She now regrets that she ever was afraid of what would happen between them if she said what she felt, of what comes after their 'thing'. Ever since they were stuck together, she knew Peter was special. This feeling grew as their friendship did. She was tempted to say it once but that fear kicked in and built more walls than there already were. When Peter and Dani went out, it absolutely killed her. But she just thought that it would be better than for her
already bubbling feelings to overflow. How completely foolish of me, she thought.

After Peter's funeral, she took time off of work. Everyone understood that she needed time to process everything that has happened. For days on end, Megan would think of the events that transpired on a loop. She would relieve every moment and thought of endless 'what if's'. It kept her up late at night and destroyed her appetite. Lacey never left her side when she saw that her mom isn't herself. She has been by her side, holding it together for the both of them. Todd was less than understanding with this arrangement, knowing that it's a lot to put on her 14 year old daughter, but Lacey was firm that she wanted to do this. Lacey can see that her Mother needed her.

"I ordered in, Mom. I know Chinese is not your favorite but I -" Lacey was interrupted by her mother hugging her. Lacey looked up and smiled. Almost relieved that her mother actually got out of bed this time.

"Thanks, Lace. Chinese is okay. Can you set the table?" Megan said as she made her way to the counter. Lacey looked at her and nodded while smiling. She started setting the table wholeheartedly. This is the first time her mom ever wanted to eat at the table since the incident. After a couple seconds of happiness, Lacey thought of asking her Mom something. She knew it might be too early but she dove in anyway.

"Mom, are.." The little girl hesistated at first, knowing how her mother hated this question. "Are you.. okay now?"

Megan stopped what she was doing. She hated that question. She knows it's out of love that people ask her this but she never quite got how to answer this where every party wins, especially now. She couldn't ever get mad at Lacey however. Not after what she went through the past few days. She faced the little girl.

"I don't know, Lace."

Lacey looked back at her, concern on her eyes present again. Megan started to gather something that would make the little girl at ease.

"But i'm trying to be." Megan smiled genuinely. "Let's eat."

Lacey smiled then went back to the finishing the table. Megan finished transferring the food onto plates and called Lacey for some help. They started eating after everything and them has settled. Halfway through, Lacey broke the ice.

"Mom, Dad will be picking me up later for school tomorrow but if you want me to stay, i'll stay."

Megan appreciated that Lacey will still stick by her side even though she appeared okay. She loved that even though their relationship has been rocky at best, she was still there when she needed her the most. However, she needed some time alone and Lacey needed her life back.

"I'm fine, Lacey. You need to be at school. I can take care of myself." Megan said after chewing a piece of pork. Lacey just nodded and didn't prod. "What time is your father picking you up?"

"I think in 2 hours."

Megan nodded. She asked because she didn't want to face Todd. She didn't look like her prestine self after days of sleeping in and being to withdrawn to care. She definitely didn't need the look that she knows Todd will give her after he sees her at this state.

"Okay then." Megan sighed then smiled at Lacey. They continued eating until the door bell rang. Megan was immediately annoyed that Todd was early again.

"Lacey, can you please answer the door?" Megan said as she rubbed her forehead. She wanted to say more about Todd's inability to respect a set time but she knew Lacey wouldn't appreciate it. She kept her mouth shut and focused on her food. Lacey went to the door. She heard a familiar voice but it wasn't Todd's. It was..

"Dr. Gross?"