Megan was suprised then alarmed that Ethan was at her doorstep. What the hell is he doing here? Megan specifically asked to have some distance from everything that could remind him of Peter. Does he have some kind of death wish or something?

"Hi, Lacey. How are you?" Said Ethan, flashing her a big smile with a hint of nervousness.

"I'm okay, Dr. Gross. Are you here for my mom?"

She saw Ethan gulped. He was also obviously sweating. Ethan slowly nodded. Lacey was for a moment confused if she should let Ethan in. She knows that her Mom doesn't want to see anyone. She put up one finger and said, "One second". She closed the door again and went to the kitchen.

"Mom, do you want to entertain?"

Megan was glad Lacey closed the door again, although it was rude. She looked at her self while Lacey and Ethan were talking and saw a mess. She also apparently smelled. Megan took a deep breath, "Do I have a choice?" then rolled her eyes. "Let Ethan in after I go into my room and ask him to eat or

Megan stood up and went to her room as Lacey did what she was told. While in there, she quickly rummaged through her closet to find something decent to wear. She should atleast seem like herself although she's quite far from it still. She heard Ethan footsteps as she settled into a gray pencil skirt and a cream sweater. She spritzed some cologne and looked in a mirror. She looked a little bit like herself now. That was good enough. She walked to her door and stopped before turning the knob. She took a deep breath.

"Ethan." She caught Ethan looking at the picture frames in the side table. Ethan looked at her and stood up while slightly twitching. "What are you doing here?"

"Mega- Dr... Uh.. Dr. Hunt." Ethan took a deep breath. "Hi, Dr. Hunt."

Megan's face didn't change and that scared Ethan more. She looked at Lacey, who was cleaning the table. "Lacey, honey, can you go to room? I'll take care of the table." Lacey put down the plate and slowly made her way to her room. When she passed Ethan, he whispered, "Lacey, don't, I need a
witness!" with which Megan answered with her death stare. Ethan gulped again and started tweedling his thumbs.

"What are you doing here Ethan?"

Ethan took a deep breath. "It's good to see you looking up and about, Dr. Hunt."

Megan still wasn't phased with the pleasantries and since Ethan clearly wasn't answering her question, she asked slowly. "What.. are.. you.. doing.. here.., Ethan?" She crossed her arms, he's not getting anything from her unless he speaks first.

"Dr. Hunt, I came here because I thought you... uh. Uh, we wanted to see how you are doing. We've been worried."

Megan felt anger rise up on her chest, not this again. "Worried?"

"Yes, we are. I know you said don't come to you but, I thought you needed a friend. We're all here for you, whatever you need. You just-"

Megan raised her hands as if she was performing a magic trick to make Ethan disappear." Okay, Ethan, stop. I'm fine. I appreciate the gesture but you need to le-" Megan was thrown off with Ethan shaking his head. She crossed her arms again.

"You're not fine."

"Are you telling me how to feel now? I'm fine. Why wouldn't I b-"

"Because we're not!" Ethan seethed. "We lost Peter too, Megan. We're having a hard time and I'm sure you are too. I just-"

"Enough, Ethan." She couldn't take more of this pity party. She knew they couldn't do anything to make her a bit feel okay. She has never been able to get over Marianne's death and she's for sure would never get over Peter's. She didn't need to hear another more crack at trying to understand how she feels, she knows how she feels and nothing they do can ever make that go away. Ethan finally gave up and understood.

"I think it would be best if you go now." Ethan attempted to smile at her and walked out of the room and out of her apartment. Megan finished cleaning up the table.

Todd was right on time. Lacey gathered her things when she got a text from her father saying that he's 5 minutes away from the house. Before she left, she hugged her mother tightly. She felt wrong leaving her mother but she had to obey her orders. She walked to the other side of the road and waited for her father there.

Megan closed the door and stood there for a while. After, she went to the kitchen and poured wine on a glass and watched the weather channel for hours. This would go on until she fells asleep on the couch. The bedroom, if she has energy left to drag herself to it. She would be awakened by Lacey and the cycle repeats all over again. She knew what she was doing was absolutely ridiculous. She knew that her old self would never do this. But these are the only things she could do with what little energy she had. She couldn't bring herself to being the old her because the old her had Peter in it.

At about 05:00 pm, Megan stood up. She needed to change into more comfortable clothes. When she looked at her closet, she found nothing else to wear. Seriously?

Megan went to the laundry room and saw a huge pile of clothes. She looked at it and contemplated if she could just wear something again. Some of the clothes had stains in them so she had no choice but to wash them. She started with separating the whites and the colored. She was almost in the end of the bin when she saw a familiar leopard print blouse. A leopard blouse that had blood in it. Everything came back. A wave of emotions was felt, hitting her all at once. The wind was knocked out of her so she held on to the counter as she crumbled to the floor. She started to shake as the tears started to flow.

"Peter..." she uttered.

She sat on the floor for what seemed like hours, crying over Peter's death.

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