I stood outside Anubis House. So, this is where I'd be staying. I walked through the big brown double doors to be greeted by a hallway that looked like it was from an educational film you watch in History. My name's James, I'm 13 and have dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Any cute girls out there give me a call. "So that's why Tulisa was totally the style queen in last year's X Factor..." said a tall blonde walking down the stairs next to a brunette. "Great theory Amber." said a brunette, who looked like she had no interest whatsoever in the conversation.

"Hi, I'm James and I'm supposed to be staying here." I caught the girls attention. "Hi James, I'm Nina and this is Amber." explained the brunette. She was American, I could tell by her accent. "How old are you James?" asked the blonde, who I now knew was called Amber. "13." I answered. "Aw, too bad, I thought you were kind of cute." giggled Amber. "Anyway, if you need to speak to someone called Victor, he's in his office, upstairs first door on the left." intervened Nina. "OK, thanks." I replied whilst making my way for the stairs.

As I got up there I bumped into a tanned brunette girl. "Oh, sorry!" she apologised, whilst she picked up her books she'd dropped. "No problem." I replied whilst helping her pick up her books. "So, I'm guessing you're new here?" she questioned. "Yeah, I was just going to see Victor." I replied. "Oh, I guess I'll see you around then." She said before climbing down the stairs. "Oh, I didn't get your name." I pointed out. "Oh, sorry, I'm Mara, and you are?" she asked. "James." I replied before knocking on Victor's door. "Enter!" shouted an old man.

"Hi, I'm James and I'm supposed to be staying here." I informed him. "Oh, go into the kitchen and you'll find Vera, she'll show you to your room." He replied. "OK, thanks." I said before leaving. I couldn't help noticing he had a stuffed raven sitting on his desk... freaky. So I found my way to the kitchen where a tall, thin, blonde woman was standing by the stove. "Hi, I'm James." I said. "Oh, of course, I'm Vera, the house mother, let me show you to your room." She said, before leading me to a room with three beds in. "You'll be sharing with Fabian and Eddie, make yourself at home." She said with a cheery tone before going back to the kitchen. "OK, thanks!" I shouted after her.

So I started unpacking before a boy with brown hair came in. "Who are you and why are you in my room?" he asked curiously. "Sorry, I'm James, a new student, I'll be staying here." I explained. "Oh, hi, I'm Fabian." The boy replied, looking embarrassed at his earlier outburst. "Anyway, what's Eddie like?" I asked, trying to strike up a conversation. "Oh, he's cool, apart from the fact that in the evening he feels the need to blast out awful music." He explained, and we both burst out in laughter. "Well, I'm sure I can cope with that." I said jokingly. "Anyway, dinner's ready now, so unless you want to starve, I'd recommend that you follow me." He suggested jokingly.

I sat down next to Fabian at dinner, and got the chance to meet everybody, when I noticed two chairs were vacant. "Who usually sits there?" I asked curiously, pointing back and forth between the two chairs. "Oh, Eddie and Patricia sit there, but they're a bit late today." explained a tanned brunette girl, who I now knew as Joy. "Oh." I simply said, no longer curious. "Sorry we're late; Eddie fell asleep at the library again." sang a red head girl whilst walking into the room hand in hand with a tall blonde boy, rolling her eyes as she said the last part, also with a smile on her face. I was assuming they were Patricia and Eddie, and one thing I knew was... Patricia was cute.