After dinner I slouched off to my new room. I was so upset that Patricia was taken. But then again, it can't hurt to try and change her mind, can it? So I changed direction and sprinted up the stairs, abd knocked on a door which I knew lead to Patricia, Mara and Joy's room. Unfortunately Joy opened the door. "Hi, can I help you?" she asked with a smile on her face. "Yeah, is Patricia in her by any chance?" I asked in my sweetest voice: there were advantages to being the youngest child in the house. "Yeah, I'll go and get her for you." She answered sweetly; pointing in a direction I could only assume was where Patricia was. "Hi." said Patricia simply. "Hi." I replied lamely. "Is there anything you wanted in particular?" she asked. I wanted to say "Yes, I want you, I want you so, so bad." But obviously I couldn't.

"Well, I just thought I'd say hi." I explained. "OK, bye!" she replied with a wave, slamming the door in my face. She was feisty... I like feisty. So, considering she wasn't in the mood to talk to me, I went back to my room, and there lying on his bed lazily was Eddie. I didn't get what she saw in him. He was lazy, rude; greedy... the list goes on. She could do so much better, i.e., me. "Hi." I said grumpily. "Hey." He replied uninterestedly. "So, what's it like here?" I asked him, trying to strike up a conversation that would last longer than two seconds: plus, ever heard the saying keep your friends close, but your enemies closer? "Well, the food here's OK, the house mom's nice enough, and the house master's creepy, the kids are cool: well, most of them. I'm not sure about the school itself, since I skip most of my classes." He finished, trying to act cool with his dumb American accent. Nina's was OK, but his just got me so annoyed.

"Sounds OK, I'm sure I'll survive." I said sarcastically. I'd had enough of this conversation, so walked out of the room into the direction of the common room, where I heard voices. "If we don't find this mask guys, we're all dead meat..." trailed off Nina worriedly. "We'll find it Nina, things take time." reassured Fabian. I know I shouldn't be ear wigging, but I just couldn't seem to move, this conversation could be important to causing some drama around here. "Guys, we've totally got this under control, as Victoria Beckham says: creepy ghost ladies will always lose." babbled on Amber. "It's not like I'm a Victoria Beckham fan anyway, but I'm pretty sure she's never said that." pointed out Alfie warily, probably worried Amber would explode. I may've not been here long, but one thing I've learnt is to never make Amber angry, and correcting her doesn't get you anywhere, especially if you're Alfie.

I was still confused; what mask, what ghost? I'm sure that if I asked them they'd make some excuse up: another thing I'd learnt whilst staying here is that Nina, Amber, Patricia, Fabian and Alfie were a tight knit group, and were always sneaking around and whispering. These were my aims for the end of the term; to make Patricia mine, and to work out what secret these 5 were hiding from the rest of us.