Haley walked slowly up the path to her house, feeling so lonely; she didn't want to go back to an empty house, after the day at school and the feeling of just sliding past everyone and no one noticing her. Even though she had felt like this for a couple of weeks today seemed to be worse.

Nathan came hurdling down the street in the car Dan had bought his feelings off with. And although there were other people in the car he felt all alone, Tim Smith by his side usually made him feel powerful, being the 'obvious' smart one in the friendship. Although it was only late afternoon Nathan felt like all he wanted was to go home, alone.

Haley couldn't help but feel even worse when she looked at her calendar and saw that her best friend Lucas wouldn't be home from his trip with Brooke for another 3 days, life seemed so lonely being just her at work, and just her wandering around school… The only thing that seemed to make sense was her tutoring sessions.

After Nathan had taken his 'friends' home he slid on his bed, plugged in his iPod and started to slip into a dark meaningless sleep, he couldn't help but think "is this it? Is this life?" His school grades seemed to be slipping, his mother rarely had the time to call and simply ask how he was, his father came home the odd couple of hours at night only to hound him about Basketball, he wouldn't be that bothered about his grades except not having good grades meant that their dream of Duke Basketball College would be a distant memory without them.

Haley only woke to the sound of ringing, even though she hadn't even felt herself drift off to sleep, she slid open her phone roughly get aggravated by the fact they hadn't got the sense to call back later, it turned out to be her parents Lydia and Jimmy James "Hey Haley-Bob! How are you? How's the house? How's school?" when Haley didn't answer they finally tried to make a joke out of it and said "and... speak…" when Haley only Grunted an answer, they become more serious "hey Hales, we need to have a talk hun".

"What? Why would I need a tutor? I'm Nathan Scott!" Nathan growled angrily at his father, all Dan could do not to jump right back on him was picture him and his wife back together,"Yes Nate, I know that but the school has been in touch with your mother, and they say different and you know she won't get off my back if you don't give it a try". Nathan couldn't stand to look at his father, how dare he? He didn't give a hoot about my grades before, why now? I need to go for a run, and fast.

"No, no way mom" Haley shouted down the phone "come on Haley, this boy needs your help" Jimmy reluctantly said even though he didn't like the idea of making his teenage daughter sit down with some random boy, with all the hormones teenage girls have. "I don't care what he needs, I only tutor people that I know!" Haley retorted to her dad, "Haley, now come on, you know you are ok, the school wouldn't set you up with him if they didn't think it was a good idea, you need to help him, and besides with you on your own now we would have thought you'd need the distraction, which reminds me, were coming home in two weeks' time for 3 weeks! Now stop being angry and just think about it" Lydia said trying to reconcile with Haley, soon after Haley felt bad and gave in with a thudding "FINE! For you I will!" they soon said their goodbyes and hang up. Haley grabbed her running shorts and top, put them on and headed for the door in an attempt to clear her head.

On the phone to his dad he screamed "Dad, leave me alone, I don't care what you and mom have organised I don't know this guy, now BYE!" he hang up and tried to imagine some geek trying to teach him English, he didn't need help, he spoke English what else did he need. As his phone rang he went to answer it, seen that it was Tim and just stared and kept walking conflicted to answer or not, not even looking where he was going.

Haley was too absorbed in her iPod to realise someone was running towards her, and by the time she looked at him, they had bumped into each other and were hurdling towards the floor.

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