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"Wouldn't that be weird, though? Wouldn't it? Wouldn't it?" Shuichi Nakatsu was bouncing around the male students, asking the same question over and over. He had that weird expression over his face, the one he always wore whenever he was being a friendly pest—but it was enjoyable, not at all unpleasant.

Seeing as Izumi Sano had just joined them, he didn't know what the blonde was talking about. He sat down in his seat, setting his books on the desk. "What would be weird?" he asked wearily, letting out a heavy breath.

"Biology finals that bad, eh?" Kyogo Sekime inquired in greeting, though he was smiling; he'd already taken it, and knowing Sekime, he was bound to ace it.

"Nakatsu is talking nonsense, Izumi!" Senri Nakao, the pretty boy of the group, informed the boy.

Izumi snickered. "Isn't he always?" he commented.

Nakatsu overheard him, and he reached out to flick his friend on the side of the head. "Sometimes, maybe!" he corrected. "But not always!" Then the blonde shook his head and returned to his subject animatedly. "Anyway! Izumi, there's been talk going around, have you heard it?"

"If I heard it, wouldn't I have not asked the earlier question?" Instead of answering, Izumi stated another question.

Nakatsu pouted. "Stop asking questions to my questions, you're confusing me!" he wailed.

Sometimes Izumi really thought that his friend was seriously bipolar.

"Just tell him already," said Taiki Kayashima. "Oh, by the way, there's a ghost standing behind you, Noe."

"Where?! Where?!" shrieked Shinji Noe, jumping up on top of his seat. Kayashima laughed amusedly.

Nakatsu turned back to Izumi. "I'll just save you the suspense and tell you," he decided.

"Yes, please, that would be nice." Nakao rolled his eyes, examining his nails.

"So." Izumi rested his cheek against his palm, leaning into it. "What's up?"

"The rumor has it that there might be a girl coming to our school!" Nakatsu finally announced in a dramatic fashion.

The chatter from the lively group all fell silent, as if on a cue. Then Izumi said, "A girl? Here? At Osaka Gakuen?"

The boys surrounding him all cheered. Because Gakuen was an all-boys' school, the students jumped at whatever chance they got to be closer to a woman. They weren't all like Minami Nanba, the playboy and the ladies' man of the school. "Yes! Isn't it wonderful?" chorused Sekime and Noe in unison.

Nakatsu looked happy. "Maybe she'll be hot!" His eyes drifted off to dreamland and Izumi could practically see the fantasy that went on inside his friend's mind. Nakatsu's 'vision' was slightly altered than the rest.

Nakao, however, didn't look too thrilled about it. "She'd better not steal sempai!" he warned to no one in particular. "Otherwise, I'll rip her face off, pretty or not! Nobody can have my sempai! NOBODY!" He had that wild look in his eyes and none of the boys dared to say that Nanba would probably have his hands on her by the end of the week.

Izumi thought about it. Would there actually be a girl coming to Gakuen? Then he shook his head. "It doesn't make much of a difference to me," he said, and that statement was true. He rarely had the time for girls, anyway. He saw enough of them as fan girls to last him an entire lifetime. Most guys would love to have girls lust after him. Izumi just ran out of sight whenever they came near.

Sekime shot him a pitying look. "You have no imagination, my friend! You have nothing! I still don't get why you have so many fan girls."

"Boys, settle down, settle down," the teacher said as he walked into the classroom.

As the boys broke it up, getting back to their seats, Izumi leaned over towards Nakatsu and said, "There's no way a girl's coming here. It's insane. Why would a girl want to come here?"

"Because it's a girl's fantasy," Nakatsu replied all-knowingly. "Being in a class with all boys? She would love it. And it's not so bad for us guys, either."

"It's insane," Izumi repeated. The teacher scowled in his direction and he shut up, turning to face front. Nakatsu shrugged and did the same.