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Returning Hope

"You and Me"

"me and you"

"yeah where a pack now best friends we gotta tell each other everything k" This started as a beautiful friendship in the Wwe continuing though the years they had their fair fights but alway came back to each other in the end until one night everything changed...

Monday Night - Raw -

'Wade Barrett the WWE superstar was found he'd been sexual assaulted and beaten half to death' the news was a boom shell to those who were closed to Wade

"What!" John Cena shouted at the top of his lungs praying he heard wrong who would do this to Wade

"John!" He turned around seeing Heath Slater run into the room

"is it true...about Wade" Heath gasped out from all the running he'd been doing to get here

"I don't know Heath"

"how do you not know your his best friend!"

"I only just turned the Tv on you're in the same brand as Wade how come you didn't know?" Wade had been moved to smack down while John stayed on Raw their friendship never ended they would talk on Skype in fact john was going to ask Wade to go to dinner with him people alwayed said they were the 'Jade' couple and sure they acted like some sort of couple ever since Nexus granted John loved Wade but he didn't know if Wade loved him back.

"I'm gonna go see Wade" John said walking out the room

"Can I come?" Heath

"err it maybe best if it's just me" John kept on walking he pulled out his mobile phone Wade's number on speed dialed

'Hello' A female voice answered

'Hi where's Wade'

'who is this'

'I'm Wade Barrett's boyfriend now what hospital' not really but she didn't know that

'good hope'

'err Good Hope where that'


'Sutton?' John asked


'why is he back over in England and in Sutton'

'Mr Barrett's family asked for him to come - ' John switched his phone off. If Wade was in England then John would be going there as well

"Cena!" Cm punks voice boomed making John stop to look at him

"What do you want I don't have time for this" John spat out at him every one knew Cm punk wanted to get in Wade's tights but Wade always rejected him this started ever since Wade became an NXT rookie only to get worsted as time got on with the hole Corre New Nexus scenario

"The news about Wade is it...?"

"I don't know! the only thing I do know is that Wades family wanted him back over in England in a hospital named Good Hope"

"huh in England"

"Yeah can I go now I need to get a jet"

"Tell you what if you give Wade up I'll let you use mine privet Jet"

"What! Punk his been sexual assaulted and beaten half to death" John could not believe this guy how could he say that...something struk in John's mind...

"Punk if you had anything to do with this I swear - "

"Now John why would I do anything to hurt Wade" Punk laughed and walked away

"Freak" John mumbled running out the arena Raw was going to have one episode without him in Wade was to important to John

John finally landed at the Birmingham airport taking a taxi to Good Hope the taxi driver calling John everything under the sun when he gave him dollars instead of 12.00 pounds.

"err sir what room is Wade Barrett in"

"One I'm a girl"

"Woah you sure?"

"Yes and visiting hours are over boo hoo for you" She said with a rotten tone

"Huh you look like a Cm Punk Fan are you miss" John asked

"Maybe whats it to you?"

"Well miss...Rinch" John looked at her name tag

"Punk would love to come here and maybe see how things go"

"how things go?"

"yep...you know..."

"really" she smiled writing some thing on the computer

"yeah now if you let me into see Wade..."

"Second floor room 221"

"221...221..." John mumbled looking for the room finally reaching it he took a deep breath looking at the time 9:00 Raw was almost over John opened the door walking in. He saw Wade sitting on the bed reading a book

"Wade..." jumped dropping his book

"Sorry I didn't mean to scear you" Wade didn't say anything

"Are you..." Wade shook his head

"I'm not ok" Wade spoke quietly

"I know this is gonna be hard but do you know who did this to you"

"I know"

"Who" John asked sitting on the edge of Wade's bed

"I..can't..he..." Wade closed hs eyes lying down on the bed

"John I felt everything he did to me every word he said I can still feel where his hand were I couldn't even look my older brother in the eye...pathetic huh"

"No it's not Wade you've been though a traumatic experience" John touched Wade's hand feeling Wade tense up he let go just to have Wades hand shoot into his

"Please don't leave me" Tears ran down Wades face


Wade was laying on John's chest fast asleep John on the other hand was texting the locker room telling them closed to Wade that he was fine Granted not really but with time John's bare knuckled fighter would be doing somewhat better than he is today..

John to Heath and Justin ( * )

'Guys his fine for the last time'

* 'are you sure'

'I with him right now'

*'whats he doing get him to ring us'

'I'm sure he would if he was awake'

* 'do u know who did it?*

'Wade does but he did tell me and I didn't want to push'

* 'k give him ower love night'

Wade started to toss and turn begging for the pain to stop

"Wade wake up" John shock him lightly waking a very wind eyed and panicked Wade

"John...John!" Wade shout looking around the room in panic

"sshhh I'm here baby I'm here" Wade looked him in the eye

"He was...he"

"Wade it was a nightmare it's just me and you here" John rubbed away his tears

"It was so real...it happened all over again" Wade curled him self to John chest

"Wade I'll protect you no matter what" John said kissing Wades forehead



"I love you" Wade said closing his eyes snuggling into Johns side

"I love you too" John pulled Wade closer to him if that was even possible. It would take a while for Wade to be back to 100% again but one thing was for sure John would never leave Wades side and hopefully the same would go for Wade not to leave Johns side

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