Echoes of Destiny

Bearit's Notes: Here is a little project of mine that I started back in Japan while reading the manga of MKR2... again. I hope you enjoy! Slight warning: this is based on the MANGA, and has spoilers for the entire series.

The Creator watched the developing events with the knowing and dreading notion that the time was near. The time to open the Path to the Pillar was near. The candidates were already chosen, but He did not want to see the girl from the other world to suffer the Test. He refused to see her loved ones suffer. Why was it so hard THIS time to open the Path while it had felt like a simple, everyday event in the past?

Why was it easier to open the Path for Princess Emeraude than it was for Shidou Hikaru?


"So the real question is, why do You have to do it?"

"Rayearth," the Creator acknowledged the speaker of the question. "The rules are the rules. If I hold out any longer, Cephiro will forever crumble."

"The commander of Autozam is also a candidate; why not just let him have it?"

"The rules are the rules," the Creator repeated. "The strength of both Shidou Hikaru's and Eagle Vision's are equal, and yet, the strongest in the land of Cephiro. I cannot choose one over the other; the Path will take them both in to
take the test."

"This is what happens when You get too emotionally involved with humans," Windam scolded. "I thought that You always advised against Us doing so with the Magic Knights."

"He did," said Selece said, "but I think He incorporated too much of His personality into Rayearth, and We BOTH know how Rayearth is. You are against it, too, are You not, Rayearth? Against having Your Knight take the Test?"

"My personal feelings have nothing to do with this," Rayearth snapped.

"Yet it does. You were advising against the Creator to let Your Knight take the Test."

"That has nothing to do with it."

"Rayearth, Selece, please. This is not the time to argue," said Windam. "Creator, please do what You think is right."

The Creator sighed. How did the Mashin get involved in this conversation anyway? They never were in the past.

"Because this time, one of the Magic Knights is a candidate," Rayearth pointed out.

"Why did I give You Mashin the ability to read My mind?"

"You said it would make things easier for all of Us sometime in the future," Rayearth replied.

"I am starting to regret it," the Creator said. "But then, I am starting to regret a lot of things..."

"Do what You think is right," Windam repeated.

"What I think is right..."

Everything was set up perfectly to open the Path without much harm. Shidou Hikaru had donned Rayearth, and Eagle Vision was also out in the open in one of Autozam's battle mecha. The set-up was perfect, the timing would be great, and yet...

... Mokona was unsure of what to do for the first time since His creation.

"Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will make My decision and do what I think is right," the Creator announced. "If Cephiro held out for this long, I am certain that an extra day would prove to be worthwhile in the end."

To Be Continued...