True Love Murdered

Merida's P.O.V.

I open my eyes slowly, my thoughts clouded from sleep. I manage to pull myself up and let out a yawn. I wipe the sleep from my eyes and look around, suddenly realisation hits me. It's today! My one day of being free of being a stupid princess. Or elegant as mother would say.

I jump out of bed and quickly pull myself into my riding dress. Yes, riding dress. How weird does that sound? It's because of mother's insistence though and I've only just got her back and I'm not going to ruin everything by getting into a fight again. If I had known she would turn into a bear….. No. No. Shake that thought from your head Merida!

She's better now and that's what matters. My riding dress is much like my normal one. It's the same pattern but it is a lighter shade of green and the Celtic designs on it are more apparent and a deeper shade of gold. I put on my boots and grab my bow. Running down the stairs I grab an apple from a tray Maudie is carrying and head for the door. "Merida!"

I spin round mid bite. Mum or Queen Elinor to the rest of Dunbroch and the Four Kingdoms, is standing there one hand on her hip and her 'don't mess with me' expression on her face. She points at the apple in my hand. "Merida, no more taking food for the rest of the evening, the rest of the Four Kingdoms will be visiting tonight to discuss what to do about our next battle"

Next battle? Well that's news to me. I go to turn and she stops me again. "Oh and Merida?" I turn and leave out a sigh. "Make sure you hit the target" I grin and grab my quiver of arrows from the door and rush out. The fresh air hits me and I can't stop myself from smiling, relived to finally be out of that stuffy castle.

For one day I don't have to live up to the kingdoms expectations. For one day I'm relieved of my princess duties. I run across the yard, my arrows strapped to my back and my bow in my hand.

Angus is waiting in his stable his head bent low as he eats some hay. I whistle and his head shoots up. "Easy Angus" I laugh as he wolfs down the remains of my apple. I put one foot on an upturned crate of hay and propel myself onto Angus's back.

"Hay!" I dig my ankle into his side and he rears then shoots. I laugh in delight as the rush of wind makes my hair blow strongly behind me. People scatter as I tear through the kingdom and finally I'm out.

The air seems so much fresher and everything looks brighter. I laugh again and head for the forest my archery range all set up. I wrap my legs around Angus so that I won't fall off and reach back pulling a bow from the quiver. I load I bow and draw back, hitting the first target just as it comes into view.

The second and third are just as easy and then the real fun starts. I lean down and whisper into Angus's ear. "Ok Angus time to really run" I sit back up my bow loaded as Angus rears up and really gallops!

I can feel the increase in speed, the targets barely visible are taken down one by one as I load and reload my bow and shoot. When I decide that that's enough for now I tap Angus reassuringly and he slows down to a trot and eventually we come to a trot.

We're by the stream where only weeks ago my mother and I had spent the day here trying to catch fish. You'd think my mother would have taken a knack to it considering she had been a bear at the time but some things remain mysteries to me.

I leave Angus to his drinking and grazing and put my bow and one remaining arrow on the large rock by the river. I take a walk down the river and soon break into the green. I keep on walking and somehow I find my legs guiding myself, not sure where I'm going but unable to stop.

I stop and find myself were everything changed. The rocks aligned in a circle, this is where it all went wrong and this is where I made everything go right. I find myself staring at the rocks, the grass, everything. Imaging it all over again, seeing the images in my head. Everything that had happened. I realise that poor Angus is probably wondering where I am and go to turn around. Then I see the boy lying on the ground.