October 31, 2023


Death City, Neveda USA

Designate 1.1: Prologue

Death City lay in ruins in the distance, buildings collapsed, cars exploded, and large amount of bodys, mostly dressed in purple, red, green and blue, litered the streets. Minutes ago hundreds of Syndicate and Saints forces were under siege at the Death City outpost, where intense battles and constant madness, has killed most of the residents of Death City, including that of Shinigami.

And on top of the DWMA, now mostly collapsed, stand a man who long since gave in to the madness, Dr. Frank N. Stein, with a lab coat, gray turtle neck and glasses, grey hair and a large screw in his head, stands waiting for the madness to destroy the world, he was waiting for the world to finish and collapse, collapse at the hands of the madness. To do it, he had a nerve gas released, which was super concentrated madness, would inhabit the world and destroy it.

However there was a flaw in his plan, through the constant warfare, he had sustained multiple injuries, and had pissed off ALOT of people, one of which was Kimberly Albarn, more often referred to as Kim, she was on her way too, and his plan would never succeed if there were still some saints alive who would be willing to destroy him and his plan.

. ...

Kim was running up the steps toward where Stein would be with her weapon partner, Soul jr., code named 'section' by the boss, was a mustang and sally M1911 PaP'ed, the designs on him were simple Nerf gun camo, orange and yellow. Outside his weapon form, he had white hair, dark purple eyes and tan skin. His clothing consisted of a purple hooded jacket, black button up shirt and blue jeans with purple and white gym shoes.

Kim, a very young witch of maybe 10 years old, was dressed in a outfit that resembles a purple version to what her mother wore when she was about 10, a long sleeveless dress, purple, with a whitelong sleeve collared shirt, white gym shoes and purple socks. She had pink hair, threatening to be purple, and very pale blue eyes.

Although normaly Kim was a pretty well rounded person, except during her OCD outbursts, usually calm, almost NEVER pissed about anything, was intoxicated with rage. Because only hours ago Stein's recent attacks have killed a large amount of people, including her beloved mother and father, Maka Albarn and Crona Makenshi.

She ran up the steps with unbelievable rage, until she reached the floor with Stein on it, she blasted open the door open to find the mad, dissection obsessed doctor.

"Well Kimy, you found me" Stein plainly said. Kim just stood there pointing her duel weild weapon, no emotions other that Rage were visible "Come to stop me have we?"... more silence from Kim, until Soul broke the silence.

"You do realize why she's pissed right?" He said kinda agitated.

"Why wouldn't i, i just killed millions of people, drove billions more into madness, killed Shinigami... and more importantly the book worm and anti-social pinkete." Stein declared. Kim was oddly enough still not speaking.

For a moment she stood there, nothing but hate and rage in her pale blue eyes, before finally 'calmly' states to Stein "Do you have any idea what you've done to the world"

"Bring out the real insides of people, the real instinct that all humans possess."

Kim began to quake at the sound of his voice, she finally spoke up "you destroyed the world!"

Stein immediately noticed the change in her tone, he coughed up a little bit of blood from a injury sustained during the earlier siege "fine then, let's finish this."

"Gladly" Kim and Soul both said.

The fight began with Kim firing uncontrollably at Stein, Stein however injured he was, effortlessly dodged her attacks.

Stein performed a backflip over Kim and punched her into the wall in front of her. When she hit the wall, she hit with a thud.

Kim fliped around to shoot, but was too slow and was grabbed by the neck, but Stein's injury prevents him from being able to block Kim's next attack. Soul just transformed into a Dual Weild AK-74u and she fired upon him, causeing Stein to drop her.

Kim began firing round after round at Dr. Stein, but he dodged, barely, but found his way up to Kim and thrust punched her back into the wall Resident Evil 4 Wesker style.

When Kim hit the wall however, her neck snapped at the unusual angle she hit the wall, causing her to drop soul. She then hit the floor, lifelessly.

Soul immediately transformed back to his human form "Kim!"

"Well *coughs* that was easy" stein declared.

"You son of a bitch!" Soul yelled at Stein, "she might not make it!"

"well let's hope she doesn't" the doctor plainly said, before falling to the ground in pain, "i'm going to have to kill you later, for now i have to finish killing the last of sanity"

"Stop!" Soul yelled, pointing his fist out at him, before a flash of green around his hand creates a barrel of a gun "move and i blow the fuck out of you!"

Stein stopped at his sudden move, but stoid up slowly and attempted to walk to the nerve gas emmiter on the side of the ledge. Stein wasn't expecting Soul to actually shoot at him, but he missed hitting the gas emmiter, causing the machine to start to glow a unusual dark red, Stein immediately turned to Soul.

"Oops." He plainly said, Stein turned to the machine to see it overloading, he then proceeded to attempt to flee the battle before a woman with sleevelesss black hoodie, black pants and combat boots appears from nowhere almost to stop him

"Stein!" The woman yelled.

"Well, two retards who are mad at me. Not the first time that's happened"

"Shut the hell up!, what the hell is that thing doing?" She asked referenceing to the machine on the ledge

"About to overload and kill us, care to join?" Stein asked the hooded woman.

The machine, now glowing bright red, now had a high pitch wine to it, "SHIT!" Soul Exclaimed before the machine overloaded andimploaded sucking everything in the immediate are in.

Soul grabbed on to Kim's lifeless body, Stein quickly got sucked towards the now inescapable black hole, that just seemingly formed out of nowhere, Stein turned around to grab the woman just before he got sucked in pulling them both in to the portal and a large explosion was heard through all of Death City, signifing, the portal has closed

. ...

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