Death City, Nevada

January 1, 2013


Designate 1.2- These kids

. ...

It was a quite Tuesday morning, or was it Wednesday?

Maybe Monday?

No one can remember the events that transpired the night before, especially the people who partyed during the New Years party. Some people, like Kid, wound up being in a car that wasn't theirs on the outskirts of Death City.

Others, like Tsubaki, wind up being in a motel with no real recollection of what happened.

More likely, like Black*Star, you wake up either handcuffed, chained to something and, sadly, more likely behind bars. Luckily Black*Star was just in cuffs next to the punch bowl.

Equaly as likely, you wake up somewhere you don't know without pants on, this goes for Patty, Liz, Soul and Blair

And the most likely destination after a night of partying, in someone else's bed, and even more likely, with that person still in the bed, and with this story, that person is Crona in Maka's bed, and that little event is where this story, well, begins.

. ...

Crona's mind was spinning, he couldn't tell up from down, left from right. All he knew was with what little vision he had, he could see a field of pale yellow and sunlight. Very bright sunlight. And pink curtains, 'why were the curtains pink', thought Crona to himself.

He glanced slightly at his own arms, saw a few things unusual about them, a bruise, a cut, they were red, and something of the same color was under them.

Crona looked to see what was under him, sort of sat up the best he could to see what it was, and saw something.




Crona saw what the figure was, no, rather, who the figure was. It was that of his best (arguably his only) friend. Maka Albarn.

Crona glanced at his own body to see something he almost didn't want to see, he too was in the nude.

After a moment of shock for the crazy swordsman, he finally realized what had partook the night before, and also realized that hangovers suck. He had had sex with her. She seemed as wasted as any girl would be after New Years, no clothes, sweat, heavily dialated eyes, blood shot even, drool coming from her mouth, a little bit of vomit (ew), hair not in it's usual fashion.

Then Crona looked in the mirror to the side of, he saw he was just as wasted as Maka, and probably, considering he was a bigger light weight than Maka, even more hungover than her.

Crona was about to lie back down until a certain little demon popped out of Crona's back, "you little shit you're just now getting up?" He yelled quietly.

"leave me alone Ragnanrok, i'm tired" Crona complained back.

"Get your ass in gear horn-ball, because just as any girl filled with cum first thing in the morning with NO recollection of the night before. She isn't gunna be happy to find she isn't a virgin anymore!" Ragnarok stopped for a moment, then continued ""well she won't be happy"

"what do you suggest i do?" Crona again complained to Ragnarok.

He looked about the room "considering this isn't yours or hers, i recommend you get your ass the fuck out of here." Ragnarok almost yelled at Crona "get your clothes on and run dipshit!"

"ok hold on." Crona said while raising his hands up to his head in defense from Ragnaroks punches.

He reached for his clothes that were on the floor, dripping with some kind of fluid, not liquidy, more sticky "HAHA, YOU JIZZED ON YOU CLOTHES!... at least, i hope that was you." Ragnarok mocked Crona before covering his 'mouth' shut with his white balls of hands when he noticed Maka rolling over, slowly waking up.

"I think she's waking up?" Crona asked.

"yeah i think so too." Ragnarok responded.

"leave quickly?"


And with that Crona quickly grabbed his clothes, put his undershirt on. Then his underwear, then his robe.

He was about to go running out the door until he noticed that he didn't have his shoes, talk about rushed, he saw them on the floor.

He rushed them on his feet then, in fear of Ragnarok beating his ass because he was hungry, rushed out the door towards the exit. Before his departure he relized just how bright it was outside, well, at least how bright it seems when hungover. He stole a pair of sunglasses that were sitting on the table next to the door, put them on. And started walking.


The walk back to his place was long, especially considering how many people were trying to walk straight back to work, but at least he didn't have to go to school today. Or for a few days, enough time for hangovers to wear off.

On the way back to his apartment, ALL he could think of was Maka, the only thing in his head asides a headache was Maka, he couldn't get her out of her head, was it because he slept with her... probably. Was it because he woke up next to her... probably. At least the hangover is slowly starting to go away, he found it bearable to walk around and could walk straight.

Yet the night before was so epic, no one can remember it, well at least not Crona. His thoughts of the night before and of Maka were abruptly interrupted by Ragnarok "Ok Shithead, now what?"

"I don't know." Crona said holding his arm tightly.

"Yeah well think of something, like breakfast maybe, HINT HINT!"

"I'm hungry too, but i don't have any money."

Ragnarok laughed before saying his next Maka hating comment "Because she's a chick, she probably sucked you dry of your money then spent it on the roofies that drugged you!"

"She-she wouldn't do that, would she?"

"Nah probably not, but it is fun as hell to fuck with you." Ragnarok said happily.

The walk was annoying, at least for Crona, but the duo perciveared back to the apartment.

Crona finally made it through Death City. He finally walked through his apartment door to find that Patty and Liz were sleeping together on the couch (A/N get that thought out of your heads you perverted dumb fuckers, they are sisters.) Both were passed out together under a light pink blanket on the couch.

"Hey wait that's my blanket!" Crona complains to no one, before Ragnarok sarcastically responds

"Not any more"

Crona after hearing that took off his newly acquired sunglasses, before putting them back on because of how still hungover he was.

He began to dig around in the fridge as if he were stoned, then picked out a small PeanutButter and Jelly from the fridge before Ragnarok took it from his hands "Uh, fuck no Crona, after all the shit you did last night, you don't get food."

"Ah, come on, i'm hungry!" Crona complained.

"TOO-FUCKING-BAD!" Ragnarok yelled at Crona.

"I-I don't even remember last night." Crona complains back at Ragnarok.

"Well let me put it this way, YOU SUCK!"


Ragnarok downed the sandwich in one bite before answering Crona's question. "Because you didn't do much interesting last night, i mean asides Maka."

Crona now totally confused just responded "Wh-Wh-Wha?"

"Yeah you totally blow dude." Ragnarok said before popping open the fridge to see what was in it.

A familiar sound is heard, the same sound made by tired people in the morning, a tired girl waking up.

"*yawns* goid morning everyone" patty declared as she awoke. "What brings you guys here?"

"We live here." Crona responded.

"Oh yeah, ooo." Patty giggled at Crona. "what did you guys do last night?" Patty eroticaly asked Crona except for the part where Crona and Liz both responded

"Stop talking so loud."

"hmm, oh Liz you're awake!" Patty declared loudly.

"Please be quite Patty, i got a headache." She responded.

"little hungover sis?" Patty asked Liz.

"a little more than a little.

"Patty please stop i-" she stopped to feel she didn't have her pants on, or even her panties. Even more shockingly, Patty didn't either. "EW WHAT THE FUCK!" She flipped the entire couch over by pure supprise alone. Sending Patty right on top of her. Really on top of her in a really...

incestious way, both of their bare hips on to of each other

"Crona i hope you're watching!" She declared.

"WHAT! CRONA MOVE YOUR FUCKING ASS I GOTTA SEE THIS!" Ragnarok said trying to move Crona to the the two sisters doing something.


"Yeah you're never gunna get another view as hot as this again!" She again playfully said before moving her hips back and forth on top of Liz. This happened for a few more seconds before Crona turned around to throw up, Patty just begn to playfully laugh her ass off.

"Dude? Why the FUCK are you throwing up?" Ragnarok asked Crona

"i... uh... can't" he puked a little more "can't deal with porn." Throwing up a little more before finishing his sentence. " especially incest"

"Patty now look what you did to him. He can't deal with stuff like that." Liz scolded Patty before grabbing her old pants and putting them on. She walked over to Crona who was now on his knees infront of a garbage can full of Vodka smelling throw up. She then proceeded to ask a minorly un important question "why are you wearing my sunglasses?"

"huh, what?" Crona responded.

"oh i remember, did you two do it?" Liz asked Crona.


"YOU DIPSHIT!" Ragnarok yelled at Crona before smacking him on the head, "sorry he's hungover, he's NO good to you in thus state" Ragnarok said to Liz.

"Fine" Liz responded.

She turned around to see Patty had her clothes on "ready to go find Kid Liz?" Patty asked Liz.

"Yeah i guess." Liz responded. "i can see you're a little hungover, so i guess you can keep the shades till your headache goes away." She said to Crona.

Crona just nodded at Liz, still kinda in shock of what he JUST saw, even more shocked that Liz got over it so easily.

"Let me know how things go between you and Maka, k Crona." Liz said to Crona.

"Ok." Crona responded. They left seconds later, he got up to walk back to the fridge before stopping and walking into the living room to see what was on t.v., he reached the couch that incest just got done being done on and flipped it over to watch t.v.

Crona channel surfed for a little while until he had the remote taken from him by Ragnarok "uh no, i choose this time dumbass."

"but you always choose what we watch." Crona whined at Ragnarok

"Oh fucking well." He responded like a ass. He set it to MTV, a Ragnarok appropriate channel apparently. The two sat through about 3 episodes of jersey shore before Crona finally had enough.

He forcibly took the remote from Ragnarok and changed it to a 'Crona appropriate' channel, which in this case was Nickelodean.

"Well when the fuck did you grow some balls?" Ragnarok questioned Crona.

"well... uh"

"don't fucking answer that." He cut Crona of in the middle of his sentence "just when you're done watching Spongebob let me know. Ok?" He told Crona before sliding back into Crona.

"ok" he said to himself, stopping for a moment to set it to the Hub to watch MLP.

He secretly loved watching My Little Pony. Not only because the show was very colorful, but because it was the only show he ever really watched since joining Shibusen. That and it was a common interest for Crona and Maka.

After about 20 minutes of commercial free of Rainbow Dash. Maka walked in the door, looking shittier than when she was when he first saw her, at least this time she had her clothes on. Her normal clothes on, her cream yellow vest, green tie, white shirt and plaid red skirt. "Hi Crona, oh My Little Pony" she said as if she were sick.

"what's the matter with you?" Crona asked

"Just, too much... uh, never mind, we'll talk about it when i feel better." She said back to him.

"o-ok?" Crona said to Maka.

Maka laid down on Crona's lap, both watching MLP, the two not really caring how things looked from everyone else.

The silence was finally broken by Maka when she asked Crona, "why did you leave me this morning?"


Crona hesitated longer than Spirit does when Maka asks him about her mother until he spoke up, "we'll talk about it when i feel better."

Maka realized what he did there and left it at that, things seemed fine, until the following month.

. ...

A/N part 1 to the original chap 2 finished

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