Walking down the street know she could not let anyone know her name, her history, or her gender. But that's not going to stop her from becoming a Pokémon master.

Her clothes the same as the ones Ash Ketchum wore in Battle frontier. Black hair sticking out of her hat, green eyes shining.

My Best friend and only Pokémon Absol or I call him Papa. Walked by my side as we walked throw a new town.

"Papa, where do you think we could find the Pallet town Professor's Lad?"

Mama "We'll Troubleasha I would start with asking someone."

The girl dismissed as a boy glares at her Pokémon "No really." she said sarcastically

Finding an old women with at a garden, Troubleasha smiled "Miss do you know where I could find." she paused looking at the writing on her hand "Professor Oak's Lab."

The women smiled "Of course just down the street."

Fallowing her figure to a big building. As Troubleasha entered quietly and softly.

A sudden voice made her jump half way to the ruff "Who may you be?"

A Very old man who sat in a wheelchair looked at the Girl who pulled her hat down.

"Hi I'm Troubleasha." she said calmly.

The man raised an eyebrow as most did at the young girl name.

Troubleasha "My dad thought of it." she explained not wilting as most did under the older man's gaze "I really need to find Professor Oak."

Older Man "He's been gone for years." he snapped wheeling away.

Troubleasha not being a girl to give up easily grabbed his wheel chair "Do you know where I can find him?"

Older man "Why do you want to know?" he asked angrily

Troubleasha "He sent my father out on his journey and I want to start a journey like him." she said happily

Older Man "Leave no one has been set out in years. No normal trainer will be either." he tried to pull away from the young girl grip, but she stayed

"I'm sorry sir but I'm not no ordinary trainer I'm going to be a Pokémon master. I love Pokémon and want to test my skills so I'll ask again Where is Professor Oak." She said it easily, not backing down "I'm not one to give up so it'd be much easier for you to help."

The man looked at her again noticing a fire in her eyes he's screen in only one trainer before, and he turned out to be one of the best. Thinking he know everything about the boy he need to know, ever though he didn't really know his real gender.

The man smiled "Well take a seat Troubleasha."

Troubleasha nodded sitting down on an old couch as the man left. Troubleasha soon got up being carious and looking at the many machines.

Papa "Troubleasha don't get into any trouble." he warned

Troubleasha "Don't worry Papa these machines haven't been touched in years. I wonder why Professor doesn't still use them."

"Curiosity killed the cat."

Troubleasha and her Pokémon jumped in surprise.

Turning slightly she saw the same man, but this time in a lab coat.

Troubleasha "I thought you were getting Professor Oak."

"I did."

She looked around slightly "And where is he."

"Young child I'm Professor Oak."

Raising her eyebrows.

Professor Oak "So you want to travel?"

Troubleasha "No I want to win with the Pokémon I become friends with a chose to travel with."

Professor Oak "Friends?"

Troubleasha "Ya friends the only this that can have you win and have fun doing it." Papa rubbed his head against his trainers.

Troubleasha "This is Papa." she introduced "What are these machines?"

Professor "All my life works." he sighed "I tried so hard to make a machine that would help all Pokémon. it'd make them easier to get along with."

Troubleasha "But isn't that the fun of catching a Pokémon, you and the Pokémon Growing to like each other."

Professor "In some ways yes."

"Did you like give up on all of it." she asked looking at all the dust.

Professor "People n pallet town stopped taking interest in battling. Pokémon entirely almost."

Troubleasha "My dad loved his Pokémon, he says he remember making friends with his first Pokémon. He grew up here. He said the best time of the year was when the snow just started falling and it sparkled."

Professor still studying the girl (Boy he believed) "So what do you want to be."

"Pokémon master."

Professor "How can I help I don't got any starter types."

"Got a Poke Dex?" she asked

"One but why?"

Troubleasha smiled "We'll I want to travel and hopefully maybe find new Pokémon or info on some. You'd be surprise by my bond with Pokémon."

Professor oak looked her over "Here, I've programmed it except you home town."

"We'll I guess from now on this is my home town." she took the Dex, giving a faint smile "Thanks, and sorry about the machine." she yelled running out of the lab with a map behind her.

Right as the Machine started smoking.

"Okay Papa the first Gym is Putter city. But we might want to try catching a Pokémon." Troubleasha said to her Pokémon.

Papa "May I recommend a Pikachu?"

"That'd be a some. My very own Pikachu."

Papa "Do you wish to have one?"

"Oh how I wish." Troubleasha sighed "But I want to actually catch it." she sighed

Papa "Do you wish…"

They were stopped by a rustling in the bushes. Out dropped a beaten Pokémon. Scares and cuts a Pikachu.

Troubleasha "Um…Papa?"

"Not me love."

"The poor thing." she gasped

Papa "You're a boy."

"Boys have feelings. I've got to heal it." Her hand started glowing as Papa hit her.

"Ow, why?"

Papa "Not out here, someone will see." he pulled us into a bush as is started healing the Pokémon a gift I acquired, along with being able to speak to Pokémon.

The Pokémon slowly got up. "He's okay.

The Pokémon stood up in front of Troubleasha and grabbed her sleeve pulling her deeper into the forest.

There stood several hurt Pokémon of all different types.

Papa "Troubleasha, you can't possibly think you can heal all of these Pokémon."

The young girl pulled down her gloves "I don't think I know."

She started healing the Pokémon one by one each taking a little out of her.

Papa who was watching for trespassers, didn't hear the small gasp from two boys. Both watching in amazement.

Suddenly an Ice breath hit them and Papa pounced on the finally sensing there Power.

"Wow" said a boy with almond hair in amazement.

A boy with Brownish Red hair "Almond get home and tell mom I'm going to the Pokémon center." he pushed the younger boy forward.

Papa looked at him as Troubleasha feel to the ground with no power left but all Pokémon healed.

Papa "I must get master to a Place to sleep."

"I know a place!" the boy said not even thinking about the fact that he could understand the Pokémon.

Papa "You shouldn't even be here." he growled

"Ya I never do as told so you have two choices let me come and I could show you the place Or I'll just fallow you anyways." the boy smiled

Papa "I shall fallow human." he growled

The Boy showed the Pokémon to the Closest Pokémon center.

"Hey Nurse we have a hurt trainer." He yelled walking into the center

Nurse "I'm sorry did you say Trainer….oh my the poor boy. Do you know who he is?" she asked putting Troubleasha onto a stretcher.

Papa pulled a Poke Dex out of his Trainers Pocket. Nurse Joy grabbed it "Troubleasha of Pallet town."

"Troubleasha?" he laughed slightly.

Nurse "Like you should be talking Andrew Snatch."

Andrew who was accustom for people calling him Snatch for a reason odd. He wasn't going to talk about.


I woke up holding my head.

"Ugh…what happened." I asked in my normal voice native to my home region

Nurse "Good son you're up."

Son? oh wait I'm in the Pokémon center.

Troubleasha "Ya." I nodded "Do you know where my um…Absol is?" quickly changing her voice.

Nurse "Of course he's been in and out all day." she smiled at me sweetly

"Day?" she asked

Nurse "Yes you've been asleep for a whole day. May I ask does that happen a lot?"

"Um…I guess sometimes." I shrugged "It's no big deal."

Nurse "In case here's my card keep it on you. Snatch He's awake."

Snatch walked in with Papa.

"Papa!" the girl smiled at her Pokémon hugging it's neck.

The Pokémon let out a load roar liking her face.

Snatch grabbed her arm and started pulling her out of the building.

Troubleasha "Trying to start a criminal life by kid napping a kid?" she asked sarcastically.

Snatched "Oh you've got some explaining to do." he growled not backing up on ground. Much like Troubleasha.

"And why should I tell you anything?"

Snatch smiled "Because how easily I could go the Police and tell them you're the person who's been kidnapping Pokémon." he hissed

Troubleasha "And why would they believe you?" she asked twisting her arm out of his grasp.

Snatch "The Police chief's my dad."

Troubleasha "We'll I'm not scared of police."

"Well someone with the name Troubleasha' s hiding from someone. I'm almost positive you don't want them to find you before the Pokémon League finals." Snatch smiled

Troubleasha glared "How do you even know my name?"

Snatch help up her Poke Dex.

"Hey" Troubleasha tried to grab it from the boy.

Snatch "No it's my insurance."

Troubleasha Grabbed the Boy pulling him into the bushes of the forest.

Troubleasha "If you haven't noticed I'm a special trainer. I can speak to Pokémon and heal them." she explained in a whisper "I'm not even suppose to be out in this Region. If I get caught now almost 3 mouths of work can be lost."

Snatch "Why?"

Troubleasha "Your noisy anyone ever tell you that."

"Yes." he smiled

Troubleasha "My parents just didn't want me to be a trainer, and also your annoying." She turned on her heels as Snatched tackled her.

"Wait more explaining." he shouted

"About what?" she asked

"Well are you have a partner yet?" Snatch asked smiling

"Partner?" Troubleasha sat up on the ground.

"You need a partner, and I've been looking for one." Snatch smiled But I don't have good track record I need someone who's just as fearless as me. If you let me I'll keep my mouth shut about everything."

"Everything?" Troubleasha asked

"Everything." he promised

Troubleasha smiled "Fine deal, but there's something you should know." she said stopping him from his little victory dance, and started walking away "I'm a girl." she giggled as he feel slightly.

Snatch "I know that."

Troubleasha "Sure."

Hope you like sorry it's long.