~~All you have to know is. Tech, Troubleasha, and Snatch became best friends. They got 8 badges. They meet everyone Ash did.

Troubleasha smiled looking at their 8 badges. They got them a week before the tournament, which they just arrived at.

Troubleasha "I can't believe it."

Snatch "I know."

They were standing in the auditorium where they got introduced to the people.

Suddenly a blimp crashed throw the wall.

"Prepare for trouble"

"Make that double"

"If you think we're team Rocket your wrong."

"Because we're the bandits."

"Piper." A women with long blond hair smiled


"Now give us the twerp." she pointed to Troubleasha.

Troubleasha quickly made a dash for the closest door.

Kimmy "Oh no you don't" he hit a button as a giant robotic arm grabbed her.

Snatch "Ashy!" He grabbed her arm pulling her back.

Tech "Hold on to her!" he yelled from his seat with everyone who meet Ash Ketchum who also meet Troubleasha. Everyone from every region.

Troubleasha "Who'd you losers even find me?"

Kimmy "Honey it's not hard to put the pieces together."

Troubleasha glared as Snatch was pushed and Troubleasha was pulled into the blimp.

"Papa Ice Wind!"

Papa did the attack.

Kimmy let out a Charazard "Flame thrower!"

The Flame Thrower sent Papa flying back knocked out. Troubleasha paled slightly.

Piper "Scared yet?"

Troubleasha snapped out of it "Not a chance." She took off her Poke ball necklace. She clicked the pendent as it turned into a real Poke Ball "Now Charazard Protect!"

The Giant Pokémon came out and eminently took a fighting stance.

Troubleasha ran over to her hurt Pokémon "Papa wake up."

The Pokémon stayed motionless, but slowly opened its eyes.

Suddenly the blimp turned and Troubleasha slip out and just grabbed the edge of the Blimp.

"Aw!" she yelled as her hat fell off.

Everyone went dead silent as her long raven black hair fell.

Snatch "uh, Troubleasha your hat fell off." he said worried

Troubleasha "I'm a little too busy to worry about that at this moment."

"Pikachu, Bolt tackle."

A deep voice that sent chills up Troubleasha 's spine, in her surprise she almost let go of her hold.

A Pikachu with wrinkles on the side of its eyes. Jumped off of the Bird Pokémon. On the Bird Pokémon was ASH KETCHUM.

Mr. Ketchum "Ash!" she squealed in surprise.

Papa pulled Troubleasha back up onto the blimp.

Papa "Your…"

Troubleasha "I know." she gulped

A Rope fell on The small girls head. She looked up to see Jessie and James.

Jessie "Come on up Troubleasha, I have a feeling that's going to be blasting off soon."

Troubleasha nodded returning her Pokémon and grabbing the rope.

As the 3 landed on the ground they watched with everyone else.

Suddenly they blast off. As Ash reached the ground Troubleasha tried to make a run for it.

Snatch "What's wrong the people you've been running from are gone?" he asked grabbing her arm stopping.

"Ashley Angle Ketchum!" Ash yelled

Troubleasha sighed "They weren't who I was running from."


Troubleasha "Before we start on a scale of one to ten how much trouble am I in?"


Troubleasha flinched "We'll…Sorry Daddy." she mumbled as everyone fell silent.

Ash "Why not start from the beginning, and stop with the fake voice."

Troubleasha sighed "We'll, I kind of started a Pokémon journey." Her accent was from the Ever Glades.(Kind of like a British one)

Ash rolled his eyes "No really."

Troubleasha gave a half smile "Okay I'll start from the last time we saw each other." She took a deep breath.

"The night you left I went into the Pokémon Room and took Charazard incase I needed protection. Then I switched all my bags out for what I'd need here. I looked up who first sent you out on your journey.

With all the names and everything I thought I needed when Mr. Colon dropped me off at the train station instead of going off to Mirror Hills I took a train then a boat to Pallet town.

I hacked into your email and said that you want me to have all my classes online instead of on compass. So you'd think I was there and they thought I was at home in the Ever Glades. Then I made a program that sent preloaded papers to the school I already wrote.

Then I knew my accent was totally a giveaway so I learnt to talk like people from these regions. I made sure that No one know who I really was and decided to go by my nickname until now. I also pretended to be a boy." She finished "Did I mention I'm really sorry."

Ash looked puzzled for a minute, he turned to Papa "And you let her do all this."

Papa nodded brushing his hand against Troubleasha 's hand.

Ash "I told you to keep her out of trouble and to protect her."

Troubleasha "But Daddy I'm fine." she pointed out.

Ash "but what if I wasn't here. Team Jacket could have taken you. Troubleasha have you even been taking you median. Let me ask how many times did you pass out."

Troubleasha looked down "15." she mumbled

Ash "We'll I'm glad they weren't some of your bad ones what usual happens then?"

Troubleasha looked up not meeting his eyes "Worst possibility I stop breathing and." she stopped not wanting to finish.

Ash "You could Die." he finished

Troubleasha "It's a possibility if I push my energy or I go into water."

Ash nodded "Now Come on we're bringing you to a doctor to make sure nothing's wrong."

Troubleasha nodded slowly, she turned to Snatch "I'm really sorry dud."

Professor. Oak stood in shock "I knew he…she reminded me of Ash but His daughter."

Misty "I wonder what ever happen in his life after the fight."

Tech "You'll get a chance Troubleasha told us they'd be coming back to pack her stuff."

The sun just sent when Troubleasha walked back in as she took some capsules.

Snatch handed her a water "Is he letting you compete"

Troubleasha took a quick drink as Everyone she and her father ever meet on their journeys crowded.

"I don't think so. He's pretty mad. He's talking about taking away my Pokémon for not being responsible. I can't actually blame him at this point I pulled a stupid stunt that could have killed me." she shuddered

Tech "Why'd you do it?"

Troubleasha "Tech it's a long story I'll tell you when I find out the end. I got to go pack my stuff, dad says we're heading back to the Everglades tomorrow." She started toward her room.

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