Since Pam was away on a business trip for the weekend, Emily and Paige decided to have a quiet night in with each other. The week had been especially stressful so they were happy to just order pizza and talk for the night. That's exactly what they had been doing until the subject of Jenna's party came up. Paige had mentioned that was the only time she had ever been drunk before. Which made Emily decide that they were going to drink the vodka her mom kept for special occasions. Before Paige could protest Emily was standing and making her way to the kitchen.

"My mom probably won't even notice that it's gone so don't worry about being caught!" Paige heard Emily yell from the kitchen. She didn't answer and instead just sat and waited for Emily to come back. After waiting a few more seconds she heard a bang from the kitchen and Emily walked out with a smile on her face. She was holding a bottle of vodka, two glasses, and some type of juice. She looked like she was struggling not to drop anything so Paige quickly stood up to help her. Once they managed to put everything down on the living room table Paige looked at Emily hesitantly.

"Em, I'm not really sure about this. Do you really think this is a good idea?" Paige asked as they sat down on the floor next to each other. Emily smiled at Paige and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek lightly.

"You don't have to drink if you don't want to but I promise I won't let anything bad happen. We won't get totally drunk maybe just a little tipsy." Emily whispered as Paige stared at the drinks and cups on the table. After opening and closing her mouth a few times she finally nodded and looked back to Emily. They looked at each other for a few seconds before Emily moved onto her knees and began fixing the drinks. Paige watched in silence as Emily poured a generous amount of vodka in the two cups and only a bit of orange juice. When Emily leaned back she handed Paige a glass and kept the other one for herself. Paige watched as Emily put the glass to her lips and took a big sip of it. She figured she should do the same and raised the glass to her mouth. When the liquid finally slid down her throat she felt it burn and started to cough uncontrollably. Emily quickly moved closer to her and patted her back gently until she stopped.

"Take smaller sips until you get used to it." Emily said and giggled when Paige rolled her eyes at her. Emily put her arm around Paige as they fell into a comfortable silence continuing to sip their drinks. Paige seemed to get used to her drink when she could sip it without chocking. After a few minutes Emily shifted slightly and looked down to see that Paige had finished her drink already. She quickly drank the rest of hers and removed her arm from around Paige. When Paige looked up the other girl was staring at her with a small smile on her face.

"Feeling tipsy yet?" Emily said while putting her glass onto the table in front of them. She definitely felt tipsy but didn't know how much the other girl could drink. Paige giggled with a glazed look in her eyes and shook her head no. Emily raised her eyebrows knowing the girl was lying to her.

"Ok, if you feel fine, how about we play a drinking game?" Emily said as she took Paige's glass from her and put it on the table. Paige seemed to think about it for a second before looking at Emily with a smile.

"What game are we gonna play?" Paige said while stumbling over her words a bit. Before answering Emily took the time to pour some more vodka into their cups. After putting the cap back onto the bottle she turned back towards Paige.

"We're gonna play truth or dare. If you don't answer the question or do the dare you have to take a shot." Emily explained while handing Paige's glass to her again. Paige looked down at the liquid in her cup, there was just about enough for three mouthfuls of it. She was trying to figure out if this game was really a good idea but gave up when she began to feel dizzy from thinking to hard. She figured that Emily would start so she was surprised when she looked up to Emily staring at her expectantly. She didn't want to look like an idiot in front of Emily so she quickly began the game.

"Um, truth or dare?" Paige said and watched as Emily tried to decide which to choose. After a few seconds Emily shrugged and picked truth. They both sat there gazing at each other for a few seconds waiting for Paige to ask something. The mixture of her natural urge to compete and liquor in her system made Paige's mind race to think of a good question.

"Did you ever have a crush on Aria, Spencer, or Hanna before?" Paige asked and raised her eyebrows with a smirk on her face. Emily laughed and looked down at her drink contemplating if she should just take a shot or just tell Paige the truth. After a few seconds Emily decided to just answer Paige who was now smiling knowingly.

"Well, I sort of had a tiny crush on Spencer for like a week before Ali went missing. I even acted like I enjoyed her really strong coffee when she offered it to me. For a week my teachers thought I was on drugs because I could not sit still." Emily said while shaking her head at the memory. Paige seemed to find this story really amusing because she began laughing. Emily glared at Paige and hit her with the pillow that was on the couch they were leaning on.

"Alright McCullers, truth or dare?" Emily said as the other girls laughter finally died down to a giggle. Without thinking about it Paige said dare confidently. Emily smiled mischievously. Paige saw the look on the other girls face and gulped loudly.

"I dare you to finish your drink." Emily said while pointing to the glass of vodka in Paige's hand. Paige knew, so did Emily, that if she drank all of that she would probably be way past tipsy. She could always just take a shot of it instead but she didn't want to give Emily the satisfaction of her denying the dare. So holding her breathe, she downed the drink, making her eyes water as it burned her throat. Once the glass was empty she placed it on the table and turned towards Emily triumphantly. Without even asking, Paige knew the other girl was going to choose dare to try and be as brave and competitive as she was being.

"Em, I dare you to finish your drink." Paige said starting to feel the strong affects the liquor was having on her. Emily seemed surprised for a second and then glared at Paige, finishing off her drink. The game went on for two more turns. Each of them daring each other to take a shot before Emily put her hand up in surrender.

"If we continue this game we're going to give each other alcohol poisoning." Emily said slurring her words even more now. They both had enough vodka in their systems and were looking at each other smiling. After a minute of silence Emily stumbled up and sat down onto the couch. Paige followed her and almost missed the couch as she sat.

Emily noticed how far apart they were sitting and reached out tugging Paige closer to her. Paige let herself be pulled onto Emily's lap as arms wrapped around her waist, holding her steady.

"I feel like I have barely seen you all week, I missed you." Emily whispered after resting her head on Paige's shoulder. Paige smiled and wrapped her arms around her neck pulling the other girl as close as she could. It was true, they had barely any time to even talk to each other this week with all the mid terms happening. When they were together all they were doing was studying and stressing about the swim meet on Thursday.

"I missed you, too. This week was icky and bad." Paige mumbled while running her fingers through Emily's hair. She realized in that moment that Paige was probably drunker than she was by the way she was talking. She looked up to see that Paige had her eyes closed and had a small smile on her face. She sat there taking in all of the girls features up close and decided she would never get tired of looking at Paige. The girl sitting on top of her was everything she ever wanted and more. She still couldn't bare to think about how Ali treated her and how she felt like suicide was her only option. Emily thanked God everyday the Paige refused to let Ali win and do something as drastic as to end her own life. Even though she wanted to deny it at the time, the day Paige kissed her in her car she knew it was going to change her life forever. When Maya had died Paige was nothing but supportive and held Emily every time she would begin to cry. She can't even bare the thought of ever losing Paige, she would probably die of a broken heart. Emily was suddenly pulled out of her thoughts when she felt someone shaking her shoulders.

"Em, why are you crying? What's wrong?" Paige said while tearing up herself, the liquor making it hard for her to control emotions. Emily hadn't even realized she was crying until she felt her face. She quickly looked up at Paige's glazed over eyes that had tears threatening to spill over onto her cheeks. Paige was breathing heavily and was looking really worried. She quickly wiped her face and pulled Paige closer to her trying to calm the drunk girl down before she began crying.

"Paige I fine, It's ok. I just got lost in my thoughts and didn't realize I was crying. It's ok, alright?" Emily said while gently rocking Paige back and forth. After a second she felt Paige nod and pull back from her. Luckily she wasn't crying but she still had a concerned look on her face.

"What were you thinking about?" Paige asked while lacing their fingers together on her lap. Emily looked at their conjoined hands and smiled. She figured is was best not to bring up her thoughts to Paige right now.

"I'll tell you later, I promise." Paige looked hesitant for a second before shaking her head in agreement. She knew any other time she would beg Emily to tell her what was upsetting her but right now she could barely even remember what they were talking about. Emily could tell that the liquor had fully kicked in with Paige now because she was swaying lightly. So after a few more seconds Emily tapped Paige on her leg signaling her to stand up. Paige didn't get the message and tapped Emily on the cheek, giggling like a little kid. Emily laughed as she noticed that Paige was definitely a happy drunk.

"Come on, we're gonna go upstairs now, ok?" Emily whispered as Paige smiled at her and finally stood up on shaky legs. Emily hadn't realized how drunk she really was until she stood up and seemed to stumble as much as Paige was. It took them a few minutes till they finally made it to the bottom of the steps, laughing all the way there. When they began their journey up the steps they practically just crawled up them. They bumped into each other a few times until they finally reached the top. Once they were in the hallway they slid along the wall all the way to Emily's room. When Emily opened the door to her room for them Paige stumbled over to the window seat and sat down. Emily stood there for a second looking at Paige with her eyebrows raised, trying to keep her balance.

"Em, you're my favorite person ever." Paige said while giggling as Emily stumbled to the left a little bit. Emily figured it would be best to sit down before she injured herself. So she made her way over to Paige and sat down next to her.

"Well, you're my favorite, too." Emily stated and moved over to Paige and wrapped her arms around her. Without realizing it, she put her head on Paige's collar bone and looked down to a perfect view of her girlfriend's cleavage. She instantly felt her face heat up but couldn't draw her eyes away. They had seen each other in various states of undress in the locker rooms but it still seemed to take Emily's breathe away. She knew that Paige had low self esteem but she could not understand why. The girl was beautiful in every way a person could be beautiful. Sometimes, she thought about what it was gonna be like when her and Paige finally make love for the first time. She fooled around a couple times with Maya but she could never really call it making love. She knew that when they finally took that step in their relationship that it would be perfect no matter what. But, she had doubts in the back of her mind always nagging at her. Does she turn Paige on? Or does Paige just pretend to like it when they get intimate with each other? The thoughts were always there when their hands wandered or when their make out sessions became intense.

"Paige?" Emily whispered causing Paige to look down at her. "When we kiss and stuff do you get, um, turned on?" Emily asked, sort of mumbling out the last part of the sentence. She knew that she would never have asked that question if she was sober. Paige's eyes widened in surprise as she blushed and looked away from Emily's eyes. Even with the alcohol in her system the question was still embarrassing for her to answer.

"Uh, well, of course I do, Em, you're beautiful. When we kiss in school I have trouble controlling my hormones. I just want to throw you up against the lockers and make out with you. Who wouldn't be turned on by kissing you?" Paige said forgetting her embarrassment when she realized that this actually worried the other girl. Emily smiled at Paige's confession and could tell by they way she was acting that she wasn't lying. So, after a few seconds of silence, Emily leaned forward and kissed the sensitive spot behind the other girl's ear. Paige closed her eyes and let out a whimper in surprise. Emily continued her assault on the girl's neck as she moved her hand onto Paige's jean clad thigh. The brunette didn't seem to notice the other girl's hand, to distracted by Emily's mouth on her neck and ear. Her breathing was getting heavier and the alcohol made her skin feel even more sensitive than usual. After a few more seconds Emily stood up carefully and held out her hand to Paige. In a daze, Paige allowed herself to be pulled up and taken over to the bed. Emily pushed her shoulders lightly until she was sitting on the edge of the bed staring up at Emily.

Emily moved so she was standing between Paige's legs and leaned down so she was face to face with her. Her hands were on both sides of the bed trapping Paige beneath her. She could see the love in Paige's eyes and finally leaned down and kissed her. The kiss started off slow as Paige wrapped her arms around Emily's neck, holding her in place. Kissing Emily was something that would definitely never get old. After a minute of slow closed mouth kisses Emily lost patience and licked the girl's lower lip, asking for entrance. Paige opened her mouth and felt Emily's tongue quickly find hers as they fought for dominance. While, Emily had to keep her hands on the bed to support her weight, Paige's hands were free to touch Emily. She ran her hands up and down the girl's sides and felt her sigh into the kiss. They continued on like that for a couple of minutes before Emily started to feel herself losing control. She pushed Paige back onto the bed and moved up to straddle her. The other girl was surprised at the sudden change for a second before moving her hands to Emily's waist. They stared at each other before Emily leaned in and connected their lips again.

If she knew this was gonna happen Paige would have gotten drunk ages ago. As their tongues continued to battle the kisses became more frantic and passionate. Emily had moved her hand under the other girl's shirt and was dragging her nails down the smooth skin she found there. Which caused Paige's back to arch off the bed and groan into the kiss. Paige felt every ounce of her self control disappear as Emily moved back to her neck. When she noticed that Emily was completely relaxed on top of her she smiled to herself. Without giving Emily anytime to react she quickly flipped their positions so she was on top. Emily pouted up at her when she realized what the other girl had done. She ignored the look and grabbed Emily's hands pinning them above her head. Before she could see the other girl's reaction she leaned down and bit gently on her collar bone. She heard Emily let out a loud groan as she bucked her hips upward. Paige continued to bite and lick at Emily's collar bone as the other girl squirmed under her. When Paige finally pulled away she looked up to see Emily's eyes were a darker shade than usual. When Paige finally let go of the other girls wrist she felt her hips being pulled down. She knew the other girl was trying to get as much friction as she could and was becoming increasingly frustrated.

"Em, we're both drunk right now. I don't want this to be how our first time happens." Paige stated as Emily let out a sigh knowing she was right. They didn't want to do something in the heat of the moment and then regret it later. Paige looked down disappointed and rolled off Emily. She laid down next to her and looked over to see Emily looking like she was about to cry. She rolled over and held herself up by her arm, looking down at Emily.

"What's wrong?" Paige asked as she rested her hand on the girl's tense stomach. Emily looked down at the hand on her stomach and then up at Paige's concerned face.

"I'm just really sexually frustrated. I feel like such a hormonal teenage boy." She said while lacing her fingers with Paige's hand. Paige let out a laugh and squeezed Emily's hand lightly. She stayed silent and watched as Emily continued to stare of into space, deep in thought. Suddenly Emily sat up and pushed Paige onto her back and climbed back on top of her. Paige didn't know how to react so she just stared up at Emily waiting for some explanation. After a few seconds of Emily looking like she was having an internal battle she finally spoke.

"I feel like I'm going to explode." Was all Emily said before leaning down and kissing Paige softly. "Can we just keep kissing?" Emily said trying not to let the desperation creep into her voice. Paige wrapped her arms around the girl's neck and pulled her face down. As soon as she nodded she felt Emily's lips back on hers. Their tongues were in each others mouths in seconds. The kiss was passionate and they practically picked up where they left off at. Emily and Paige were like two magnets. No matter what, they could always feel themselves being pulled back together. Emily started moving her hips without realizing it and groaned at the little bit of friction she created. When Paige heard the animalistic groan that left Emily's throat something inside her snapped. As they continued to kiss Paige grabbed Emily's hips and roughly repositioned the girl on top of her. Emily ended up straddling one of the other girl's legs with her knee pressed into Paige. They leaned back from their kiss looking at each other, both making sure the other was ok with this. After seeing no hesitation they both leaned in and continued their heated kiss.

After a few seconds Emily was the first to start moving her hips into the girl's thigh roughly. She pulled away from the kiss and buried her face into Paige's neck. Paige could hear Emily groaning against her neck as she tried to hold in her own moans. To try and maintain some sense of control she grabbed onto Emily's hips and started to kiss her neck. Even though they weren't having sex Paige knew that this was pretty close to it. So she wanted this to be about Emily and not herself. The alcohol they had drank had worn off a lot by now so she wanted this experience to be somewhat special for Emily. As Emily's movements became quicker Paige lifted her leg creating more friction for her. Paige found it increasingly difficult to keep a level head with Emily's knee grinding into her. They moved together and the only sounds that filled the room was their groans and whimpers. Emily had a death grip of the sheets and could feel her stomach clench in anticipation. She forced eyes open to glance back up at Paige's face and saw that she had her eyes closed and mouth tightly shut. She looked like she was trying to stay in control of her situation instead of just relaxing and letting go. Emily forced her hips to slow down and get Paige's attention, who struggled to open her eyes.

"Paige it's okay to just enjoy this." Emily whispered trying not to stutter or groan in the middle of her sentence. Paige nodded but her face read that she wasn't going to listen. So Emily picked up her speed again and made sure to dig her knee roughly into Paige. She refused to let herself give into the pleasure running through her body before Paige did. Emily knew Paige was about to lose it so she moved her knee as hard as she could on the girl's covered center. Paige continued to try and fight it but it was no use.

"Em, I think I..." Paige couldn't even stutter out the rest of her sentence as her orgasm hit her hard. Paige continued to shake and groaned out Emily's name. But it fell on deaf ears because Emily was being hit with her own orgasm. They both shook and held onto each other as waves of pleasure crashed over both of them. After a few more seconds they looked up at each other, both breathing heavily. Emily didn't even bother moving and just laid down half on top of Paige. They stayed in silence for a few minutes until both of them had calmed down enough to talk.

"Paige, that was..."Emily whispered, not able to find the right words. She felt Paige lace their fingers together and kiss her on the forehead. After a few minutes Emily had figured Paige had fallen asleep. So she was surprised when she heard Paige's raspy whisper.

"What were you thinking about earlier that made you cry?" Pagie asked and Emily smiled. Even as Paige was falling asleep she was still thinking about Emily's emotional well being. Emily stayed quiet for a few seconds before answering.

"I was just thinking about how Alison treated you and how you had no one to turn to. I just wish I could go back in time and stop it from ever happening." Emily whispered, tears beginning to well up again. Paige pulled her closer and started to comb her fingers through the other girl's hair.

"It's ok now. That's all in the past and I'm stronger now because of it. I'm not alone anymore and I'm finally happy for once." Paige said forcing herself to stay awake. She felt Emily shift and smiled as the girl kissed her lightly on the lips. As she laid back against Paige she felt her body begging her to go to sleep. After a minute or two she looked up to Paige who was already sound asleep. She gently lifted her hand and moved some stray hairs from Paige's face.

"I love you, Paige McCullers." Emily whispered, finally letting her body shut down and go to sleep. Emily could have sworn she heard "I love you, too" being said before falling asleep in her girlfriend's arms.