I decided to make this into a two shot since everybody seemed to like it so much. I don't think this is as long as the first part but I just wanted it to end a bit differently.

Emily awoke the next morning with a pounding in her head. After a few seconds of still being half asleep, the events of last night came rushing back to her. She could remember the game of truth or dare but everything after that was sort of fuzzy. The only thing she did remember clearly was what her and Paige had done on her bed. That was something that she would definitely not be forgetting anytime soon. They had never been so intimate with each other before. It made her feel so connected to Paige that it overwhelmed her a little. She ignored her throbbing head and looked up to Paige who was still peacefully asleep.

The girl's eyes were shut and she was letting out slow even breathes. Emily stared at the girl for a few minutes knowing that she was going to wake up with a hangover, too. So, after a couple seconds of struggling to break free of Paige's hold on her, she stood up. The pain in her head increased when she reached up and stretched her arms above her head. After stretching her stiff muscles she realized that her bladder felt like it was going to explode. Ignoring the nauseous feeling in her stomach, she took off towards the bathroom down the hall. When she made it to the bathroom she didn't even bother turning on the lights, knowing it would sting her eyes.

After She was finished, she flushed the toilet and made her way over to the cabinet over the sink. Since her mom was so protective there was always a large amount of medicine, band-aids, and other healing products in there. She opened the cabinet door and started to rummage through all the bottles and boxes. When she finally came across the aspirin she took four out, two for her and two for Paige. She put the box back in and closed the cabinet, making her way back to her room.

As she walked back in she smiled at the sight of Paige curled up with her pillow still fast asleep. Emily walked over to her bed side table and placed two of the aspirin down quietly. Still holding her own aspirin, she made her way out of her room again. This time walking down the steps and into the living room. She looked at the table where the vodka, orange juice, and glasses still sat in the same spot they had left them. Instead of picking the stuff up she just shrugged her shoulders and continued into the kitchen. She cringed when the cold tile floor in the kitchen touched her feet. Ignoring the urge to go back upstairs and fall back asleep, she made her way to the cabinets over the sink.

After finding two glasses she put ice in them and filled both with water. She quickly put the aspirin she was holding in her mouth and chugged half of her water. Not bothering to bring her water, she made her way back up the steps to Paige. When she entered her room the girl was still laying in the same position she was the last time. She walked over to the bed side table and placed the water next to the aspirins she had put there earlier. Emily figured that she should wake Paige up since the poor girl was gonna wake up with a hangover sooner or later anyway. So, Emily crawled onto the bed until she was sitting crossed legged with Paige's back turned towards her. She reached out and moved her hand to rest on Paige's upper arm, shaking her lightly. Paige groaned and just snuggled farther into Emily's pillow. Emily laughed softly and figured she would have to try harder to get the hung over girl awake.

"Paige, time to get up! We're late for swim practice!" Emily yelled while shaking the sleeping girl a little rougher. Paige's eyes popped open as she sat up in one swift motion, looking around the room frantically. She was brought out of her panic when she heard laughter coming from next to her. Yesterday came rushing back to her and she realized that is was Saturday and they didn't have swim practice. She turned to look at Emily who was staring at her trying to hold in her laughter.

"Not funny, Fields." Paige said while sitting up all the way, noticing how much her head was hurting. When Emily's laughing finally died down she leaned over to grab the water and aspirin from where it was sitting. Paige noticed what she was holding and took it letting out a quick 'thanks'. Paige took the two pills and chugged most of the water, like Emily had done earlier. After Emily took back the glass, placing it on the table, Paige put her head in her hands.

"Remind me to never drink again. I feel worse than I did at Jenna's party and I fell into a table there." Paige said while Emily rolled her eyes, knowing they would end up drinking again at some point. They sat in silence as Paige waited for the medicine to kick in. Paige was trying to remember everything that happened last night but she was finding the task difficult. She had no idea how they had even made it to Emily's room. But, she definitely remembered her and Emily getting all hot and heavy. This was very new in their relationship but she certainly wasn't complaining about it. While being lost in a flashback of last night she didn't notice Emily stand up and call her name. When she finally snapped out of it she saw Emily waving her hands in front of her face.

"Are you still drunk?" Emily said, laughing, when she saw she had Paige's attention. Paige rolled her eyes and quickly stood up, too. Without saying anything Emily grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room. They walked down the steps and into the living room. Paige smiled when they passed by the alcohol sitting on the table. As they entered the kitchen Emily let go of her hand and turned towards her.

"So why are we standing in the kitchen, Em?" Paige said, smiling, as Emily leaned from one foot to the other in front of her.

"We are going to make breakfast together." Emily said and Paige just raised her eyebrows. She knew that Emily was a sucker for romance so this didn't really surprise her.

"Whatever you say. But remember when you tried to make that pizza and almost burned the house down?" Paige said while moving forward and wrapping her arms around Emily's shoulders. Emily laughed and reciprocated by encircling her arms around Paige's waist, pulling her close.

"Ok, that pizza box said to leave it in until it was crispy. That's exactly what I did and all the sudden the oven was smoking." Emily defended and rested her forehead on Paige's shoulder. Paige shook her head and started running her fingers through Emily's hair.

"Sure, blame it on the pizza box." Paige whispered getting distracted by Emily being wrapped around her. The same thing seemed to be happening to Emily because she didn't even answer back. They stood there just holding each other with Paige massaging Emily's scalp lightly. After a few more peaceful minutes Emily pulled back and clapped her hands together.

"Let's get cooking!" Emily yelled while making her way to where all the pans were kept. Paige followed behind her and watched her pull out a medium sized pan. After placing it on the stove she turned around and smiled at Paige.

"I need butter, two eggs, and pieces of bacon." Emily said while pointing to the fridge behind her. Paige saluted and then made her way to the fridge to get the ingredients. Meanwhile, Emily turned on the burner to heat up the pan to melt the butter. Once Paige found everything she made her way back over to Emily with full hands. As Paige carefully placed everything down on the table, Emily cut off a piece of the butter and let it melt in the pan. After it sizzled for a few minutes Paige cracked the eggs and dropped them into the pan of butter.

"We should open a restaurant." Emily said as Paige moved to the trash can to throw the egg shells away. She laughed at Emily's suggestion as she walked back over to her.

"Yeah, I'm sure that would work. Do you even know how to use a can opener?" Paige said, teasingly, even though she was pretty sure Emily really didn't know how to work one. Emily just ignored her question and stuck her tongue out at Paige. They continued to cook together in peaceful silence, kissing each other every so often. When everything was finally finished cooking they put it on plates and took it to the counter to eat. Emily smiled when she glanced over to Paige who was eating her bacon like she hadn't eaten in months. It was the small things like these that made Emily fall more and more in love with Paige everyday. She thought back to last night when she had told a sleeping Paige that she loved her. Emily could have sworn that she heard an 'I love you' back but it was probably just her mind playing tricks on her. She knew that Paige had strong feelings for her but she just didn't know how strong yet. Paige had never given up on trying to win Emily's heart. Like the time when she had told Emily the story of her grandpop's tattoo. Emily was feeling completely depressed and alone and Paige had made her laugh, washing away her sadness. Suddenly, Emily heard talking and came back from her daydreams to see she had been staring at Paige the whole time.

"Em, you alright there? You've been watching me eat for like the last three minutes." Paige said, continuing to wave her hand in front of Emily's oblivious face. When Emily finally snapped out of it she smiled and shook her head.

"I'm fine. You're just a very distracting person, McCullers." Emily answered while starting to eat the rest of her food. Paige just raised her eyebrows in confusion. After a few seconds of silence Paige turned herself fully towards Emily.

"I am definitely not a distracting person. You are." Paige stated while swiveling the chair back and forth lightly. Emily laughed and turned so she was facing the other girl's seat.

"How am I the more distracting one?" Emily said while crossing her arms and smirking. Paige just rolled her eyes and smiled back.

"You distract me everywhere. Like, at swim practice. It's very hard to concentrate when you're prancing around in a bathing suit. Also school, it's hard to focus because you bite your lip whenever you don't understand something. Therefore, you are more distracting than me." Paige stated while gesturing wildly with her hands. Emily just sat still and stared at her in amusement before speaking up.

"Whatever you say, Paige, but, I still think you're more distracting. Everything you do makes me fall more in love with you." Emily answered, without even realizing what she had just confessed. When she realized what she had said she quickly looked up to Paige who was staring at her in shock. Emily just continued to stare back in fear.

Paige was lost in her own thoughts oblivious to the silence that had surrounded them. Emily Fields was in love with her. That statement was to much for Paige to even wrap her head around. She had feelings for this girl since she had seen her that first day in school. Emily had helped her come out and finally learn how to accept herself. Paige knew that Emily could have gave up on her a long time ago but she never did. Now, here she sat in Emily's kitchen, being told by Emily that she loved her. When she realized that she had said anything in over a minute she quickly looked to Emily. The girl looked like she was about to cry and was looking down at the floor.

"Em, look at me." Paige whispered but Emily ignored her request. So, Paige stood up, walked over to Emily, and wrapped her arms around her waist. Emily didn't respond at first but eventually encircled her arms around Paige's neck tightly. The position they were in was sort of awkward since Emily was sitting but Paige didn't care. Emily just continued to nuzzle her head into Paige's neck still refusing to make eye contact.

"That first night I kissed you in your car I knew, no matter what happened, I was going to fall in love with you. After everything that we've been through together I never would've guessed our relationship would've survived. But it did, and I have never loved somebody as much as I love you." Paige whispered, smiling into Emily's hair. Emily started crying softly and pulled Paige as close as she could to her. They stayed like that for a minute as Emily's tears subsided. When Emily finally pulled her head back to look at Paige she was surprised how much love she saw in the other girl's eyes. They stayed there just smiling at each other until Emily moved forward and captured Paige's mouth in a passionate kiss. Their tongues quickly entered each other's mouths as they fought for dominance. Eventually, Emily stood up and started pushing Pagie backwards towards the stairs. It took them a while because they both refused to stop kissing long enough to reach the bottom of the steps. When they finally reached their destination Emily reluctantly pulled her lips away from Paige's.

"My mom won't be home until tomorrow. So, I figured we should use this opportunity before she enforces the open door policy again. " Emily whisper, still trying to catch her breathe. Paige's smile widened and she entwined their fingers.

"I think that's a perfect idea." Paige answered, feeling Emily tug her up the steps to spend the rest of the night together.