Author's Note : I decided to write the prologue of both 'Detective's Case' and 'The Switch' to give you a taste of what you're getting. Please read both. They're only going to be short. Then, vote on the poll and I'll see what you guys want!

Detective's Case : Prologue

"Y-you can't do this..!"

"And why not? You stole my parent's life, now you're paying the price."

"But you don't understand! That wasn't me! I-it was-"

"That's right. It wasn't you. It was all of you! Every miserable, stinking person on this filthy, rotten island! Each one of you stole their lives! But no more... I want my revenge... I will get my revenge!"

"B-but, it wasn't us! I-it couldn't have been stopped..."

"Stop lying to me! I know what happened, dammit! I was there! I know everything! And if it wasn't for you-all of you!-well, lets just say... Your fate would be very different. And soon, very soon, everyone will taste it. Their true fate and... their true faces... Murderers..."


The trigger was pulled. A gunshot ran through the dark forest and, afterwards, an earth-shattering scream. A dead body fell to the ground.

"Maybe, just maybe, the devil will have pity on your soul."

The culprit spat on the dead body and retreated into the darkness, gun swinging from their hand.