This is my second Penguins of Madagascar story. I've based this story on some of the references to events (ones I made up, not references to the TV show) in my previous story. So this is kind of a prequel. Hope you all enjoy it! Please review!

Kowalski stared at the circuit board but nothing seemed to make sense. He stood up and started to pace the room. He should have come up with better options. He could think of hundreds now, but when it happened, his brain just seemed to stop working. He stopped pacing. It wasn't his fault, it was Skipper's! Skipper's bad leadership had gotten him in the position where there was only one possible option. Kowalski stormed out of the lab and into the main living area, where Rico and Skipper were playing a board game and private was watching the Lunicorns. Kowalski marched directly up to Skipper, grabbed him by the neck and slammed him against the wall. "Why, Skipper. How could you do that?" Kowalski shouted at the shorter penguin. Skipper promptly kicked Kowalski in the stomach, causing the scientist to release his grip, falling to the ground. Skipper looked down at Kowalski than at the rest of the team. "Private, Rico, how about you get us some snow cones." The two penguins nodded and left. It was obvious Kowalski needed some time alone.

"Kowalski, I understand that what happened last week upset you, but you can't shut yourself up in the lab then blame me when you can't take the pressure." Skipper resumed his seat at the table. Kowalski followed suit.
"It was your poor leadership that led to that kitten's death, not my options!" Kowalski stood up and started to pace the room.
"Kowalski, maybe I did do the wrong thing, and for that I'm sorry..."
"Sorry isn't enough, Skipper."
"Well, its the best I've got. I can't bring him back from the dead." Kowalski rushed towards the lab. "Maybe Skipper cant bring him back, but I know science can!" the desperate penguin thought. Kowalski wrote various mathematical equations on his white board, planning his latest idea, but no matter what he did he couldn't seem to find a way to get the machine to work. After a few minutes Skipper spoke, "Kowalski, you need to learn to let go."
"I need to let go? No Skipper, I won't rest until I bring her back."
"Kowalski, before you do something you regret, lets just talk about what happened. It might make you feel better." Kowalski continued to work on the invention.
"That was an order, soldier. I can't have you moping about the lab on an impossible mission for the rest of your life." Kowalski put down the marker and faced Skipper. "You know what happened. You were there."
"Just tell me how you saw it."

1800 Yesterday
"Alright boys, Operation: raid the weapons lab before Hans can is a go." Skipper announced to the three penguins standing to attention before him, "Kowalski, options." Kowalski stood up in front of the group. He placed a map of the secret weapons facility on the stand.
"At 1825 hours a pizza delivery van will pass by the zoo. It is, in fact, a highly armed super-spy pizza delivery van..."
"So is it the van or the pizzas that are highly armed, Kowalski? Private interrupted.
"Both. Moving on. The van is delivering the pizzas to the very weapons lab Hans will be breaking in to. All we have to do is hide in the pizza delivery van and it will drive us directly into the the main complex. From there, all we have to do is enter the vault, which will be child's play."

1848 Yesterday
"Your right, Kowalski, it was pretty easy. Too easy." However, Skipper's paranoia faded into the background as soon as he took his first look at the weapons the vault contained.
"Hoover dam!"
"Hubble's toothbrush!"
"Hallo Skipper, my old frenemy!" All three penguins wheeled around to see the deranged puffin standing directly behind them. "Thank you Skipper, for clearing the traps for me."
"Egad!" The four penguins jumped into a fighting stance, Rico regurgitating a stick of dynamite.
"Kaboom?" Rico asked motioning towards the puffin.
"ARE YOU INSANE!" Kowalski shouted at Rico, automatically regretting his choice of words, "Half the weapons in this room are filled with high explosives! You'll blow us all to bits."
"Aw." Rico swallowed the unlit stick of dynamite.
"Anyway," the puffin rolled his eyes, "Shall we get to the point."
"Yeah. Rico, fish me!" Skipper held out his flipper.
"I do not have time for fish fighting today, Skipper." Hans darted across the room, the penguins in pursuit. He grabbed a prototype plasma disintegration, firing at the penguins behind him as he jumped off a stack of crates, over the penguins heads, and towards the door. The penguins started to follow when the crates began to collapse.'
"Evasive!" Shouted Skipper. The penguins dodged the falling crates, and resumed chase. Because of the distraction, Hans had a good head start. The penguins chased the deranged bird out of the facility, dodging guards, security cameras, and lasers.

It took them several minutes to catch up to Hans in their commandeered vehicle. They were chasing Hans through the streets of Manhattan when Hans took a wrong turn and crashed into a dumpster. He jumped out of the car. The good news: the only other person on the street hadn't been hit by the car. She was a fluffy, white, and obviously domesticated kitten. The bad news: Hans saw her too. He pointed the plasma blaster at the kitten. The four penguins stopped the car, and got out on the opposite side of the car to Hans, giving them cover from the plasma blaster.
"Well, well, Skipper. It would seem that I have the upper hand. Make one move against me, and I shoot the kitten." Hans shouted victoriously.
"Kowalski, options!"