Ronnie has been in prison for 2 years and has just gotten out.

Ronnie and Roxy were joking about at the club. They were holding a party at the club to welcome Ronnie back. Everyone was there. Roxy realised just how much she missed her sister and was glad that she was back.

They were both drinking. Then a girl about 12-13 walked into the club. She hide behind a pilar and looked about. She knew who she was longing for and noticed her. She slowly walked up to her from behind.

" Mum" The young girl called.

Everyone turned around and stared at her.

" Lexi" Ronnie called. She then opened her arms and Lexi ran into them. The young girl was wearing a pair of grey joggers and a black vest top. She ran up to Ronnie and fell into Ronnie's arm. Ronnie continued cuddling her little girl before picking the girl up. The little girl wrapped her legs around her mothers waist. And she carried her into the office.

Once in the office. Ronnie sat down on the sofa and Lexi moved her legs so she was know sitting on her mum's knee.

" Baby, I'm so glad you are here" Ronnie said. Snuggling her head into her daughter's soft long blonde hair.

" Can I ask you why you can to find me? And how?" Ronnie asked.

" Cause I just really need my mum right now and it was really easy cause all I had to do was sneak into the office and find my file." Lexi said.

" Okay, why do you need me just now?" Ronnie asked softly.

Lexi just shrugged her shoulders. " It's just hard just now. You know like growing up and stuff and I don't get on with my foster parents or carers." Lexi said.

" Oh okay." Ronnie said." Just remember you can talk to me about anything."

With that Lexi snuggled into Ronnie even more.

" Mum, they don't know that I'm here" Lexi mumbled into Ronnie's top.

" What, you just left" Ronnie said

" Yeah, I had to get out" Lexi said.

" Why? why did you need to get out ?" Ronnie said loudly obiviously annoyed at her daughter.

" Because he..." Lexi stopped suddenly realising what she had said.

" He what" Ronnie said.

Lexi turned aroundto face away from Ronnie and Ronnie realised she had pushed her daughter to far. She turned Lexi around.

" Lex, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it" Ronnie said. " What did he do, Lex, tell me please."

" He tried to rape me" Lexi said. Starting to cry. Ronnie was in shock. She pulled lexi into a hug and rocked her daughter telling her it was going to be okay. And that she would look after her.

" Do you want to talk about it" Ronnie asked. Lexi slightly nodded.

Ronnie encouraged Lexi on. " What did he do?"

" He came into my room and I was doing my homework. I saw him come in and close the door. I just kept working. He came up behind me and pulled me back onto the bed. She pulled my joggers off but I had my leotard on from dancing. He started pulling at the straps trying to get it off. It was horrible. Then he got it off. He unzipped his trousers and got on top of me and tried to pull my pants down. I was holding them up and then I kicked over and he fell on the ground and then I ran and ran" Lexi said starting to cry again. Ronnie pulled her into a hug.

" I feel sick" Lexi said and with that she got up. Ronnie quickly directed her to the tiolet next to her office. Where she throw up. Ronnie held her hair back. She also felt sick after thinking about what had happened with Lexi. After that she decided it was time to go. They were currently staying in Roxy's flat. Ronnie went and told Roxy and Roxy said she was coming too.

They all left. They arrived at the flat and as it was late they just got ready for bed. Ronnie got Lexi a baggy top and let her go and get changed while she went and made some cups of tea. Lexi was just going to sleep in her joggers and then Ronnie's baggy top. Once Lexi was ready she went and sat down with Roxy while Ronnie got changed. Ronnie also phoned the care home to tell them Lexi had run away from her foster home and was now at hers. Then they went and had cups of tea. After y finished they went to bed. Ronnie and Lexi slept in the double bed. Then cuddled up and quickly fell asleep.

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