The following day, Lexi walked down the stairs to have breakfast. She was confused when she noticed Andy sitting with them. She walked over to her mother and stood behind her. Ronnie pulled her arm and encouraged her into the seat beside her.

"I'll deal with it, I promise" Ronnie said kissing the girl on the head as she sat down. Lexi nodded, she did trust her mother.

She ate in silence before heading up the stairs. Ronnie left the room to speak to Lexi.

"Mum" Lexi asked as Ronnie walked into the girl's bedroom. Ronnie nodded and sat down on the bed.

"Now I am going to find out what is going on" Ronnie said and Lexi nodded.

"I need you and the other children to go with Auntie Roxy for the day" Ronnie explained and Lexi looked at her mum.

"Don't worry baby, you will be safe with Roxy" Ronnie said and Lexi nodded.

"Wil you be okay with Andy though?" Lexi asked.

"You don't need to worry about me" Ronnie said and Lexi shrugged.

"Come on baby" Ronnie said encouraging the girl to stand up.

Lexi stood up as her mother pulled her up and moved over to the bathroom to get ready.

Once she was ready, Lexi headed out with her mother to find her aunt.

"Rox, can you keep an eye on the kids today?" Ronnie asked.

"But I'm working" Roxy complained.

"I need to do something" Ronnie said before running off.

"What's going on with her?" Roxy asked and Lexi shrugged.

Lexi was very quiet the whole time.

"Roxy, you can get off if you want?" Donna said and Roxy nodded thanking her.

They headed back to the Roxy's allowing the others to go and play.

"So what is up with you?" Roxy asked as Lexi sat with Matthew on her knee. She shrugged.

"It must be something" Roxy said.

"I'm worried about my mum" Lexi admitted.

"Why?" Roxy asked.

"Because I don't trust Andy" Lexi explained.

"Why don't you?" Roxy asked.

"Because I just don't" Lexi said.

"There must be a reason?" Roxy said and Lexi shrugged.

"He took us to Telford" Lexi said and Roxy was confused.

"Why?" Roxy asked and Lexi shrugged.

"Mum is trying to figure out why" Lexi explained.

"What did you do?" Roxy asked.

"We went to see this guy" Lexi explained and Roxy nodded.

"What did you do with him?" Roxy asked.

"Just spoke to him. It was Andy's dad, he kept speaking about how alike I was to mum" Lexi explained and Roxy nodded confused.

"Right, that was Jack. We need to get back to your house" Roxy said and Lexi nodded as she helped her aunt to get all the children together.

They arrived back at Ronnie's and walked in.

"Listen baby, I promise that I will explain to you what has happened but I really need you to be a good girl and go up the stairs just now" Ronnie said and Lexi nodded.

"Good girl, I love you" Ronnie said kissing the girl on the head.

Lexi was desperate to find out what was going on but she did trust her mother to explain to her exactly what has happened.

Lexi lay in her bed, she could hear the voices of her mum, Jack and Roxy speaking down the stairs.

She waited patiently for her mother to return.

"Sweetie" Ronnie said as she softly opened the door. Lexi looked up at her mother.

"Mum, what's going on?" Lexi asked.

"Well, I don't think Andy is a threat" Ronnie explained and Lexi looked at her.

"Then what is going on?" Lexi asked.

"He is Danielle's brother" Ronnie said and Lexi looked at her.

"I don't want to get rid of him" Ronnie said. "I want to find out everything about her through him"

Lexi shrugged.

"Mum, is he the person who sent you the death threats?" Lexi asked and Ronnie nodded.

"He is dangerous" Lexi said and Ronnie shook her head.

"You don't need to worry about him. He was just hurting, just like when he threatened you. He was just scared and he couldn't stop thinking about Dan. He blames himself" Ronnie explained and Lexi shrugged.

"I don't know" Lexi said unsure.

"Baby, I will never put you in danger baby girl" Ronnie said and Lexi nodded.

"I know but I just. I feel that he should leave maybe it will make things easier" Lexi said and Ronnie shrugged.

"But don't you want to find out about Danielle?" Ronnie Asked and Lexi nodded.

"I do, but I just can't explain it" Lexi said and Ronnie nodded understanding where her daughter was coming from.

"Listen, I am going to speak to him and sort things out, okay" Ronnie explained and Lexi nodded.

"I'll go and find him" Ronnie said.

Lexi sighed. Again she was stuck in her bedroom. She sat in silence. She could hear people moving about down the stairs. She decided to call Kieran just to speak to him. She just needed someone to listen to her speaking, maybe it would make things seem more real. Speaking to Kieran really helped and at the end of the conversation, Lexi felt a lot better.

Ronnie then returned to her room.

"Are you okay now?" She asked and Lexi nodded.

"I spoke to Kieran and I feel a lot better now" She explained and Ronnie smiled.

"I'm glad" Ronnie said smiling.

"Well, Andy has decided to leave" Ronnie explained and Lexi nodded. She was glad, it made things less complicated which she was glad about.

"Can I get a cuddle? It has been a long day" Ronnie said and Lexi smiled.

"I will always give you a cuddle" Lexi said smiling.

"I'm glad" Ronnie said as she snuggled up with her daughter. She was so lucky to have such an amazing daughter and hoped that Lexi realised how amazing she was.

"I am so lucky to have you" Ronnie said and Lexi smiled.

"I know you are" Lexi said and Ronnie laughed.

"And I am lucky to have you too mum" Lexi said and Ronnie smiled. She loved her baby girl with all her heart and couldn't imagine life without her.