Chapter 24

The waiting was killing everyone. Korsak and Frost were taking turns pacing back and forth in Cavanaugh's office. Cavanaugh sat stoically trying to act like he was reading a report. Every noise they heard the three instinctively went for their phones thinking that it would be the call. And they waited. Finally, Cavanaugh's phone rang. He answered it on the half ring.

"Cavanaugh." And he was quiet. Listening. And then he closed his eyes. Korsak and Frost both saw it. Both stood immediately. "Ok." And he hung up the phone. He looked at his two detectives. "There was a complication. She's being air-lifted to Mass General."

All three ran out of the station. Two headed to the hospital. One headed to find Maura.

The knock on the door told Maura more than she wanted to know before she even answered it. She opened it and Korsak didn't have to say anything more than, "She's being airlifted to Mass General."

Maura steadied herself for a second but composed herself quickly. She turned to Angela who was about to greet Vince until she saw the look that was both their faces.

"What happened to Jane?" She too knew something was wrong.

"Angela, she's being transported to Mass General," Maura tried to explain. "We need to get to the hospital."

"Oh my God! What happened?" and she looked at Vince with a mother's eyes demanding information.

"She's been stabbed. That's all I know right now. I came to get you two. We need to head out."

So the three of them headed out to Mass General. Vince and Maura Stared out the windows. Angela was stifling tears. All three were eerily quiet. All three were hoping she was going to be ok. They arrived at Mass General and found their way to where Cavanaugh and Frost were standing and pacing.

"Sean, how is she?" Angela was the first to get out the question.

"She's in surgery right now. That's all they will tell us. She was stabbed in the abdomen. They are worried about the blood loss and what organs may be been injured. They said someone will come out with an update as soon as they can."

Maura nodded. She was mentally going through the injuries an abdomen stab wound could inflict. She wouldn't let herself picture that it was Jane that was injured. She couldn't do that but she needed to let her mind get an understanding of what Jane was facing.

Cavanaugh pulled Maura aside. "Maura, I'm sorry. Doyle is dead. He was shot and killed by one of the prison guards after he attacked Jane."

Angela heard this and looked at Maura. "Doyle? Patrick Doyle? He did this to her?"

Cavanaugh answered in Maura's place. "Yes. Jane went out to interview him this morning. Before the guards were able to intervene he stabbed her with a knife. He is dead." He offered up that last point to try and make Angela feel better that the responsible party had paid a price.

Angela turned back to Maura. "Did you know she was going to see him this morning?"

Maura only nodded.

"Is this what all the police detail and guards was all about?"

Maura nodded again.

Cavanaugh took Angela by the hand, "Come on, let's go check in at the nurse's station. Maybe if they know family is here we can get an update on Jane's condition." Angela relented and walked off with Cavanaugh.

Maura, Barry and Vince just all stood there. None of them said anything. They were all stuck having to wait yet again on this day.

At the same moment Jane was being rushed into emergency surgery at Mass General, two teams of federal agents also executed simultaneous arrest warrants. Teams of agents knocked down the doors of both houses for Peter Maguire and Michael O'Rourke. The agent in charge of the operation had the pleasure of slapping the metal cuffs onto the wrists of Michael O'Rourke simply informing him of the situation.

"Michael O'Rourke, you are under arrest for violations of the federal RICO statute, felony murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted kidnapping."

O'Rourke's only answer was for his wife to call his lawyer.

With Maguire and O'Rourke in federal custody, the second part of Jane's overall plan had also been completed as planned. The only issue, the only problem on the day was the third part of the plan. The part that had involved Jane had not gone as it had been planned.

An hour later there was still no update on Jane or her status. All of them paced in turn. When one was done another would get up and start pacing. The waiting was agony. Maura was worried about the duration of the surgery. The longer they were in there the more damage there must be to try and repair. As the seconds ticked by her panic heightened more and more.

Suddenly someone tapped onto Maura's shoulder. She turned around and was somewhat surprised to see who it was. So was everyone else.

"Maura, may I have a minute alone?" was the request.

Maura nodded and both walked down the hall for some privacy. Once around the corner and out of eye and ear shot he went to say something only to meet with the hardest slap across his face that he had ever felt in his life. And sadly he had been slapped by several women before that morning.

"You Son of a Bitch!" she almost yelled.


"Don't 'Maura' me! You Son of a Bitch! How did this get screwed up?"

"There were a few mistakes but…" he flinched when it looked like Maura was going to slap him again.

"Damn it Gabe! She trusted you! She's in there in surgery fighting for her life because your men screwed this up! The men you promised were the best at this. The men you swore to her you trusted. The men you promised both of us would ensure that all of this went the right way. What the hell happened?"

Gabriel Dean knew Maura was going to be mad. Hell, he was mad. There had been two crucial mistakes about how everything went down that morning. He would get to the bottom of that but he had to deal with a very rightfully angry Maura Isles at the moment.

"The medical team that was supposed to be on standby at the scene was delayed in traffic." It was a horrible answer to have to give but their team had gotten trapped on I-95 due to an accident. "There was a delay in getting medical care to her as quickly as we promised she would get. By the time the delay was reported there was no way to stop Jane's meeting with Doyle."

"What about the knife? I saw the blade Gabe! That's not what we agreed would be used! That blade was six inches long! What the hell was your team thinking? Do you know the damage a six inch blade can do to an abdomen? What organs it can damage? We agreed to a three inch blade. THREE!" She was now having a hard time keeping the tears at bay.

"That….Maura I'm sorry. I don't know how that knife got chosen as the weapon to be planted. I'm going to figure that out but I don't have an answer for you on that right now. I approved the three inch shank. I don't know what happened there." And he was at a loss. The blade he had visually inspected himself was a three inch shank. It should have been enough to hurt Jane convincingly but not enough to do any serious internal damage. How the shank was replaced with a six inch knife would be something he investigated until he found the answer.

"If she doesn't survive this. If she's not perfectly fine by the time this is all said and done. It's your ass on the line." The tone she said those words made Dean shutter.

"Maura, she knew the risks involved with this. She knew nothing was a guarantee. Hell, this was her damn idea in the first place."

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare push this off on her! You jumped all over this as soon as she told you want she had in mind. You were the one that convinced her that it would be a controlled and secure situation. 'Guarantee' was what you said. You got so wrapped up on making a collar, on making your career look better you left her there unprotected. She at least was doing this for me. You, you are doing this for the glory. I assume you made the apprehension of Maguire and O'Rourke."

"Yes, both are in custody. And I heard your guys got their targets as well."

"See, that's all you really care about. Arrests and headlines! Do you even care about her at all? Does it even bother you that she is hurt? Did you ever really care about her? Because all I'm getting here is that you got to make your arrest. You made your case. What about Jane?"

"Maura, yes I care about her. I did then and I still do now. But there is nothing I can do for her right in this moment except to make sure that all of this doesn't turn out to be for nothing. You are right. She did do this for you. She was willing to let herself get injured to try to protect you. And she did it because she loves you. I get that you are worried and mad. I do. So am I but I have to make sure the rest of this works like it should. I promised her that no matter what I would see this through and make sure it all worked. That you are now safe. I have to make sure of that. I owe her that."

Maura stepped back and tried to calm down. Yelling at Dean wasn't going to help Jane at all. "Where do we stand with all of this?"

"Your team made all their arrests and seized the electronics and computers needed. My team made their arrests and also seized computers and laptops. Based on Jane's evidence and the unencrypted address we have a great case against both O'Rourke and Maguire. The federal RICO charges are solid and murder, conspiracy and attempted murder are also a lock."

"And Doyle?"

Dean looked around to make sure no one was listening. "The prison thinks he's dead. The press thinks he's dead. The intel we are receiving says his family and the Families all think he is dead. They all believe he died attacking Jane in that room. He will recover from the GSW my guy placed into his shoulder. And he has agreed to the relocation in exchange for being a deep background source for us. We can't use his information in court because we need to keep him dead but he has agreed to give us insight into the families."

"I should have never, never let her talk me into this," Maura stated more angry with herself at agreeing to this.

"Look, I agreed with Jane when she came to me with this idea. It really was the only way to get you out of the line of fire. Doyle will recover from his wounds. Everyone believes he is dead and no one thinks Jane tried to kill him. That takes you both out of play here. You aren't useful to the Mob anymore. Doyle is 'dead' and you have no contact or ties to anyone or anything else in the Mob. You are not a source of leverage anymore. And Jane didn't shoot Doyle. He attacked her in that prison room. It was a guard that shot him to defend Jane. There is no blood on her hands. The Mob will decide that Doyle died doing something stupid and that he brought it on himself. No one from his family will try to retaliate against Jane for Doyle's 'death'. Despite the screw up with the knife, the plan worked Maura."

"Do you really think I care one bit about any of that right now? She's still in surgery Gabe! None of this means anything to me if she dies. None of it!"

"Maura, I know you love her. And I know you are scared. You have to hold on and just pray that she recovers. She is tough. Probably the toughest person I have ever known in my life. She's a fighter and I believe that she will fight through this."

"What happens next?"

"Doyle has already been moved out of Boston and that's the last you will hear about him or his status. There will be press all over this. They will want to speak to you and to Jane. I highly recommend you decline all interviews. We will manage the funeral arrangements for Doyle. We will proceed with cremation to avoid the casket concern. And then that should do it. The electronic evidence Jane uncovered for both the state issues with the BPD cops and the federal RICO issues for Maguire and O'Rourke will handle the court issues with all parties involved."

Maura nodded. She had no intention on speaking with the press. She knew Jane wouldn't either. But Jane needed to come out of surgery first. That was really all Maura cared about and she was done with Dean. She needed to get back to the waiting room. Back to Angela. Back to her family.

"You need to leave. I'll tell Angela you were just checking up on Jane."

Dean nodded. "Let me know how she is. Maura, I really do care. And, I'm happy that the two of you are together. You both deserve to be happy."

Maura didn't acknowledge what he said. She just wanted to find out how Jane was doing. She left Dean standing in the hallway and returned to the waiting room hoping that there was some word about Jane by the time she returned.

But, no word had come. She knew the minute she returned to the waiting room that no one knew anything new. She walked over to Angela and sat down next to her. She was worried that Angela was going to be mad at her that Jane had been injured by her father and because of Maura.

Angela had watched Maura walk across the room and sit down next to her. She immediately reached out and took Maura's hand into hers. "Janie is strong Maura. She's a fighter. She'll be ok." Angela seemed to wholeheartedly believe this.

"I can't lose her," Maura choked back some tears.

"She won't leave you. She loves you too much," and Angela squeezed Maura's hand a little tighter. "I'm sorry."

Maura was suddenly confused. "What are you apologizing for?"

"Doyle. He was your father and he's dead. I'm sorry about that. Sorry for you. I didn't say that to you earlier. I should have said that sooner."

"Angela, he was not my father. Biologically yes. But he was never a father to me. Never. But thank you. However, I don't want you to waste any more thoughts on him. Focus on Jane. That's all that matters now."

Angela smiled and Maura leaned her head down onto Angela's shoulder. They would wait for word together. It would take another forty-five minutes to get their first update on Jane's status. By then Frankie and Tommy had joined the group in the waiting room.

Finally, the surgeon entered into the waiting room. He approached both Angela and Maura. "Detective Rizzoli is out of surgery and being move to recovery. There was significant blood loss but we have stopped the bleed and her pressure is stabilizing. There was laceration damage to her liver and gallbladder but I was able to visualize the wounds and repair the damage. We will watch her closely for the next few hours but I anticipate that she will make a full recovery."

There was a collective sigh of relief from seven people in that waiting room.

"We'll come got you," the doctor said to Maura, "when she is moved from post op to a room. You will be able to see her then."

Maura heard that but didn't really hear it. She was too focused on the words 'full recovery' and the smile that was now across both her face and the faces of the six other people that loved Jane who were in that room.