Chapter 26

Jane had been home now for three weeks. Her recovery was going as well as could be expected. Maura had been right when she hinted that Jane's path was one she walked down once before. And this time the internal damage was not as severe as with the bullet wound. Maybe it was because Jane had done this once before that things seemed to go better. This time she knew what to expect.

While her physical recovery had gone as expected little else had over the last three weeks. Which, for Jane and Maura, was actually a welcomed relief. They both had been prepared for a media blitz in the wake of Doyle's death and Jane's injury. However, the arrests of Maguire and O'Rourke occupied most of the media attention. A move on the top two Irish mob bosses seemed to trump the prison death of someone who one paper termed a 'Has been'. And if the front pages of the papers and the lead stories on the news weren't new information or a new angle on the Irish mob boss arrests, the story was on the fall from grace of BPD's #2 man Mitchell Schultz. Schultz was crucified in the press and rightfully so.

As it turned out, the electronic evidence that Jane had found and unencrypted was more evidence than the federal or state prosecutors had ever been able to compile in a RICO or racketeering case. The convictions of all arrested parties seemed virtually guaranteed. As the evidence against Maguire and O'Rourke leaked out, which Jane had told Maura the evidence would leak out to the media, there seemed no doubt whatsoever that both men would be found guilty. The fact that Jane had found the mob's own emails and documents to use against them also seemed to keep Jane's involvement in the investigation off the radar as well. The media focused on the contact of the evidence and not its initial source.

Jane and Maura had to deal with interview requests but after the first few days they found their need to deny those requests becoming less and less frequent. Both ladies loved the unexpected silence. Neither wanted the attention. Neither was seeking to have their story play out in the public eye. Neither was seeking fame. The headlines were kind to the both of them. The few times an article was about one or both the references were always calling out Jane's bravery or Maura's integrity despite her biological father being an ex-mob boss. They both just wanted things to go back to normal and they both were finding that oddly easier than they had anticipated.

Jane was hoping to be allowed to return to at least desk work by next week. She hated paperwork and light duty but she hated sitting at home doing nothing even more. And she had found she wasn't being given the chance to 'do nothing'. She was going a little stir crazy and was actually looking forward to paperwork and riding her desk. She was looking for something other than the wedding to occupy her time. Maura had discovered that a Jane on medical leave was a Jane that was able to run errands and handle little projects for the wedding. Jane was excited about marrying Maura but she was never one to get happy about shopping or flowers or decorations or invitations which were what had occupied her days after she was able to be up and out of bed after the first week.

It was definitely fair to say that things were going well for Jane considering what had transpired just three weeks prior. She had almost managed to put the entire experience behind her. Almost anyway. But then things like unexpected knocks on her door happen. Apparently that Friday had become the day for unexpected visitors bearing unexpected information. It had happened to Jane twice on that day. The first visitor was Agent Dean. The second visitor was Cavanaugh.

Dean had two pieces of information to discuss with Jane. The first was about the mix up with the knife. "Jane, I'm sorry. I should have double checked the shank myself before it was given to the team. I had approved the three inch one but that was not the one delivered to the plant team. It turns out that one of the agents picked up the wrong package from my office and the plant team never knew the shank size. So, that mistake was mine. I should have personally delivered the right shank to the plant team and I didn't. I'm sorry you were as injured as you were."

Jane accepted his apology. There was no reason not to. What was done was done and there wasn't any way to go back and change it. She felt better than the mistake was an honest mistake and not any attempt to injure or target Jane on purpose. So she just wanted to move on which was what she told him after apologized.

It was the other piece of information that Dean brought that had been completely unexpected. He was delivering a message from Doyle. He stated he had been given the package by Doyle just after Doyle had come to after his shoulder surgery to repair the bullet damage. Doyle requested that Dean deliver the package to Jane which Dean agreed to do.

Jane accepted the package but refused to open it in front of Dean. She thanked him for his help with securing Maura's safety. He wished her well and congratulated her on finding Maura and the upcoming wedding. With nothing else to discuss, Dean said his goodbye and left Jane with the package from Doyle.

Jane examined the package. It was a large envelope but one that was not thick. On the front of the envelope there was simply 'Detective Rizzoli' written. On the back there was a scribbled message to Jane written by Doyle.

Detective- I wanted to apologize for going too far with the knife. I was going to try to just graze you with it but I lost my control when you called me a sperm donor. I shouldn't have forced the knife into you as hard as I did. What's done is done. My daughter deserves to be happy and you help her with that. Take care of her. She deserved better than me as a father. I hope she finds the family she has always wanted with you.


Jane stared at the message. Was Patrick Doyle really apologizing to her? It oddly seemed sincere. It didn't change the fact that he was harsher with the knife that he should have been. But she felt marginally better that he at least made an acknowledgement of his overzealous use of the knife. As she read the message she absentmindedly rubbed the still slightly tender scar on her abdomen.

She opened the envelope and inside found a sealed envelope with Maura's name written on it and a folded note for Jane. She set aside the envelope for Maura and looked at the one addressed to her.

Detective- If you are reading this that means I have agreed to the offer made to me by the feds. I must tell you that this was not an easy decision for me to make. You are asking me to go against a code I have lived my life by. In all my life I have never been a rat and you are asking me to break the code of silence. Maura is the only person I would ever consider turning informant for and if you are reading this it appears that I have done just that. You may be completely correct in your assumption that Maura will never be completely safe until the connection between her and I is forever severed. My death may be the only way for that severing to have its desired effect.

I was more than a little surprised when I learned that you were dating my daughter. I didn't see that one coming. But it is clear that you love her. You are willing to risk your life to try and save her. You are willing to do more for her than I ever have done. I believe that you would actually die for her. If she has agreed to marry you I will trust that she feels the same for you. I loved her mother enough to let her go. I loved Maura enough to let her go as well. My hope for Maura was that she find someone who loved her enough to stay as too much has been taken from her in her life. I believe she has found that someone in you. Take care of my daughter she has earned the right to a happy life.


Jane did not know how to react Doyle's message. She did not have any sympathy for Doyle and could care less that he felt he owed some loyalty to a network of criminals he had surrounded himself with for years. She didn't even really consider Doyle a father to Maura so getting his blessing to marry Maura wasn't something she had ever really considered. She almost felt indifferent to the entire situation. Except she had concerns about what the envelope contained for Maura. She didn't want to see Maura hurt by Doyle but she knew she would have no choice but to give the envelope to Maura when she came home.

As Jane was pondering the notes from Doyle there was another knock on the door. This time it had been Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh had checked in with Jane on a frequent basis but this was the first time he had come to Maura's to see her. She had invited him in without delay.

"I hear you are coming back Monday to desk duty," he started out the conversation.

"Yes Sir. I can't get the doctor to sign off on full duty yet so riding the desk is my only option for the moment."

"Jane, there is something I have been asked to discuss with you," he said not really having the patience to beat around the bush.

"Alright, what's going on?"

"Well, you've heard that I am being promoted to Captain."

"Yes Sir and congratulations. You have definitely earned it." Jane was sincerely happy for Cavanaugh.

"Thank you. I have mixed feelings about it."

"Really? That surprises me," Jane was curious now. Cavanaugh was a career cop and it was only a matter of time that he was going to get promoted up the ranks.

"Jane, I still have issues with your insistence that I take the credit for the arrests. I'm getting that promotion because of the Schultz case and that was all you."

"Sean, you are getting a promotion because you are an excellent cop, your detectives love and respect you and you have served the Boston community with integrity and dedication. You have earned that promotion. You had earned it before Schultz ever happened. At the most I think the case just sped up the process. But you were already there."

Cavanaugh was touched by Jane's words. He had been absolutely against the notion of taking credit for the investigations and the arrests but it had been Jane's one demand of him before she filled in all the blanks about Schultz, Doyle and her plan to protect Maura. There was not a moment in the last three weeks that he didn't regret making that agreement.

"Sean, I have what is needed to bring in three crooked cops. I have it all. I even have the mole."

"Frost hinted. He wouldn't give up what you had or how you managed to get it but he is absolutely in awe of you so you must have done something really involved."

"I did what was needed to be done. However, I can't promise you that some of what I have done is completely on the legal side. But I needed to get the information."

"Should I even ask what you did?"

Jane thought for a second and then told him about the thumb drives her placed on several computers but she still would not tell him which ones.

"Damn Jane, I seriously underestimated you. I think we all seriously underestimated you." The look he gave her was one of pride not anger.

"It all comes down to motivation, Sir. Consider me highly motivated at the moment."

"You think you have enough information to secure Maura's safety?"

"Yes Sir. I have an idea. You aren't going to like it but it's the only thing I can think of that will get Maura out of all of this and not just now but permanently."

"Ok, so first things first. Jane, who is the mole?"

"Before I tell you anymore I need one guarantee from you."

"Which is?"

"Which is that you will never tell anyone that I'm the one that found the information. No one. Ever."

"I don't understand."

"I don't want anyone to know I was the one that secured this information. You can tell people you found it or it was a confidential source but you can never tell anyone it was me. My involvement ends at assisting you with your investigation. And that's my only involvement."

"Jane, you found a high ranking officer on the mob payroll and apparently two other police officers as well. Information like that, cases like this, this is how you advance your career. This is how you get promoted. If your information can secure the identification of a BPD mole that's a guaranteed jump to a Lieutenant ranking and your pick of divisions." He wasn't jealous. He was proud and hopeful that she would see the advantage of what she could get from handling the mole.

"How about a promotion to Captain," she said.

"Well, that may be a stretch but if you played your cards if might happen."

"No. I meant a promotion to Captain for you."

Cavanaugh looked completely confused. "What?"

"I'm serious. I'd rather that you take complete credit for the find and for the arrests that will follow. I don't want my name mentioned. Or Maura's for that matter. I'll give you everything I have, and it is enough for major arrests, but when you present it to IA and the District Attorney's office, you can never, ever use my name."


"Never Sean. I don't want this kind of attention. I don't want a promotion. I'm a Homicide detective. For right now, that's all I want. That's who I am. You said it yourself. The department is too political for me. But it works for you. You are good at it. You deserve to be a Captain. This will make that happen."


"I wouldn't have even looked for any of this without your warning. If you hadn't looped me in then I'm pretty sure Maura would be dead by now. But she's not. And she's not because of you. So, I will tell you everything that I know at this point and I will also explain what I'm planning on doing with that information. Maura's on board with the idea I have but I will need a lot of help to pull this off. And the only thing I request is that you never tie it back to me. Deal?"

Cavanaugh was quiet for a while but finally spoke. "Deal. I don't like it but I understand what you are saying and I hear you.

When Jane explained the plan to Cavanaugh including that she was planning on being injured by Doyle Cavanaugh was shocked. Jane was willing to let herself get hurt and quite possibly killed, considering she was going to ask a Mob enforcer to hurt her on purpose, in order to protect the woman she loved. And she almost did get seriously wounded. But she never hesitated. She decided what needed to get done to save Maura and she went right after it. And pulled it off.

But he still felt terrible for taking credit for the information. When he was pressed by Hamilton he wouldn't budge off the confidential informant. He wouldn't utter Jane or Maura's name. He told Hamilton he was using the three detectives he trusted the most, Jane, Korsak and Frost, to help him investigate the information he had obtained and that was the extent of their involvement with the case. When the arrests were secured and BPD public relations managers wanted to put a public face of the person that uncovered that Schultz was the mole, Hamilton gave the credit to Cavanaugh. The Captain's promotion was a lock the first time Cavanaugh stepped up to the microphones at the press conference.

"Jane, I want you to reconsider your stance on a promotion. I was asked to offer you a promotion to Lieutenant. And I'm personally requesting that you accept the promotion in rank and that you take my place in Homicide."

Jane couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Sir, I thought we had an understanding."

"I have kept my end of the deal. I haven't mentioned to anyone that the initial information for the Schultz cases came from what you managed to do. But Hamilton is not stupid. He knew the minute you were attacked by Doyle that you were involved in this more than just playing investigator for me. Your reputation with the men is stellar. Most every officer in our station is in awe of you. How you have handled yourself. What you went through several times with Hoyt. Your shooting yourself to save Frankie and Maura. Your finding Maura after she was kidnapped. Jeez Jane, you are a legend in the department. You are also a nature born leader and I think you would make one hell of a Lieutenant."

Jane wanted to give him an answer. But she stopped short of actually answering him. Over the last few weeks as she was helping with wedding plans and details, the reality of marrying Maura was becoming something very tangible for her. She was really getting married and more importantly she was really comfortable sharing her life with Maura. She had told things to Maura that she would never tell anyone else. She let Maura into places within herself she allowed no one to see. She allowed Maura to help when she wouldn't let anyone else. She was willing to trade her life for Maura's without giving it a second thought. They really were going to share their lives together. Because of that Jane no longer had the right to make the decision about her career and a promotion alone. She needed to talk to Maura before she could answer Cavanaugh.

"Sean, can I have the weekend to think about it?" She didn't need to tell him she wanted to talk to Maura.

"Yes. Just let me know Monday what you decide." And having asked the question, he took off to head back to the station.

Jane looked down at the envelope from Doyle and thought about Cavanaugh's conversation. Maura was going to have a lot of things to deal with when she got home tonight. And Jane didn't know how she was going to react to either piece of information.