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1. A Waiting Room

Rose Tyler watched her boyfriend fidget in his seat. She shook her head slightly, a small smile appearing on her lips.

"Honestly. Anyone would think you were a five year old." She whispered in his ear. His head snapped round to face her, a scowl on his face. "Dr Christian doesn't bite." Rose explained.

"My old Dr did…" The Doctor, or rather John Smith as he was more commonly known now, mumbled as he began to fidget again. "My Dr, back on Gallifrey. He used to bit me, really hard when I 'misbehaved'." He moaned. Rose rolled her eyes, yet she couldn't help but feel sorry for this man who was so scared of a simple check-up.

"Well this is Earth. And our Dr's don't bite." Rose confirmed. John turned to his girlfriend with a look of uncertainty.

"Why are you making me do this?" He complained.

"I told you this morning." Rose began. "Me and mum registered you here at our doctors surgery to help make your human life seem more believable and they asked you in for a quick check-up. That's all." When she saw the pained look on John's face she continued. "It's standard procedure John. I mean look…" She motioned to everyone else in the waiting room. There were about 6 or 7 pensioners, a couple of parents with teenagers and children, a woman crying into the chest of the man sat next to her, a couple of mum's with pushchairs and/or toddlers on their lap and a couple of middle-aged people reading magazines or books. None of them looked remotely worried. "These people aren't scared of visiting the Dr." She looked back at John who was nodding his head.

"I can do this." He whispered.

"That's the spirit." Rose smiled as she took his hand.

10 minutes later, John was fidgeting again. Rose was on her mobile, texting just about everyone on her contact list. A few people had been called into see different Dr's but John and Rose were still waiting.

"John… Stay still." Rose warned, not looking up from her mobile. She was getting annoyed with John's childish behaviour.

"I. Can't." John replied.

"If you don't you can sleep on the sofa tonight!"

"But…" John's mouth fell open. "…but… your dad's sleeping on it at the moment!" He was referring to the argument Pete and Jackie had, had over which cookies should go in the cookie jar. And because Pete had got his way, Jackie had made him sleep on the sofa. And that's where he's been for the past three nights.

"I know. But you'll be joining him soon if you don't keep still." Rose threatened. John
heaved a loud sigh, making Rose tut, before placing his chin in the palm of his hand.

A few minutes later, one of the receptionists walked into the waiting room and looked at everyone.

"Ladies and gentlemen," She addressed them. "I am sorry to inform you that there is a 50 minute delay for any of Dr Christian's patients." There were a few groans and a loud 'WHAT?!' from John, but the woman continued. "And there is a 30 minute delay for Dr Simpsons patients. We are sorry for the wait and we shall keep you updated with any changes to the delays." And with that she left, walking back to her seat at the front desk. When everyone thought she was out of earshot, they all went into heated, whispered discussions.

"Rose! Please. Let's go. We've got another 50 minutes. We'll come back next week." John pleaded, wanting out of the waiting room ASAP.

"Oh, no! You are seeing this Dr. Like it or lump it!" Rose smiled as she placed her phone away and picked up a nearby magazine.

When the receptionist returned to the waiting room 5 minutes later, everyone turned their head in her direction – hoping for some good news. She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could get her words out, John had stood up.

"I can't take this anymore!" He yelled. He walked out of the waiting room, out of the reception and right out the main door. He stood by a nearby wall and crossed his arms, waiting for Rose.

Rose came out a few minutes later looking both embarrassed and angry.

"What was all that about?" She asked, pointing back to the Dr's surgery.

"I can't do it! Did you not see the way everyone was looking at me?" He replied, almost angrily.

"Of course I did! They were all looking at you because you acted out! You acted like a six year old! Do you know how embarrassing that is?" Rose yelled. She wanted to grab John and shake him. He needed to see how silly he was being.

"Oh. So I'm embarrassing now, am I?" John yelled back.

"At the moment, yeah!" There was a slight pause. "Now I want you to get back in that waiting room and apologize to everyone. Then you will sit down and wait for the Dr to call you." Rose yelled at him firmly. John crossed his arms.

"No." He replied simply.

"No?!" Rose was outraged.

"I am not going back in there, where people will hurt me – just because they think I'm ill."

"John, no-one here is going to hurt you. I promise! They just want to make sure that everything is working how it should!"

"I dunno. Those Dr people look pretty scary."

"Where is he?" Rose asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"What?" John dropped his arms to his sides. He was confused. "Where is who?"

"Where is the man I fell in love with Doctor?"

John stared at her wide eyed. It had been months since she'd called him 'Doctor'; his real, original name. He gulped.

"I… I'm right here." He could see Rose's eyes shining with tears. He hated when she cried. Those tears made him do whatever she wanted.

"No. Where's the man who would smile and laugh in the face of danger? Where's the man who would make rude comments to anyone and everyone and not even realise he's doing it? Where's the man who would battle aliens every other day and act like it was a game of snakes and ladders? Where's the man who would jump at any chance of running, just because he loved it and 99% of the time his life was at stake? Where's the man who dared take on the devil and all gods at the same time? Where's the man who's afraid of nothing? Where is he John? Because right now, I need a… I need my Doctor." She finished her speech with a single tear drop.

"Oh… you mean him." H said the last word with such hatred. "He's off gallivanting across the whole of space and time in a parallel universe." He mumbled. He looked down, feeling worse.

"No." Rose cut across him. "Because, you were right. He is right in front of me." John looked up at Rose. "Please Doctor." Rose stepped forward and placed her hands on either side of his chest were he had once had two hearts. "Do this for me." John nodded and wrapped his arms round Rose's shoulders, pulling her close. Every time he thought she was wanted his other self he would lose everything. Then she would make it clear that it was him he wanted and his world would be one piece again.

"Sorry." He whispered in her ear as he ran a hand through her golden hair. Rose pulled out of the hug and smiled at him, showing he was forgiven.

They walked back into the waiting room, hand in hand. John apologized for his sudden outburst and they both took a seat. John was still nervous, but he pretended to look and act like he wasn't. When John was called into Dr Christian's office 10 minutes later, Rose asked him if he wanted her to go along with him. He had declined, wanting to show Rose that he could do it without panicking. Rose smiled as she watched her boyfriend walk into the Dr's room all by himself, a determined look on his face. She went back to the waiting room and began texting once more.

When John reappeared 15 minutes later, Rose pocketed her mobile. She noticed that John had a small, round, purple object on a stick, in his hand. He smiled and waved at Rose. He held up the object for Rose to see.

"We should come here more often! They give out free lollipops!"

Well thanks for reading. I really hope you liked that. I like to imagine that the reason the Doctor choose the name 'Doctor' was cus he was afraid of them and hoped that naming himself it would help overcome his fear. I've always had that idea but never really shared it with anyone before. So i thought it was a nice idea to write it down in this! :) i really hoped you like it!

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