I know it was Mother's Day a couple of day's ago - but I had begun to write this the Friday before Mother's Day... college got in the way... again! But no fear! It is Easter break soon! So that hopefully means more updates! And I have a chapter in the making! Enjoy!

39. Mother's Day

"It's mother's day soon Darren," John said as he placed a bowl of chocolate flakes in front of him.

"What's that?" Darren asked. John mentally cursed himself; Darren had never celebrated a mother's day. He sat down next to him at the table.

"It's a special day where all the boys and girls celebrate and say thank you to their mummies for always being there," John exclaimed with a small smile.

"My mummy isn't there for me," Darren said quietly, looking towards his cereal.

"Course she does," John was shocked at the words the 5 year old said.

"My real mummy isn't," Darren looked back up at his adopted father.

"Well, you're real mummy had a very had time when you were a baby," John sighed, being careful with his words. "She couldn't look after you properly so some nice people decided to help her look after you."


"Because you would have gotten really ill otherwise," John smiled softly, hoping the small boy would understand. "The people that were helping look after you decided that you needed some foster parents to look after you. And that's where we come in."

"And you looked after me ever since," Darren said happily, smiling at the thought.

"And we'll look after you forever more," John smiled back. Darren hopped off of his chair and flung himself at John. John was taken by surprise but lifted the young boy up onto his lap.

"Why did you choose me?" Darren asked. He looked up at John, curious. John was taken aback by the question that had left Darren's mouth so casually.

"Because," John paused, thinking of the best way to put it. "You were the cutest, the funniest and the best," He promised the small boy.

The two hugged for a little bit.

"So?" John asked.


"Did you want to do something special for Mummy on Mother's day?"

"Like what?"

"Hmmm," John pretended to think. "How about this…"

John and Rose were sleeping peacefully as Darren crept into the room. Darren observed his adopted parents carefully before jumping onto the bed, making them cry out in surprise.

John sat up quickly, assessing for any danger. Upon spotting the blond haired boy, he flopped back down onto the pillow.

"Darren," He let out an annoyed sigh. "I was in the middle of a dream."

Rose sat up now too.

"Morning Darren," She smiled as the boy climbed up next to her. Rose hugged Darren as she assessed John – she knew what he meant by having a dream; he had seen his other self during an adventure.

"Happy Mother's Day Mummy," Darren smiled.

"Thank-you," Rose furrowed her eyebrows at John, who waved his hand in dismissal.

"Daddy's going to make you breakfast in bed!" Darren cried innocently.

"Daddy is not," John scoffed, turning over onto his side, his back now facing Rose and Darren.

"Please Daddy!" Darren begged. John could hear Rose chuckling softly as she stood up and left the room – probably to go to the toilet.

"I said we were going to take mummy out today Darren, not make Mummy breakfast in bed," John reminded.

"I know! My teacher at school said that we could do that for our mummy's." By now, Darren had on top of John, his head and arms resting on John's stomach and his legs, behind John.

"Darren," John sighed defeated. He reached over and pulled the young boy over him fully and tucked him into his chest.

"Are you going to make Mummy breakfast in bed then?" Darren asked sweetly.

"Yeah, when she comes back to bed."

"Okay," Darren looked up to his father as he closed his eyes. "Don't go to sleep!"

"I'm not!" John assured him.

Rose then came back into the room. She was holding a tray that had 2 mugs of something hot and a small cup of orange juice. On the tray was also some toast and butter.

"Here's that breakfast in bed," She smiled. John popped one eye open.

"Rose, I was about to do that,"

"Don't lie, John," Rose said firmly, but with a tone of amusement in her voice. She set the tray on the bed and climbed gingerly onto the bed, being careful not to spill anything onto the bed. Darren climbed back over John and helped himself to the orange juice that was clearly his in his Thomas the Tank Engine plastic cup. He gulped it down greedily.

John sat up slowly, perching himself against the headboard and gratefully took the mug of tea and piece of toast that Rose offered him. The small family sat around the bed for a little while eating toast and watching the small TV in the corner of the room.

"Happy Mother's Day Mummy," Darren said quietly as Thomas the Tank Engine finished on TV.

"Aww, thank you Darren," Rose smiled hugging the small boy on her lap. He hugged her back tightly as he could. John smiled as he switched the TV off.

"So, are we going to get dressed and treat Mummy for the whole day?" He asked encouragingly.

"Yeah!" Darren cheered enthusiastically

"Go and get dressed then mister," Rose commented, reminding them all that they were in the comfy confinements of their pjs. Darren jumped up and was out the room in a jiffy.

Rose moved the tray onto the floor as John placed his mug on the bedside table.

"So what are we doing today?" Rose asked, leaning over so she was closer to her husband.

"Hmm, that's a surprise," John stated, leaning closer to Rose.

"That's not fair…" Rose whispered.

"Happy Mother's Day, Rose," John whispered his reply as he closed the distance and connected their lips. Rose felt sparks fly – and it felt like she was kissing him for the first time all over again.

Rose was soon on top of John, their simple kiss turning into a mini-make out session.

"Mummy! The phone is ringing!" Darren's loud voice interrupted them.

There you have it, Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there - wherever they are... (really sorry it's late).

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