Chapter Four

Lewicki was sitting on the back of an ambulance with a hot cup of coffee in one hand and the other preoccupied with keeping the blanket wrapped around him when Daniel and Kate arrived on the scene.

Daniel immediately approached Lewicki and almost hugged him. An awkward moment passed, with Daniel trying to find a way to recover from his open arms, and Lewicki trying to make it seem like he didn't know what Daniel was trying to do. Daniel dropped one arm and ran his fingers through his hair.

"I...uh...i-it's good to see you're okay Lewicki." He said nervously. Lewicki, gave a small, sad smile.

"I'm glad to be okay Doc." He said. Lewicki's face was sullen and drawn, and it looked as though he had done his fair share of crying. Kate stood away for a moment, letting Daniel and Lewicki reunite in peace. When it was obvious that nothing else was going to be said Kate stepped forward to stand next to Daniel.

"Hey Max. I need to ask you to come downtown and tell us what happened soon. We need to examine the body first though." Kate's tone was quiet and highly sympathetic, obviously wanting to make this as easy as possible for Lewicki.

"Alright Kate." He said, looking down into the depths of the coffee in his hand. Kate tugged on Daniel's sleeve and he followed her over to the body. Under the bridge was Joycean's body, crumpled on the ground. Photographers were taking pictures of the body as Kate and Daniel stood over the undignified form of Joycean Roan.

"This doesn't make sense." Kate said to Daniel as she looked at Joycean. "We found enough blood in her apartment to kill anyone. Now here she is." Daniel stood with his hands in his coat pockets and danced around the body as he examined her, his glasses perched on his nose.

"Obviously the blood at her apartment was a warning." Daniel said giving a small sigh. "Just like I called it." He gave Kate an "I told you so" glance before turning back to the crime scene.

"Why would the killer want to warn Joycean as opposed to just killing her at the apartment?" Kate asked looking at Daniel, her quizzical expression so very much like a little girl that Daniel couldn't help but give a small smile.

"I don't know." Daniel admitted stuffing his hands in his pockets. "But I know how we can find out."

Lewicki, Daniel and Kate sat in the FBI interrogation room as Kate angled the camera at Lewicki. Daniel had fraught Kate on taking him here, but Kate's boss had overruled. This case was starting to get press coverage and as much as Daniel wanted to talk with him in private, he also understood that Lewicki needed to stay safe.

"Lewicki, tell us what happened." Kate said softly, giving Daniel a side glance. Lewicki also glanced at Daniel with a hesitant eye. At Daniel's nod, Lewicki began his story.

"It started a few days ago, when I found out about Joycean..."

Lewicki walked down the stairs of the house as Daniel sat and did his morning crossword and drank his tea in his study. Lewicki gathered up his papers and checked a few last minute changes that he had made. His cell phone buzzed, signaling he had gotten a text.

" Adrian had texted me telling me that the Police and the FBI had found Joycean's apartment filled with blood. I hadn't spoken to him in years. That whole morning, I was in a state of shock, and fear. That night I got a text from Joycean."

Lewicki walked down the street, headed for the park that Joycean had asked him to meet her at. He stood in the shadows near a small fountain and waited.

"Her message had been cryptic, and I had no idea what I was getting into. I waited for an hour, when I decided to head home."

Lewicki walked back the way he had came when he felt someone watching him. He looked over his shoulder, and saw no one. His nervousness grew, and he began to speed up. His feet hit the pavement at a trotting pace as the feeling of someone watching grew. He looked behind himself again and fear truly took over. A figure stood not fifty feet back, and began to move after him. Lewicki broke out into a full on run, dodging trash cans and cardboard boxes. His feet pounded against the pavement as he felt the stranger behind him match his pace, the sound of his shoes hitting the ground enough to terrify Lewicki onward. He rounded a corner, and shot across the street, not even concerned about cars. He took an alleyway and didn't look back until he had rounded the end of the block. His back pressed against the brick of a building, Lewicki breathed in quickly, his heart still pounding. He took a quick glance around the corner, and saw a figure running down the street, away from him. Not wasting any time, he took off toward home, occasionally looking over his shoulder for good measure all the way.

"I made it home okay, but the Doc was there. I managed to dodge his questions, but the whole situation had me scared out of my mind. The next day, I was always looking over my shoulder. I didn't know if anyone was safe. Towards the end of the afternoon, I got another text from Joycean, this time telling me to meet her under the bridge. I tried to talk myself out of it, but I couldn't leave her alone out there. So I went to her."

Lewicki stood under a bridge in a seedy part of town. It was raining, and he had his hood up, not wanting to be seen. He stood and waited for a few moments, when suddenly he heard a quiet "Max?" From the shadows. He stepped out into the light just as a young woman with dark skin stepped into his view.

"Joycean?" Max ran to her and she threw herself in his arms. She was shaking and crying.

"Max, they got Cameron and James. You and Adrian are next." She stepped away from him as Max held her at arms length.

"It's going to be okay Joy. Tell me what happened, I thought you were dead!" Said Max also scared and angry. Joycean opened her mouth to answer, but suddenly stopped as she saw something over Max's shoulder. Terror spread across her features as Max turned to see.

There were two shots, and Joycean screamed. For a moment Lewicki was stunned into silence. He turned to Joycean, who was also stunned. She wasn't hurt, only paralyzed with fear. Lewicki put himself between Joycean and the man with the gun and turned towards him, hands in the air.

"I...I can't believe I..." The man with the gun said, the barrel pointed up in the air. His appearance was haggard and disheveled, as though he had been living on the street for some time. He had a decent growth of beard peppered with grey and his natural sandy brown. His hair was short, but needed a haircut badly. He was wearing a dark hoodie, and sneakers that were badly falling apart.

"HARRY?!" Joycean said when she finally returned to her right state of mind. "What in the HELL do you think you are doing?!"

"Joycean, he's got a gun don't provoke him!" Lewicki hissed at her so that Harry couldn't hear.

"I came to find you! They said you were dead and I...I couldn't bear the thought of..." He couldn't finish as he approached them, lowering the gun so that it pointed at the ground.

"Harry, put the gun down! Are you CRAZY?! You could KILL someone with that!" Joycean shouted, trying to get past Lewicki, who refused to let her.

"Okay hold on. Let's just calm down..." Max tried to say before he was interrupted by Harry.

"DON'T call me crazy Joycean! And don't tell me to CALM DOWN!" Harry yelled, crying as he waved the gun wildly. Both Max and Joycean backed up a little when he did so, frightened out of their wits.

"You don't show up to therapy, I hear you're DEAD, and you push me away every time I try to talk to you! I love you Joycean!"

"Harry..." Joycean moved past Lewicki, trying to approach him, but Harry raised the gun and his features turned to stone.

"NO! No don't come near me. I loved you Joycean. And you wouldn't even LOOK at me!" Said Harry, his finger ready on the trigger, a mad look in his eye.

Suddenly there was a crack like thunder, and Joycean staggered back, shock on her face before she crumpled to the ground. Both Harry and Max stared at the body, immobilized, and unable to utter a word.

"I...I didn't...did I...?" Harry finally spoke as Max rushed to Joycean's side.

"I sat there with her as Harry took off. I stayed by her side until the paramedics showed up. She was dead almost instantaneously."

Lewicki finished his story with great effort. His tale was so emotional, that it seemed to sap all of the energy out of him, and tears were sliding down his face. Kate looked at Daniel, who had sat in his chair, transfixed by Lewicki's story. His face was a mask of stone, showing no emotion, but his eyes betrayed his feelings. Fear filled his gaze, fear for a loved one mixed with pain and regret. Kate had not been immune to Lewicki's hardship, but her years with the FBI had taught her to shield those emotions, especially to witnesses and suspects. Looking into Daniel's eyes, she nearly found herself undone by the raw power behind his eyes. And then he turned those eyes upon her.

For a moment in time, less than a second, Daniel let Kate see the person within. The pain, the guilt, the lost moments and dreams. He let her see the brilliance, and the fear. And hidden within was the emotion that he wouldn't let himself feel for her, or Lewicki. The emotion he denied.

For a moment, he opened to her, and she to him. She let him see the fear for his safety every time they had a case, the pain and confusion of her emotions. She let him see the hope, and the way she felt about him. She never wanted that moment to end, but it did, as she knew it had to. He turned away, and so did she.

Kate stood in the entry hall of Daniel's house as Daniel made tea. She had taken him and Lewicki home, and the car ride had been silent. In light of what had happened, she had managed to get her boss to let them go home for the night. There would be more questions tomorrow, but for tonight, they needed to rest. Lewicki had already gone to bed, and Daniel tried to busy himself so he didn't have to think. Or feel. Kate wandered into Daniel's study and watched him as he made the tea.

"I'm sorry." She said quietly. Daniel stopped what he was doing, and leaned on the counter, his back to her.

"For what?" He asked, not turning to face her.

"For everything." She said moving towards him. "I know how you feel Daniel..."

"No you don't Kate." He said, finally turning to face her. His face was a mask but she could feel the emotions seething within him. She came toward him, her tone and voice betraying her.

"You think I don't know what this is like? Nearly loosing someone you care about?! Daniel I feel...every time you go and do something risky on a case I..." She paused and looked him in the eye. "I could never forgive myself if something happened to you."

Daniel stood and looked at Kate, emotions playing across his face. His hands were fists as he held his arm in the way he always did when he was upset.

"I...I can't...He could have..." He took a deep breath and let it out quickly. He ran his fingers through his hair, and Kate noticed they were shaking. She tried to go to him, but as she took a step forward he took one back. Kate felt rejected somehow, even though she knew that it wasn't about her. She nodded, and walked out of the house, leaving Daniel alone. Or almost alone.

"Way to go Doc. You just pushed away the one person who really understands you." Said the hallucinatory apparition of teenage Lewicki, standing next to Daniel.

"Leave me alone. I do want to deal with you right now. And Natalie understands me. Better than anyone." Daniel said, turning so that he couldn't see him.

"Yeah, but she isn't exactly real dude. And you know it." Lewicki moved so that Daniel could see him. "She is a real, flesh and blood woman, who knows you and accepts you. When you gonna wake up and smell reality?"

"That's why I'm pushing her away."