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Mission 1: Getting Acquainted & Demon Bashing.

"Damn. Why do the strangest things always happen to me? One minute I'm telling Dante that he shouldn't hook up with the women from Ruby's Bar they're no good and the next were being chased by demons. And now I've lost him!" Amber was mentally killing herself for losing Dante while on a mission and in an unfamiliar place none the less.

"I should really invest in a tracking device and implant into Dante's brain because we all know he has enough room for it!" Amber yelled while slicing the head of two demons with her twin blades. "Hopefully I won't get too sidetrack with all these demons about."

One after another the demons kept on coming in large numbers making it a bit difficult for one to defeat them by themselves but that didn't prove too difficult for Amber. She was well prepared. After a few minutes Amber eradicated all the demons before her. "Quick and easy I don't see why Dante has to make a show about killing demons all the time. Oh right how could I forget that he is a show off?"

"Now if I remember correctly he said that the Opera House is supposed to be right...about here in front of a water fountain?" Amber conveniently found herself in front of said fountain and said Opera House. "Ah, beautiful there it is." She said while pointing at the colossal structure in front of her. Wasting no time she hurried towards her destination but something was off. People were screaming and running away from the church like building.

"Dante..." She crossed her arm over her chest looked down at the ground and face palmed herself with the other. "Why do you always have to make a mess of things? I'll tell you why because you know I'll clean it up that is why!" She cried in childish annoyance and disappointment.

Quickly she made her way in the direction that the people were coming from. Upon entering the Opera House, she noticed the mess that was in front of her knowing damn well that it probably wasn't like this fifteen minutes ago and that that the red clad devil hunter was behind this.

"What the...who the hell is that guy?" She whispered. Before she could further question the situation she noticed the corpse of a demon dressed in some kind of pope outfit lyingabout. "At least you got the job done, kudos bro."

"You will come to learn the meaning soon enough, but business beckons." Dante! "AdiĆ³s, kid." Dante quickly saluted the white haired stranger and took his leave."I gotta catch up to him before I lose him again. I wonder who that kid that tried shooting Dante is and why does he have white hair? His aura is even different..."

Just as she was about to leave a group of people in uniform stormed in, amongst them was a man with slicked black hair who carried a sword and a young women with red hair in a ponytail. The only one that seemed out of place was the white haired kid wearing red and blue.

"Red and blue makes purple. Why am thinking of such things at a moment like this and when did I start hiding behind curtains?! Oh right when they came in..."

"You brought this here for me?" The white haired teenager asked the young women.

"Credo requested. She yearns for your touch."

"Thanks. This blade is the best battle companion a swordsman could wish for."

He walked over to the giant case and began to assemble something that took the shape of a sword. "Fortuna Castle eh?"

"That's what the witnesses say." said the man she assumed to be Credo.

"The guy came straight from hell. His gotta hit up a couple of tourist sites."

"You just so lightly in a time of crisis? You must capture him."

"Trust me I'll get it done."

"So he's after Dante, I better get out of here. Maybe I can team up with him. Although that might prove difficult."

As the group of three was busy making preparations, the massive structure in which they were in started to shake. "Shit, what was that? Guess that means I better leave."

When Amber made it outside she noticed that the entire place was infested with demons, ripping innocent people into shreds. "I've gotta do something before the number of casualties increase and that's some baggage that I don't need."

She reached for her blades that are conceal under her shirt, ready to take action but the mystery man beat her to it. He revived his sword which roared to life and went straight into the line of fire along with his glowing blue hand. Glowing blue hand? That's odd.

He took out all the demons with ease; it even looked like he was having fun. "You look like you were having fun. I have to say, you're a good swordsman, but not as good as I am." Amber said coming out of her hiding spot with a smirk plastered on her pink lips.

"And who are you to pass that kind of judgment?" He pointed his sword towards Amber, angry clearly noticeable in his voice.

"I am no one important, passing by is all."

"If you're just passing by then take your leave now before you get hurt."

"You'd hurt a girl?"

No response.

"Hey don't walk away!"

"Give one reason why I shouldn't. I have somewhere that I need to be."

"I need your help, you see I'm looking for my-"

"Listen, what do I look like to you? Sherlock Holmes? If you need help looking for something find it on your own. I'm sure you are more than capable of doing it on your own."

The mystery man turned away and headed to where he needed to be leaving Amber with a "What the hell just happened?" expression.

"I knew this wasn't going to be easy, so why'd I expect him to willingly help? I expect too much of people, that is where my problem is. I guess I'm just going to have to follow him and hope that I bump into Dante."

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