Jamie went back in the car. She was not in the mood to be messed with. All she wanted to do was go home and forget what's happing. She can't, and this makes her mad. She was glaring at everyone. "So Jamie, why are you glaring?" Agent Shepard asked her and rubbed on her thigh. "NO!" She slapped his hand.

Mike stared at them. "You two are stupid." He said. "Shut up." Agent Shepard said. Jamie started to feel bad after slapping Agent Shepard's hand. She wanted to tell him that she was sorry but she could not. She did not want him to think that she was a big baby or something. So, she did not say anything.

"Jamie, can you take the car from your gay brother?" Agent Shepard asked. Jamie nodded. So Jamie forced Carl to go in the back and pick up Scott and the little Taxi Boy and put them in the back with him why her and Agent Shepard goes in the front.

"I want to drive!" Carl complained. "Shut up troll!" Agent Shepard shouted. Jamie was frightened. Carl started to cry. "Big baby." Agent Shepard stared at Carl in the back then back at Jamie. She was driving and shooting people who come.

Scott woke up. "What's going on?" He asked sleepily. He was rubbing his eyes. "You were sleeping for about an hour." Agent Shepard answered Scott. "Oh", He yawns. The little Taxi Boy was sleeping still on Scott. "Daddy.." The little boy said in his sleep. "I want my thong!" Carl shouted. "You don't wear any!" Jamie shouted to Carl.

Mike started strangling Carl, but not where he can kill him, just barely shaking him holding his neck. Carl was laughing. "I'M JOHN!" John Doe shouted running with his car after him. Jamie stopped her car. "What the? Why is your car chasing you?" Jamie asked. "I don't know!" John said running. Jamie drove off before the car chased her.

"Jamieā€¦" Agent Shepard staring rubbing on her thigh. She started to blush, then she was driving wobbly. She was embarrassed. Her face was red and she did not want anyone see Agent Shepard do that to her. "SHUT UP!" Mike shouted to Carl, Carl on the other hand would not shut up. He kept blabbing away.

Scott was laughing at Mike. "You know, no one has to listen to you." Scott said to Mike. "Whatever! I want my little book!" Mike pulled a black book out. "What chick should I bang today?" Mike asked himself. "You know that's kinda sick." Scott said giving him a strange face. "Oh shut up, Mr. Goody Tissues. It's not like you were good all your life ether." Mike said flipping threw his book.

"You two back there don't start fighting, I don't want to hear you." Jamie said strangely. "I don't want Debra! She scares me now!" Mike shouted and flipped to the next page. "Isn't Debra 32?" Scott asked. "Yeah, she was when I was 18." Mike said like he did not care. Scott was shocked. "Maybe I can freak Nancy. No wait, she never satisfied me for my needs." Mike said. "That women was like 27 right?" Scott asked. "Yeah, when I was 18 not no more." Mike said. Scott was shocked again.

"You know that's bad for you." Carl said and took Mike's book. He opened the window and threw it out. "That was my book!" Mike cried. The book went into Sweet Tooth's truck's window. "Ohh, who's Debra?" Sweet Tooth asked. He pulled a phone out of no where and started calling her.

Mike was crying in the back. Jamie was staring at Agent Shepard instead of driving. "What on earth are we all playing at the park?" Scott asked. "The good thing it's spring out! No worries of being cold!" Carl said smiling. "Yeah, but the Spring is a boring season, there's nothing great." Agent Shepard said. "I like fall." Jamie started at Agent Shepard. "I never knew he did not like the Spring." Jamie thought in her head.

Jamie stopped the car and got out. She threw Agent Stone out of the road, and went back in the car. She started driving again. "How do you know how to throw someone like that, it's sexy." Agent Shepard said. Jamie started to blush. "It is?" She asked. He nodded.

Just then Jamie shot the very last person and she won. They went back where Calypso was to claim their prize. When they got there Scott fell asleep again and the little Taxi Boy was still sleep. Jamie got out of the car. Agent Shepard did not care if Jamie gave the prize for herself anyhow. Carl was asleep and Mike begin to fight with Jamie. "THAT'S NOT FAIR THAT YOU WON!" Mike shouted. "I WAS IN THE SAME CAR WE NEED TO SHARE THE PRIZE!" Jamie stared at him. "No one wants chicks anyways, do I look lesbian or male?"

"Yeah." Jamie slapped him and threw him in the car."What do you wish for officer?" Calypso asked her. Jamie smiled, then she walked back in her car. "I don't care about this contest anyways, I'm going home." Jamie drove off. She went back home and got out of car. They all went in the house together and ate. They all slept there too. Not to mention Jamie's and Carl's parents asked who the others where. They still lived with their parents even though there adults.