Hello fellow readers. This is my second go at fanfiction and my very first Tron based story. No promises as to how well it goes, you will of course be the judge of that. I thought of trying something a bit different here so try to keep an open mind when reading. This is only the prologue so it isn't brilliant, but things will be explained more in the first chapter. Anyway I will be grateful for any reviews as your oppinions matter, good or bad.


Darkness. Complete and total darkness. So heavy in its sheer mass, I felt like I would never escape it. Yet somehow I did. Thinking back on it now, a part of me wishes I could have remained in it. It cocooned me in blissful unawareness, erected barriers of naivety that protected me from the cold truth. Until that is, those barriers were destroyed by some unforgiving entity known as the Sea of Simulation.

So many do not know of its true nature. I count those as the lucky ones. When I felt myself amongst those crushing currents of random data streams, I was as scared and confused as any other ISO. To awaken in such a place in such a way, one could not even begin to compute. How my form was manifested I still do not understand, even to this cycle. The Creator called it 'one of the many miracles of the grid' and I'm inclined to agree with him. When I broke through the surface and crawled my way to the shore, I was welcomed with smiles and warm comforts. Energy sticks were thrust at me as they led me to a recovery unit. The energy chambers there, they said, would help me recover.

That night (or at least I assumed it was, one can never tell with the dark skies of the Grid) I had dreamt. If programs even dream that is. Even now I vividly remember them, not that I could ever forget such unnerving images. I could not make sense of them then, not until cycles later. The images I saw were vague in their detail, yet startling in their clarity. Armies of menacingly coloured programs standing in formation, more than I could ever hope to process. Programs derezzing left, right and centre, either by the hands of another program or (much to my horror) themselves. Screams of agony, pain, anger and fear and then….nothing. It had faded almost as soon as it had manifested in my data banks, until all that remained were its imprint on my disk.

I had not seen any violence when I had first emerged from the sea, but still there was an underlying tension coating everything, as if we were all waiting for something unexpected to happen. I feel bitter laughter bubbling up inside me now at the thought of how in tune my instincts were even then. I had understood that those dreams were something of which I could not talk about. Would any program even had believed me anyhow? Even my fellow ISO's? Something about them hadn't sat well with me, and I felt an ominous doom settle deep within my circuits.

I can still recall that feeling. I have felt it every micro cycle since. Perhaps paranoia has been within me so long, I cannot feel anything else. I am thankful for it all the same, without it I would not have survived I'm sure. Still, I resent it; resent the knowledge that was thrust upon me without any consideration for myself or those around me.

Why me? What was, no is so special about me? By the Creator I just wanted to live a normal existence, I knew right from the start that I wanted to help programs yet I never envisioned I would do it in quite such a way as I have. So many regrets, so many wishes and prayers that I could start over, do something better. The sea however remains ignorant. These 'Guardians of the Grid' as they call themselves, put all their faith in me and I failed. No, perhaps I'm being too hard on myself, I failed in one way yes, but still I prevented an injustice in another. It's still too early to tell, if what I have done so far was right or wrong. The only thing I am certain of right now is that I'm the most wanted program on the Grid, and not just because I'm an ISO.

All I can hope for is that things will turn out brighter. The Creator Kevin Flynn is out there somewhere, his son as well. He always told us to believe in ourselves and believe I will. I was given this knowledge for a reason. It does not matter if I perceive it to be a gift or a curse, because it has aided me in many ways with saving the lives of others. And although I may not be able to change the past now, I can still guide the future. I must stand strong, like the Users.

I must not give up.