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After the incident, my aunt Alex took me to the nearest hospital and the nurse wrapped my sore ankle up. "You're lucky it wasn't a steep fall," she had said taking getting my brace from the cabinet, "but how did you fall again?" I could still hear the laughter from Amber and her posers as I fell.

"I'm pretty clumsy with heavy books. You know, because they're blocking my view of what's in front of my face." I felt uncomfortable getting interrogated by a person that was supposed to make me feel better, not crush my self-esteem.

The nurse shook her head slightly before attaching the brace to my leg. "Trust me; I have been in your position before. I know what it's like to be harassed so much that I would end up being pushed down the stairs." Her kind hazel eyes looked directly into mine and I sighed with relief. "If you can get permission from Alexandra, I would love to have you both over for dinner on Friday."

I hugged her gently even though I didn't even know her before this. But her kindness made me feel like all hope wasn't completely lost. "T-thank you. Also, what's your name?"

"It's Caroline; I'm very pleased to meet you. Now shall we see if you will be able to walk around in your new brace?" She said with a genuine smile.

Sliding carefully off the hospital bed and stepping onto the hard white tiled floor, with the help of Caroline, I began walking around the condensed room. Already knowing what a typical nurse would say, I responded "I can walk with a little pain but other than that I'm perfectly fine. Although when we do full body portrait in Art next week it's going to be a little complicated." The nurse chuckled lightly for awhile before going into a full-fledged gut-busting laugh, and I joined in.

A few minutes later my aunt entered the room to see two girls trying to get air back into their lungs. "So what's the news Car? Is my little muffin going to be okay?" Caroline said yes and went over to the table and gave Alex a list of instructions and told me to be careful around school and not to participate in P.E. for a week or so.

"I almost forgot!"I grabbed my aunt's arm pulling her back into the room. "Caroline invited us over for dinner on Friday. Can we go? Pleeeease?!" I begged.

Alexandra laughed and looked at the nurse, who nodded her approval. "I… will be on my best behavior." And I meant that. My eyes widened for her final answer, "Fine. Friday at 7?"

I clapped happily as we left the hospital. Getting into the passenger seat of my Maxima, I looked out the open window as we exited the parking lot. Alex drove like a maniac through each yellow light and I gripped the handles above the windows with both hands.

When we reached the house I could have sworn that my hair was sticking up from the wind pushing it back as the needle went from 0 to 40mph in less than 30 seconds. My aunt was practically in love with my car when she had a perfectly good Camry to use every day.

The rest of the week I spent avoiding Amber & Friends, but mostly Nathaniel. Every time he saw me and/or I saw him I would run away, or rather, quickly walk away and into the crowd where he wouldn't be able to see me. But day after day I began cursing myself for sticking out like a sore thumb with my blue hair. It was on Thursday that he finally caught me, at the only time I would let my guard down. When I was at my locker.

"Kylie, I don't know why you haven't been talking to me all week. If it's because of what Amber did, then let me make it up to you."

I slammed my locker door as hard as I could. "I don't give a sugar pop about what Amber did. It's what you failed to do. I know that you barely know me, but before now I trusted you. Sort of. Not a lot but enough to actually like being around you." I mentally kicked myself for going off topic. "What I'm trying to say is that when you just stood there as I fell, and as Amber and her witch friends laughed; for some reason you did absolutely NOTHING." People were starting to gather around to see the new girl yelling at the student body president.

"Kylie, I'm sorry but," He stammered, but I glared at him with intense hatred.

"Sorry doesn't heal my ankle! Sorry doesn't make up for the trust you lost! And sorry doesn't make up for everything that I've went through." His face paled as I pushed past the thick circle of people. But I turned around, and gave him my most disgusted look. "I don't want to have any contact with you for the rest of my time here."

But somehow, I knew that karma would be like a boomerang and come back..hard.