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[In Harry's dream]

A group of death eaters were in an old, abandoned house. Nobody had occupied the house since the owners, who were a young couple and were muggles, had died of a mysterious murder. Bellatrix paced anxiously in the grimy, old living room waiting for the dark lord otherwise known as Voldemort, to arrive.

"Will you stop pacing," came Narcissa Malfoy's snappish voice.

Bellatrix gave her an evil glare and continued pacing.

"Perficius Totalus!" and with that Bellatrix froze and fell to the ground. Then in an apparating blast of cold air, Voldemort appeared.

"Why in bloody hell is Miss Lestrange frozen on the floor?"

The death eaters looked at each other and one of the death eaters pushed Narcissa forward.


Narcissa began whimpering and twitching.

"All right, I'm sorry my lord!" and fell to the ground next to Bellatrix. Voldemort smiled evilly.

"If anyone else misbehaves, they shall join Cissy and Ms. Lestrange on the floor,"

Everyone quieted and looked at each other with frightened eyes.

"Now then as you all know the boy who lived is fifteen. It's been fifteen years since the passing of Lily and James Potter. Potter shall die but I am not strong enough to kill him. So please welcome my extra hand…."

Harry woke up with a yell and he was drenched in sweat.

"Blimey Harry! Is there a slytherin who broke in!" cried his friend Ron sitting upright.

"Erm…no I had a strange dream and my scar is burning," Harry held his hand over the lightning bolt shaped scar that was the only memento left of that night when his parents died.

"What was it about?"

"Voldemort was there and so was his army. He's back; he has a plan to finish what he started fifteen years ago. There's a new recruit in the death eater army,"

"Harry, don't be thick. Hogwarts is protected by Dumbledore; you-know-who can't get in…"

"Will you just say his name? We're not first years anymore and I am not thick! I know Voldemort has a plan and we've got to figure out who the new recruit is!" snapped Harry.

"Excuse me, but I am going back to bed since you drank too much pumpkin juice before bed again and there is no slytherin in our common room!" and with that Ron rolled over and shut his eyes.

Harry sighed. Ron could sometimes be just as hot tempered as he could be sometimes. But Ron was his best friend and he could put up with it. Harry yawned as he realized how tired he was and fell asleep.

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